Title: Minor mistake
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: The right one this time
Word Count: 475
Beta: aigooism
Warnings: None.
Summary: Ron pays his future wife a visit the night before the wedding.
A/N: Originally written for the First Drabble Competition on ronbigbang .

Minor Mistake

Whoever invented that bloody tradition of the groom not being able to see the bride the day before their wedding was absolutely out of his mind. It's bollocks. This is the day I want to see Hermione the most. The day I can't stand not looking into her eyes, not feeling her skin, not listening to her laugh. Ron chuckled softly at his thoughts as he sneaked into Grimmauld Place. He shouldn't have read Hermione's Muggle novel in the bathroom...even if there wasn't anything else to read. It was backfiring now.

Grateful that Mrs. Black's portrait was finally taken away from the entrance, he made his way up the stairs. Flinching at the random creaking noises of the old steps, Ron got to the second landing, where Hermione always slept whenever she stayed in the house. A growing smile appeared on Ron's face as he recalled Hermione leaving that room to stay with him more nights than he could count on their stay during the Horcrux hunt. Nightmares...yeah, right, he thought, smiling smugly at the memory of her arms sliding around him in her sleep, mumbling something somewhat similar to his name in her sleep.

As silently as he could, Ron entered the bedroom and slid under the covers, next to the sleeping form in the darkness. His arms went to her waist as he pressed himself against her back.

"Guess who, love," he whispered into her ear.

"Ronald?" a dreamy voice answered uncertainly.

"Bloody hell!" he shouted jumping out of the bed, only to see Luna lightening the room and revealing her peaceful -and amused- face. "Luna? What the hell-"

"If you are looking for Hermione, she is in the second door to the right of the third floor. I had to trade rooms with her. That one was full of Nargles. I told her not to-"

"Okay, okay. Thanks, Luna," he said shortly, putting an end to what he assumed was going to be a nutter anecdote of something he couldn't pay attention now.

Luna smiled sweetly at him, oblivious to his rude answer. "Happy Wedding Day, Ronald. Good night," she said already snuggling into the comfort of the bed before he left the room.

Ron entered the indicated bedroom and made his way to the bed. However, this time, instead of sliding under the covers he shook the sleeping person's shoulder. "Hermione, is this you this time?" he asked in a huff.

Hermione woke up and turned on the lamp by the bed. "Ron?" she mumbled still half asleep as she rubbed her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Thank Merlin!" He sighed in relief and lay down next to Hermione. "You won't believe what happened to me."

Hermione smiled sweetly at him -was she laughing on the inside?- while resting her head over his chest. "Tell me all about it, love."