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Dedicated to my friend, who likes these two very much. He knows who he is.

Disclaimer: I own neither Pokemon or Super Smash Bros.

Where's Mewtwo?




DEFENCE: Average

SPEED: Average

FAVOURED ATTACKS: Shadow Ball, Confusion, Disable, Teleport

POTENTIAL FINAL SMASHES: Psywave, Psybeam, Calm Mind

PLEASE DESCRIBE, IN LESS THAN 500 WORDS, WHY YOU WOULD BE A VALUABLE ADDITION TO OUR TEAM: As the single most powerful pokemon, I feel that it is my duty to return and make up for my abysmal performance in the second tournament. In addition, I-

"Good morning, 'two. What are you doing?" asked a familiar voice.
"I am filling out my Smashers application form." replied the genetically enhanced feline. "Have you done yours?"
"Do not tell me you forgot to get a form. You know that this is the last day." said Mewtwo, exasperated.
"Well... oops." said the other, ears drooping.
"Lu, you need to pay more attention to the date." he said, sighing. He seemed to take a minute to think.

"You know what..? You take this one." he said, sweeping a paw over the form and removing the ink.

With the extreme speed most pokemon could only dream of, Lucario embraced him, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Love you." he said.
"I love you too." said Mewtwo with a smile.

Please don't kill me.