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Three years later

"Isabella Swan! Unlock this door before we kick it in!" Alice yelled.

I rolled my eyes and popped the lock. What I didn't expect was a cavalry to roll in. I stood in my bra, underwear and chemise and glared as Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward and Tanya walked into my room. "Christ! Did anyone bring a video camera? I'm not sure enough people are seeing me naked right now." I seethed.

Alice sighed while Rosalie pushed me into the chair and started pulling strands my hair straight. "We've seen you worse, Bella." Rosalie promised. "Don't forget who waxed you when you were turning. Eternal leg hair would have been a disaster."

I clenched my fists in my lap and nodded. "Do the guys have to be in here?" I asked.

Edward groaned. "Carlisle's thoughts are impossible right now. Not that being in here is any better." He moaned.

It was then that I noticed the set of his jaw, and the black of his eyes. He was very annoyed. I focused a bit and expanded my shield so I could pick up what was upsetting him. -Can't believe he's not going to do anything about his hair! It's a wedding for God's sake! The whole sex-hair is fine and well any other day of the week, but Edwards not even trying anymore!… Rosalie's dress is prettier than mine! I knew I should have gone for the sleeveless dress!…- Tanya's thoughts were more prominent than everyone else's, but the banter was utter chaos for him.

I focused a bit more and lifted my shield from me. You want me to shut her out? I asked him pointedly.

His gold eyes snapped to mine and he smiled gently. With little to no effort, I covered everyone else in the room. Edward relaxed instantly and mouthed me a thank you.

When I figured out how to manipulate my gift, I realized just how much Edward's was a burden. I made it my personal job to make sure he never had to be over-whelmed by it again. I could now cover my family consistently with almost no effort.

Rosalie started curling and pinning random sections of my hair while Alice applied some mascara and eyeliner. I didn't need much else, aside from blush so I would look less pale.

"I'm so jealous of your lip color!" Alice whined. "How did they get so pink?" She wondered.

Rosalie rolled her eyes and tugged a bit harder than I'd have liked. "Christ, Alice. Really?"

They bantered back and forth and I twisted my hands in my lap nervously. Edward cleared his throat from the couch and I knew he wanted my attention. I shifted the shield away from me, and covered the both of us. Why are you so nervous? He asked without opening his mouth.

I flicked my eyes to Rosalie and Alice. This should be a pleasant day. I'm stressed out.

He laughed. You look wonderful, so at least they are doing their jobs.

I huffed. I want them out when they are done.

He nodded, and I shifted my shield back to cover everyone.

Alice gritted her teeth. "I hate when the two of you do that! It's so rude." Her eyes darted away from me and she stomped her foot. "You asked Edward to kick us out when we're done! Bella!"

I shrugged. "You're all driving me crazy!" I whined. When my make-up and hair was finished, Alice had everyone leave the room except for her and Rosalie.

They hoisted my dress from the bag that hung on the door. The bag read Vera Wang and I sighed. "I thought you said my dress was custom made."

Alice nodded. "Yes, from Vera herself!" She chirped.

They pulled the champagne colored gown and helped me into it. While they tugged and laced me up, I glanced down at the ring he gave me.

His Mother's actual ring.

Without knowing it, he had given us the theme for the wedding. A bit Victorian and a bit modern. My dress was exactly that. The bodice was tight-fitting while the skirt flared out dramatically. There were antique, champagne colored roses that adorned the trim. It was absolutely perfect.

The ring was antique diamonds set in Italian gold. It looked so beautiful that I had cried.

Tearlessly, which was stranger than you can imagine.

"You're done!" Alice clapped.

Rosalie whistled. "You are so fucking pretty, Bella."

I would have blushed if I still could. "Thanks. When do we start?" I asked and my voice shook.

Alice smiled. "We've got fifteen minutes or so. Would you like me to send Jasper to calm you down?"

I laughed. "No, no. I'm not nervous. I'm excited. I'm getting married. To my mate! How lucky am I?" I asked while smoothing my fingers over the pendant he had given me.

