So, this takes place a week after the finale

Mainly Mark/ Lexie and Meredith/ Derek, but will include other characters

This might interest someone. The interview with Shonda Rhimes about the finale and next season is up on Ausiello files. You should definitely take a look if you haven't already seen it.

The title is Daughtry's song What About Now. It's basically all the what ifs and questions as a result of what happened and how they are all there for each other as they try to figure out the answers.

I don't own anything.


"You know I've been chief of this hospital for what? Four months? And now I figure out we don't get ESPN." Derek said to Mark.

"The really good games don't start until next week anyway." Mark said laughing. "So are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah, they were finally able to take me of the major pain meds, but now I have a lot of time to think." Derek said trailing off.

"And thinking sucks." Mark finished.

"Exactly." Derek said.

"So how's Meredith holding up?" Mark asked. He saw someone walk by Derek's open door and when he looked he saw that it was Lexie. He already knew that she was going to Karev's room down the hall.

"She acts like she doesn't care. But she's heartbroken and she won't talk to me about it, I mean even when she told me about it. She just said, 'Today, I found out I was pregnant, today I also had a miscarriage.' Then she didn't want to talk about it."

"She's probably just in shock. A broken heart never killed anyone, or I'd surely be dead by now." Mark said still looking at where he had seen Lexie walk by.

"You're really in love with her, aren't you?" Derek asked.

"Yeah." Mark said looking back at his friend. "But it's not up to me anymore. And besides I don't want to bug you with this."

"Okay," Derek said lingering for a second before he could tell that Mark didn't want to talk about it anymore. "So I've been thinking about trying to make the Chief's temporary reinstatement permanent."

"Why? You're a good chief. Anyone could've been in charge when this happened. Anyone would've made the same decision you did." Mark asked.

"I miss being a surgeon. That's who I am. I haven't held a scalpel in a month. The closest I've come to one was my own surgery and I was unconscious."

"Well, I'll be glad to have you back in the O.R. with me instead of Shadow Shepherd."

"Mark-" Derek said before being cut off by Mark's pager.

"I gotta go. Incoming multicar pile-up." Mark said standing up.

"Take me with you. I'm bored." Derek said pouting.

"Watch a soap or something, McDreamy." Mark said laughing and teasing him with his nickname.

"Bye McSteamy!" Derek retorted and threw his pillow at Mark.

Mark flashed him a smirk as Bailey walked in.

"You, out. You, stop throwing things." She said looking at Derek as Mark quickly left.

"I need to check your vitals really quick." She said walking over. As she took his vitals and fussed at him for touching things he was glad that having Charles Percy die in her arms had not affected her too much.


"What do you have?" The Chief asked the paramedic of the first ambulance as he, Christina, Lexie, Mark, Owen, and Mark made their way over, while Jackson, April, Bailey, Teddy, Callie, Arizona and several other doctors stood waiting for the rest of the ambulances.

"Bill and Amanda Jones and their five-month-old daughter, Hailey. The mom died in the ambulance about ten minutes ago and the father and daughter are in critical condition. He has a deep puncture wound in his heart and it looks as though his lungs and one of his legs have been crushed. The baby's seatbelt was cut by the shattered glass and she fell to the floor. She most likely has brain damage and some internal bleeding in addition to the broken arm." The paramedic said quickly as he took the two gurney's out.

"How many more ambulances are coming?" The Chief asked.

"Six." The paramedic replied. "There might be more."

"Okay. Altman, Torres, Grey, and Yang take the man and get someone to move the woman's body to the morgue . Robbins and little Grey, page Nelson and take the little girl. After you get an MRI and CAT scan send them up to Shepherd. Everyone else stay down here and wait. After I've determined the extent of the other traumas, I'll assign the rest of you. Some of you may be on more than one case at a time, so you need to stay focused and under no circumstances let it get personal." He said. After he spoke, Teddy, Christina, Meredith, Arizona, and Lexie quickly went off.

As Mr. Jones was carted off, he said, "My daughter, my daughter."

"Sir, your daughter's in good hands. She's with the other doctors." Meredith said reassuringly.

He started to say something else, but then started to make a choking noise.

"His lungs are filling with blood! We have to hurry!" Teddy said.


