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So they weren't the most obvious couple.

She was a little too short, and he was a little too tall. Yet they were strangely compatible. That was probably because they were both a little strange to begin with. He had issues he couldn't even begin to name, and she had issues she could name but really didn't want to. The way they started out was a bit unusual.

She had taken another shift – her student loans were astronomical. He was stuck working the graveyard shift because of a poor choice of words on his part to the chief of medicine. A misunderstanding really. It was nearing two in the morning and was amazingly quiet for once. He was just waiting for lab results, and she was just taking a breather. He mentioned something about having to cancel a date, and she merely looked at him like he possessed three heads. That was all it took.

He found himself spilling out all of his frustrations and insecurities, revealing his hidden thoughts and feelings to a girl he barely knew. She sat there, unsure of what to do or say but sympathizing nonetheless. When she went to give him a hug, he reached out to her and grabbed her boob.

She was in shock.

He was humiliated.

He began to apologize with his hand still on her boob, mind you. For the first time in his life, someone laughed. She actually laughed. Not because she found the situation particularly funny – although admittedly it was a tiny bit funny- but because she didn't know what else to do. She was so very nervous. He laughed in return, calming himself down enough to be able to remove his hand. They continued to laugh.

And when they finally stopped, when their laughter turned to snickering, they looked at each other. Really looked at each other. What they saw neither one could ever truly explain.

Kindred spirits? Two hopelessly damaged souls? Or just two beautiful, fucked up people?

Neither knew.

All they did know was that what they saw was enough to convince them that they should give this a shot. What did they have to lose really? Pride and dignity? Neither had much to begin with.

So they tried. And they continued to try. A strange start to a relationship, yes.

But a start nevertheless.