It seemed like ages ago.

"I remember how amazing it felt when I married Emmett." Rosalie giggled. "For the first time, and every time after that it was amazing."

I laughed. "Okay. I just need a moment, please."

They nodded and exited my room quietly. I took a few calming breaths and smelled the roses and freesia from downstairs. Alice had spared no expense.

When they had asked where I would like to get married, our home was the only logical place for me. I loved this house, because it was where we learned of our love for one another.

I smoothed my fingers through the large skirt of the dress and smiled when I heard the music start downstairs. Alice knocked and cracked the door. "The show's on the road, sweetheart. Let's go."

I nodded and hoisted my skirt. Alice arranged the bridesmaids and groomsmen while my Dad met me at the top of the stairs. "Wow, Bella. You look beautiful." He greeted.

I smiled widely. "You think so?" I asked while flaring the skirt dramatically.

He nodded. "There isn't a day I don't think so, honey."

"I love you, Dad." I whispered.

He kissed my chilly cheek and inhaled at the temperature of my skin. "Love you too, kid."

The procession started, and we walked slowly down the stairs. The ceilings were decorated in large strands of gold and cream silk, while huge vases of roses and freesia took up copious amounts of space. There were twinkling lights throughout the strands of silk, which made the entire foyer glow ethereally.

Finally, we stepped down into the room, and I could see him.

He was wearing a black suit with gold silk tie and boutonniere. His hair was loose around his face, and he looked devastatingly gorgeous.

He always did.

My pace picked up a bit and my Dad gripped my elbow a bit tighter. "He'll be there when you get there, Bella." He promised.

Carlisle cracked a smile, he heard Charlie just fine.

Suddenly, finally, at last, I was standing before the altar. My Dad kissed my cheek again, before placing my hand in Carlisle's. He smiled gently. "Thank you, Charlie." He whispered.

My Dad grunted before moving to sit down. Before the priest even started, I grabbed Carlisle and kissed him with all I had. He laughed in surprise, before kissing me back. The priest cleared his throat while our family whooped behind us.

The service was beautiful, though I'm shameful to admit I paid little attention to anything other than Carlisle. The way the golden lights and decorations made his eyes twinkle. The way his broad shoulders went on for miles in that suit.

His mouth twitched and I knew he was thinking of me, too.

"Isabella, do you promise to take Carlisle from this day forward for as long as you both shall live?" I nodded eagerly. "I do."

Carlisle smiled as he repeated the line. "I do." He said just as enthusiastically.

We had altered the vows because we would never get sick, we'd never be poor, we'd never die. We had a definite leg-up on these vows.

We promised to love each other forever. That seemed important enough.

"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen! You may now kiss your bride."

Carlisle swept me in his arms and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his waist while he smoothed his fingers down the sides of my neck. We pulled apart and sighed at the loss of contact. There was always later.

Alice had the wedding flow smoothly into the reception. The band played mostly classical music, and that was fine with me. I wasn't a dancer.

Carlisle and I danced our first dance to a song that Edward wrote for us. It was so beautiful with his soaring octaves and ethereal quality that I sought him out and mouthed a thank you to him. He nodded, and a crooked grin graced his sharp features.

Carlisle kissed my lips gently as we twirled around the dance floor. "Mrs. Cullen, I've never seen anyone look so beautiful as you do tonight." He promised. "I thank God for you, Isabella."

I shuddered at the feel of his breath on my collar bone and ran my lips over his jaw. "There was so much doubt for us. I'm so thankful that you didn't give up. That we didn't give up." I whispered.

He growled and pulled me tighter. "You're my eternity, Bella. I could not give you up, just as I can not imagine trying." He sighed.

My throat ached with tears I could never cry. "We have forever, now."

His smiled was devastating. He was like a movie star from the fifties, only far more elegant and beautiful. "We do, my love."

After the first dance, we cut the cake. There was no one to fool at my wedding, so we didn't have to stuff it into each others mouths. Alice had told me that there were going to be no humans at my wedding. Aside from my Father, of course.

