To Mithril Hall!

Catti-brie relaxed somewhat, after they stopped to rest and for lunch. It seemed to refresh her friend some.

That friend was currently teasing her adopted father, Bruenor. Drizzt Do'Urden was asking what had happened on the trip. Drizzt still seemed tired, and was becoming more so, but was trying to dismiss it and ignore it as best he could. They traveled on until sundown.

Drizzt slumped down on the ground, weak from the illness and long travel. He attempted to rise to help with the fire, but stopped from a glare from Catti-brie. He closed his eyes and leaned against the rock. He into a light trance and waited.

The smell of stew woke him up, and it took all his willpower not to throw up. The fire seemed nice, though. He felt extremely cold compared to the heat of the fire. He wrapped his cloak tighter around his shoulders.

Bruenor didn't miss the movement. He threw a wad of blankets at he elf. Drizzt looked at the dwarf and threw them back, grabbing his own. The dark elf lay beside the stone, closer to the fire and fell into a deeper trance.

Bruenor watched his friend fall into the equivalent of sleep. After a few moments, he placed several more blankets over his friend.

The dark elf didn't stir to the dwarf's relief. Wulfgar continued making their dinner as Catti-brie watched the drow. After eating, Catti-brie and Wulfgar fell asleep, leaving Bruenor to take first watch.

"Drizzt." The dark elf stirred softly. "Drizzt!" Catti-brie hissed, shaking the drow again.

Drizzt opened an eye. "Catti-brie?" He asked, clearly disoriented.

"Can you take an hour long shift?"

Drizzt rubbed his face. "Sure."

Catti-brie smiled at him. "Thanks. An hour though." She warned, the fire in her eyes bright. "Wake Wulfgar after."

Drizzt nodded and shifted closer to the fire, pulling on of his blankets around his shoulders. He waited and when Catti-brie fell asleep, he walked around the small camp.

In an hour, he thoroughly agreed with Catti-brie, he was not up to staying awake any longer.

"Wulfgar." He said quietly. The large barbarian awoke with a jerk. "Drizzt?"

"Your turn for watch." Drizzt said calmly. "Bruenor is next I believe."

Wulfgar nodded. "Thanks."

The dark elf sank into his bedroll, coughing softly as he did so. Wulfgar watched his friend warily and when the drow fell asleep, he was happy that he was alone.

The others were up and making breakfast by the time Drizzt awoke again. He only ate a quarter of what was normal, and refused anything else before they set off.

Drizzt once again tired before anyone else, but didn't complain. He was continually shivering, so Catti-brie or Wulfgar would walk near him, or in some cases both would walk beside the ailing drow.

Drizzt's spirits were dwindling away as the day wore on. As did his stamina and endurance. At midday he was shaking, and seemed to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, and nothing else.

"Drizzt." Catti-brie said, startling the drow. "We're stopping here for lunch."

Drizzt looked at her, and sank to the ground. He looked around he wantedto do something. He soon knew it was futile to try to, however. His hands were shaking, and he was drained emotionally, as well as physically.

"Are you okay?" Catti-brie asked softly.

Drizzt returned her glance, but said nothing. Catti-brie cast a glance at Bruenor. The dwarf watched his friend for a moment, and then shrugged.

Drizzt didn't seem to wish to openly tell them about how bad his illness was becoming. Now, he seemed, far away. He reacted mechanically, he was weak, very weak, but his eyes didn't recognize what was near him.

Catti-brie and Wulfgar both noticed before Bruenor. Catti-brie walked to Drizzt; carefully she waved a hand in front of his face.

Quicker then she could have imagined, he stood. The drow got his hands wrapped around her and put a dagger to her throat.

Wulfgar reacted, standing up he placed a hand on Aegis-fang. Drizzt snarled. Bruenor crept silently behind the drow.

"It's okay."" Catti-brie said softly. "Ye're alright." She felt his grip on the dagger loosen slightly.

Bruenor came up behind the drow, using the handle of his axe, he knocked the elf unconscious.

He elf barely nicked Catti-brie as he went down, much to his companions (and Catti-bries') relief.

But that didn't mean that they were reassured that it was the Drizzt they knew was going to be there when he woke up.


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