"Dr. Robbins, something's wrong." Lexie observed as she and Arizona took the little girl's gurney across the E.R.

"What do you mean?"

"Hailey. She isn't crying. Her mouth is wide open and her face is all scrunched up, but she isn't crying."

"Let me see." Arizona said stopping the gurney. "Shit." She said under her breath.

"What's wrong?" Lexie asked.

"Her voice box. It's been crushed. Go get Dr. Sloan."


Lexie ran back outside. As she did she passed April and Bailey who were taking a husband and wife who had been impaled on a pole together and an intern who was bringing an old woman with a broken arm by in a wheelchair to have it X-rayed.

She quickly got out of the way at the doors when Jackson and Owen ran past with a trauma.

The remaining doctors will still waiting for the two remaining ambulances.

"Dr. Sloan!" She said as she got outside.

"Yeah?" He asked noticing her flushed and worried face.

"Hailey, the little girl, has a crushed voice box."

"Okay, let's go." Mark said.

After they went back into the ER, Lexie tripped over some supplies that have been left on the floor.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked crouching down beside where she had fallen.

"I'm fine." She said embarrassed. "I'm just clumsy."

"You are pretty clumsy." Mark said.

"Am not!" She said hitting his arm.

They laughed together and they both looked into each other's eyes.

"Mark, about earlier-" Lexie said before being cut off by a scream.

"I WANT MY DADDY AND MOMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!" A little girl with red pigtails yelled at a paramedic who had taken her to the nurse's station.

Mark helped Lexie up and they walked over.

"Is there a problem over here?" Mark asked.

"I found her at the scene. She won't tell me her name and her we couldn't find her parents."

"Okay, we'll handle it." Mark said.

"Hi, sweetheart. My name's Lexie. Can you tell me yours?" Lexie said crouching down by the little girl.

The little girl shook her head.

"How old are you?" Lexie asked.

The little girl held up three fingers.

"Three! Wow! You're a big girl! I need you to help with a big girl job; can you do that for me?"

"Yes." The little girl said softly and Lexie wiped some tears off of her face. Mark stood beside them amazed by how good Lexie was with the little girl.

"Good. Can you tell me your name?"

"Mommy said I'm not supposed to tell strangers my name."

"Your Mommy sounds very smart."

"She is! She's the most smartest, most prettiest, most bestest Mommy in the whole wide world!"

"Can you come here with me?" Lexie held her hand out to the little girl.

"Yes." The little girl said.

"Okay, come on." She said grabbing the little girl's hand. They started to walk with Mark towards the elevators.

Lexie noticed that the little girl looked scared. "Would you like it better if I carried you?"

The little girl nodded. Lexie picked her up and the little girl put her head on Lexie's shoulder.

A few minutes later they reached the elevators.

"Let me get it." Mark said reaching around Lexie.

"Thanks." She said.

The elevators doors opened and they walked in.

Mark pressed the button and then chuckled.

"What?" Lexie asked.

"She's asleep."

"She is three." Lexie said. "You think she was in the car crash?"

"Probably. She came from the scene and she has a few scrapes and bruises and her left pinky looks broken."

"At least her injuries are only minor." Lexie said as she gently rubbed the little girls back.

"You know, you'll be a good mom when you're ready." Mark said after a few moments of silence.

Before Lexie could reply the doors opened.

"We better hurry. Robbins is probably POed." Mark said as they left the elevator.


"That's amazing. No internal injuries, no brain damage. Just a broken arm." Callie said as she fixed Hailey's left arm.

"And a crushed voice box." Arizona pointed out annoyed.

"Relax, they'll be here any minute." Callie said laughing as Hailey shoved her chubby fist of her right arm in Callie's hand.

"Tiny humans have super powers." Arizona said tickling Hailey's tummy.

"Ours will be super heroes." Callie said smiling at Arizona.

"Yes, they will." Arizona said smiling back.

"Sorry, we got a bit sidetracked." Mark said as he and Lexie walked in.

"Little Grey, why do you have a tiny human in your arms?" Arizona asked.

"They found her at the scene, but they can't get her to tell them her name-" Lexie said.

"And she seems so like Lexie so she might tell her. And you might wanna check for injuries. It looks like she might have a broken pinky." Mark finished.

