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10 years later!

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Meredith and Derek had gotten the post-it legalized an hour after he got discharged. In the year after the miscarriage, Meredith got pregnant again, but lost the baby again. But the third time was the charm. Meredith became pregnant with their now eight-year-old son Chris. He had Derek's hair and eyes for sure. They had, of course, named him after Derek's dead father. Two years later Meredith became pregnant once again, this time with a little girl. Their daughter Hailey, who had honey blonde hair and navy blue eyes was now six. And she was completely bright and shiny instead of dark and twisty. Their youngest child was two year old Tori, short for Victoria. She had dirty blonde hair and Derek's light blue eyes. Out of all of their children she was one the one who was the most like Meredith.

Mark and Lexie had gotten married six months after Mark's proposal. Their two oldest children were the same age as Meredith and Derek's two oldest and were best friends with them, along with some of the other doctors' children, but we'll get there in a minute. Their oldest child was eight-year-old Michael. He was the spitting image of his father, from the blue eyes to the blond hair that Mark used to have when he was younger; he was even best friend's with Derek's son in addition to Alex's. There was one difference though, at this age Mark's main focus had been how many girls he could get to kiss him on the playground, Michael's main focus was the many sports that he played, and was quite good at. Their six-year-old daughter was Lila. She was very much like her mother. She had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and she was shy and timid even though she had lots of friends, including her two best friends, Hailey Shepherd and Emma Hunt, and even had photographic memory. Next came their three-year-old son Daniel. He had light brown hair and big blue eyes and was about the silliest little boy you'd ever meet. Their youngest child was ten-month-old Jen, short for Jennifer. She had her mother's dark brown hair and her father's gorgeous blue eyes. She was always smiling and laughing and their friends always wanted to see her on their worst days because she could cheer anyone up.

Owen and Christina had gotten married eight years ago. In the hospital chapel. In between surgeries. In scrubs. It was a wedding that was very Christina. And despite Christina's previous feeling about children, the couple had a daughter. Six-year-old Emma. She looked like a miniature version of her mother. She was smart and was as intense about school as her mother was about surgery. And surprisingly, Christina was an excellent mother. One factor may have been that Emma had already decided she wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon like her mother, while all off her friend's children wanted to do different things.

Callie and Arizona had two girls. They had each had one using donor sperm from the same man. They were currently in the process of applying for adoption, where they hoped to get their next one or two children. Their oldest daughter was seven-year-old Sammie. She had been carried by Callie and looked a lot like her. She was smart and silly and thought it was hilarious when she had broken her arm and her own mother fixed it. She was best friends with Meghan Karev. Their youngest was three-year-old Cassidy. She had been carried by Arizona and had her mother's blonde curls and blue eyes and about one hundred times her bubbliness. She was best friends with Daniel Sloan; just like her other mommy had been best friend with Daniel's dad.

Alex and Izzie had gotten remarried a year after she came back. This time it was a small, intimate wedding about a month after he proposed. They had already had their fairytale wedding and wouldn't be able to out do it. Her cancer came back. They had five kids! They had agreed it was because they had to use the in vitro. Two boys and three girls. The oldest were seven-year-old twins Meghan and Matthew. Meghan was a spitting image of their mother and Matthew was a spitting image of their father, everything, personality and looks. The youngest were four-year-old triplets Brandon, Kaitlin, and Jordan. They were all a mixture of their parents' appearances and personalities. They were all very, very close.


"What are you two doing!" Meredith loudly asked putting Tori on her hip and walking towards the foyer where she just heard a loud crash, actually two loud crashes.

She saw her son's Spiderman suitcase and her daughter's Cinderella one lying in a heap on the floor and when she looked up she saw her two oldest children at the top of the stairs, grinning sheepishly at her.

"Hi, Mommy." Hailey said guiltily.

"Do you want to tell me why your suitcases are down here and you're up there?" She asked looking at them.

"It was her idea!" Chris yelled said pointing at his sister.

"Was not!" She yelled back pushing his finger away.

"Was too!"



"Hey!" Meredith yelled interrupting them. "We're going to Disney World. DRIVING to Disney World. No fighting or you'll be sitting in a stroller in ALL the parks like Tori and Jen."

"Mom, they're BABIES." Chris said as he and Bailey started to come down the stairs.

"I'M NOT A BABY!" Tori yelled at the top of her lungs from her mother's arms.

"I know, sweetheart, but you're too little to walk everyhere." She said smiling at her. "Now can you please bring your Dad your bags?" She said looking at her oldest children.

"Yes, Mom. Come on Hailey, grab your suitcase and follow me." Chris said.

After they walked off Tori looked at her mother seriously and said, "They silly."

"Yes, they are. Can you go tell Daddy not to put the bags in the car yet, please?"

"No bags in car." She repeated before walking off.

Meredith paused to make sure that Chris and Hailey's bright idea hadn't left any dents in the floor before going back out to the kitchen.

She was working on snacks for the car when Christina walked in.

"Mer, we are going to Disney World. DRIVING to Disney world, the happiest place on Earth. Kill me now."

"Chrsitina, how much do you love me?"

"A lot." She said stealing a grape.

"And how much do you love Emma?"

"A lot more." She replied stealing another one.

"So then you can have fun at Disney World with us. You just want the whole bag?" She asked after Christina stole another one.

"Yeah, thanks, but WHY are we driving?'

"Because it would be super expensive to fly this many people to Orlando and Derek and Mark want to stop at that aquarium in Georgia on the way there."

"Why? So we can go stare at fish?" She asked smirking.

