To Mithril Hall!

Drizzt Do'Urden shivered, feeling absolutely miserable. There had been no sign of his friends in a week. Bruenor had to go see Icewind Dale, and left the drow to hunt and be by himself.

He had sent for help, a dwarf had heard him retching and seen the drow, and recognized him; he had sent a letter to carry with him to Icewind Dale. Guenhwyvar was standing just outside the drows' cave, keeping watch.

Drizzt sagged weakly against the ground, on his bedroll, near the fire.

"Guen." He called softly.

The huge, black panther walked toward her master. "I will send you home later, but can you come here and keep watch over me?" The panther growled softly, and lay beside her master. He smiled and stroked her muscular neck. "Thank you."

He fell asleep feeling warm and safe.

"Drizzt?" Catti-brie asked, peeking into the cave, Bruenor and Wulfgar were right behind the human.

A soft growl met her ears. "Guen?" She asked, stepping around the corner. Drizzt lay on his back, an arm resting on the panther's broad back.

"Elf!" Bruenor barked.

Drizzt opened his purple eyes. "King Bruenor?"

"Don't start, elf. Ye've known me longer n' tha'."

Drizzt stroked Guen. "Go home." He murmured. The panther simply vanished and swirled into mist. In her place, an onyx statue stood. Drizzt placed the statue in a pouch on his belt, hanging from a rock.

"How did it go?" Drizzt asked.

"Fine, how long have ye been ill?" Catti-brie retorted.

Drizzt was happy that his black skin hid the blush. "As far as I can tell, three days."

"As far as ye can tell?"

Drizzt looked down. "Some areas of the past few days have been… blurred."

Catti-brie looked at Bruenor, who shook his head. "Tha's no' good, lass."

"We need t' get t' Mithril Hall, we can find somethin' for ye there."

Drizzt nodded in agreement. "Let us go now, while my strength still holds." Drizzt slowly packed his things and pled his hood over his eyes to protect them from the light. He led the way for a short while, and then fell back to the middle of the group. Wulfgar raised an eyebrow, having missed the conversation in the cave. Bruenor filled him in, certain that the elf was most likely listening.

Catti-brie kept an eye on the weakening elf.

"How're ye feelin'?" She asked quietly.

"Strangely tired." He replied.

She gently placed a hand on his forehead, making him jump slightly. He was burning.

"Ye're burning up." She turned to Bruenor. "How far from the next city?"

"A while yet, me girl." He caught the concerned look that Catti-brie shot Drizzt and the angry, jealous ones that Wulfgar shot at his wife.

He shook his head; this was going to be interesting.

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