"Okay, you can put her on the couch." Arizona said pointing to the couch beside the bed where they were currently examining Hailey.

Lexie put the little girl on the bed and Mark stood beside her as Lexie gently shook her awake.

"Hi, sweet girl. Can you tell me your name?" Lexie asked the sleepy little girl.

"You have to say please." The little girl said.

"Princess, can you pretty please tell me your name?"

"Yes." The little girl said giggling. "My name isn't Princess. It's Michelle Grace Jones."

All of the adults flashed each other worried looks.

"Michelle. That's a pretty name. What are your parents' names?" Lexie asked.

"Bill and Amanda Jones and I gots a little sister named Hailey!"

Hailey waved her arms around at the mention of her name.

"Michelle, is this your little sister?" Arizona asked bringing Hailey over.

"Yes!" Michelle replied.

"Oh God." Lexie said quietly.

"Well, looks like someone needs a voice box." Mark said picking up Hailey and ticking her.

"I'm about to go back to Mr. Jones' surgery. Want me to tell them about the daughter?" Callie asked.

"Yeah." Arizona said squeezing Callie's hand before she left.


"Okay, we're nearly done." Teddy said.

Meredith started to bounce from foot to foot.

"Are you okay?" Christina asked her.

"Yeah, my ass just hurts." She said.

"Mere…." Christina said as Teddy held back laughter.

"What? I have O negative blood and I had to get a shot in my ass because of the miscarriage because the next time I get pregnant it would've killed the baby." Meredith said focusing on surgery, but Christina knew that look. Meredith's eyes would get so dark that they looked like black holes. Meredith was crying.

"Teddy." Callie said walking in.

"There you are. I don't think you can fix the leg today. It would be too much surgery."

"Okay. I just wanted to let you know we found his daughter."

"What are you talking about? Was Hailey missing?"

"No, his other daughter. She was left at the scene. She's okay."

"Okay, thank you, Callie." Teddy said before Callie walked out.

They finished up the surgery.

"Okay, we just need to sew him up then we'll be done."

"Until we fix the leg." Christina pointed out.

"Until we fix the leg." Teddy confirmed.

Christina heard soft crying and looked up.

"Mere, are you okay?" She asked Meredith who was frantically looking around.

"This is the OR."

"What do you… Oh…" Christina said.

"Dr. Altman can I scrub out?" Meredith asked.

"Of course you can Grey." The second Teddy said this, Meredith was gone.


Alex Karev sat bored in bed. He was happy. He didn't think he should be, but he was. He remembered what had happened earlier that morning.

"I think we should stop seeing each other." Lexie said walking into his room and shutting the door.

"What? Why?" He asked looking up.

"We need to stop lying. I'm in love with Mark; you're in love with Izzie. You blew your chance with Izzie, you sent her away. But I didn't. Mark's offering me another chance to be with him. I mean maybe we've been through a lot. Maybe more bad than good, but…. But I'm in love with him. He's the love of my life and I'm not going to let him go." She said.

"I'm not still in love with Izzie." Alex said indignantly.

"Yes, you are. When you were dying, it was her you wanted. You love her."

"Friends?" Alex asked as he offered her his hand.

"Friends." She said shaking his hand.

Just then her pager went off.

"I have to go." She said walking towards the door.

"Lexipedia!" He called after her.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"You are really smart."

"And you, Devil Spawn, are actually a decent guy."


"Meredith? What is it?" Derek asked as Meredith closed his door and walked towards his bed.

"I… I was in the OR today. The OR where it happened." She said.

"Come here." He said patting a spot on the bed beside him.

"Okay." She said softly as she sat down.

"Now let's move these out of the way." He said moving all of his IV wires so that Meredith could lie down beside him.

He then also lied down and Meredith out her head on his chest as he put his arms around her waist.

She sobbed into the fabric of his T-shirt as he held her.

"Shhh, it's okay. I promise." He said reassuringly as he stroked her hair.

"I'm sorry." She whispered into his chest.

"Sweetheart, it wasn't your fault. These things happen." He said kissing her neck.

He continued to hold her until she cried herself to sleep.

He then quietly sobbed for the first time in a week mourning the loss of his unborn child and his wife's undying grief.


Okay, I know it was really long, but I couldn't stop. But I figured a MerDer scene was a good note to end on.