"Well, they went there on vacation with Derek's family a long time ago and according to them it's the BEST aquarium in the world." She said over exaggerating the word best.

Christina was about to say something else when Izzie walked in.

"Mer, why is Derek taking all of the suitcases out of your car?"

"Well, I didn't know if we wanted to change around seating arrangements…" She said looking at Izzie with begging eyes.

"Fine. Hand me that paper and pen." She said laughing as she quickly stole an apple slice.

"Okay," she said beginning to write, "Do you guys wanna ride together or with your husbands?"

"Together." They said at the same time. They loved their husbands, but they didn't know if they could handle being in the car together that long.

"Okay, and Alex and I want to ride together, and Mark and Lexie, and Callie and Arizona. So…" She said beginning to organize it.

"Iz?" Meredith asked after a few minutes.

"Don't. She's in that Izzie place." Christina said teasingly.

"Funny. Okay, here's what I have: Derek and Owen take Chris, Michael, and Matthew; Callie and Arizona take Sammie and Meghan; Alex and I take Brandon, Kaitlin and Jordan; and Mark and Lexie take Cassidy, Daniel, Tori, and Jen. Sound good?' She asked looking up.

"Sounds good to me, but we should probably check with-" Before Meredith could finish Callie and Arizona walked in.

"Hey, you guys good with driving Sammie and Meghan?" Izzie asked looking down at her plan.

"Yep." Arizona said.

"Let me guess, we're waiting on Mark and Lexie?" Callie asked coming over and stealing a pretzel.

"You guys! These are snacks for children. Are you a child?" She asked looking at Callie.

"I dunno." She said while chewing.

"Funny." Meredith said smirking.

Just then Derek, Alex, and Owen walked in.

"You want me to call Mark?" Derek asked Meredith.

"Please. Is someone watching Tori?" She asked looking out the window.

"Yeah, Meghan and Sammie." He said stealing a cookie and walking away dialing his phone.

"Hey, is this good?" Izzie asked showing her plan to Alex and Owen.

"Looks great, Iz." He said smiling and taking a carrot.

"Seriously?" Meredith asked taking all of the food and walking outside.

"What'd I do?" He asked confused.

Izzie, Christina, Callie, and Arizona just laughed.

"Michael! Let's go!" Lexie yelled as she walked around the kitchen with Jen in her arms.

"Mommy! Look!" Daniel walked in.

"Daniel," she sighed, "Did you dress yourself?" She asked putting Jen in her bouncy seat which was luckily in the kitchen.

"Yes." He said proudly.

"Sweetheart, your shirts on backwards."

"Nuh-uh." He said.

As she bent down to fix it she heard a howl of pain.

"MOMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Lila yelled running into the room with tears streaming down her face.

"Sweetheart, what happened?" She asked picking her up and putting her on the counter. She noticed a large red mark across her daughter's wrist.

"Lila Susan Sloan, what'd you do?" She asked softly as she wet a washcloth and then handed it to her to put on her wrist then moved towards the pantry and took some supplies off of the top shelf. Their top shelf had everything on it that the hospital supply closet had in it.

"I burned myself on your straightener." She said sniffling.

"Honey, what's Mommy and Daddy's rule about the straightener?" She asked as she took off the washcloth to look at the burn.

"Don't touch it." She said crying. "I didn't mean to, I… I just wanted to try it and you were busy and I didn't want bug you and I… I'm sorry. I'm a bad girl."

"It's okay. I just need to put some cream and a bandage on it then you'll be okay. Okay, sweetie?" She asked kissing her.

As she finished she heard crying coming from the floor.

She turned and was not pleased with what she saw. "Daniel! Stop hitting your sister on the head!"

"Sorry, Mommy." He said. "I kiss it better." He said kissing her head.

"Thank you." She said. Behind her Lila jumped off the counter.

"Lex, Derek just called. He said we need to hurry up." Mark said walking in from the garage.

"I'm hurrying!" She exclaimed exhausted from the floor where she was fixing Daniel's shirt.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked coming over and kissing her on the top of her head.

"Daniel put his shirt on backwards, then Lila burned her wrist on the straightener she wasn't even supposed to be touching, so I fixed that, then I hear crying so I turn around and Daniel's hitting Jen on the head, then he stopped, then I finally fixed his shirt, and Michael still won't turn off that stupid X-Box." She said standing up before downing a sippy cup half full of apple juice that she had set on the counter earlier.

"Relax, okay? Derek said we're driving all the littlest ones, so they'll all be asleep half an hour into the trip, except Daniel and Cassidy, who you know can occupy themselves. So, we'll have like ten hours in the car together, and we could talk, or you could sleep, or we could think of something…." He said wrapping her arms around her waist.

"Okay." She said smiling and kissing him before Lila ran back into the kitchen.

"Yuck! Mommy, are we gonna go soon?" She asked.

"We're waiting on Michael." She said picking up Jen. "Can you go put Daniel in his car seat?" She asked Lila. As Lila took her brother's hand and took him outside Lexie was glad that she took the time to show Lila how to work the car seat.

"MICHAEL THATCHER SLOAN! COME DOWN RIGHT NOW OR WE WILL GO TO DISNEY WORLD WITHOUT YOU!" Mark yelled walking towards the base of the stairs.

"Coming, Dad!" He yelled as he ran down the stairs.

"Thank you, buddy." He said walking back towards the kitchen.

They finally left and met an exasperated Meredith.


As they all drove to Disney World and had a great time together, they knew one thing: The stitches definitely held.