My surprise at the wolves showing up, however, was very real. She had invited the wolves, and everyone showed up. It was a huge step towards resolve as far as their treaty went.

My Father and I had a dance as well. He stepped on my toes a lot but thankfully it didn't hurt at all. He was never one for heart-felt words, but I could tell he was really happy.

I was glad for it, because I was on cloud nine.

Esme showed up as well. It was a bit awkward, as she wore black from head to toe. Carlisle had scowled about it, but it was fine. She had to mourn in her own way.

The Denali coven had not yet left our home since I was first turned, and that suited me fine. Tanya really was perfect for Edward, aside from her endless rambling in her thoughts. He had me, though, to help him with that.

I certainly owed him, so I never thought anything of it.

"Excuse me, would you mind terribly if I asked for a dance?" Edward said in a formal tone.

I giggled and nodded. "I'd be delighted." I cooed.

He held me at arms length while we turned. His face was relaxed as we spun around the room. "I am so jealous that this quiet comes to everyone else naturally." He laughed.

I still had my shield covering everyone else around us, so things were quiet for him. I shifted my shield quickly, so it covered only he and I. I found I loved talking with him like this. You don't have to keep doing that. I can hear the steady compulsion it takes to keep it that way. You could also cover only us. I've never been bothered by reading your mind.

I laughed. Nice try. My thoughts are my own. Aside from our little chats, I don't want you to know.

He laughed and shifted me a bit closer. I have you forever now, anyway. He said with mild satisfaction.

All of you, do. I reminded.

I promise to be there for you, Bella. You deserve nothing less than perfect, and I intend to try for you.

I kissed his cheek gently and Tanya huffed. You've already proved that to me. Edward, I love you.

He grinned. I love you, Bella. I must go to Tanya before she tears me a new one.

I smiled about that, and shifted the shield back to cover everyone else. I knew he wouldn't want to hear anything she had to think right now.

At the end of the night, Alice and Rosalie brought me upstairs to change into my going away outfit. It consisted of a white dress with grey boots. My hair that was pinned up had several pins that when removed, made my hair flow loosely and freely. "I'm so happy for you, Bella." Alice said seriously.

Rosalie nodded and twirled a strand of my hair. "Are you sure you don't want to go somewhere else? I mean we own an island…"

I sighed. "We certainly will go to the island eventually. I just think it's appropriate that we take our honeymoon there, though. Thank you both for everything. I'll see you both soon." I promised.

I got a group hug from them, before we went downstairs. Edward and Carlisle were talking quite intensely, before Edward wrapped his arms around Carlisle and they hugged tightly. I could tell everything was perfect between them, and I was ecstatic.

Carlisle took my hand in the crook of his arm and I kissed my Dad and Edward goodbye. We didn't bother with taking a car as it was mostly pointless. We could run faster than we could drive, especially in the snow.

We ran for a few hours before we could see the lights up ahead. "Carlisle." I breathed. We ran a bit faster before we were standing exactly where we were the first night he took me to see the northern lights.

I remember it vaguely. The colors were pretty, but he was right. They were nothing like this.

There were violets and deep reds as well as the greens and blues. The purple and red were almost invisible to my eyes, so a human would never see it. The colors were so vivid and amazing that my jaw gaped at the wonder of it. "Is it stupid that because it's so beautiful all I want is to touch it?" I laughed.

He pulled me against his back and groaned. "Not at all. I'm having the same issue at the moment." He whispered hotly.

I swallowed tightly and pressed against him suggestively. "You don't have to worry about me getting cold, now."

He groaned again. "Is that why Alice put you in a skin-tight sweater dress? You look like your legs go on for miles."

I gaped at his words. "Maybe you should check and find out." I conceded.

He smoothed his palms over my hips and down my thighs before catching the hem of the skirt and smoothing it up, toward my waist. He pulled away from my back enough that he could see between us. His growl was mostly constant, now. "My God." He breathed.

He obviously found the scrap of white lace that was my underwear. "Like what you see, Hubby?" I asked lightly.

He laughed. "Oh, Mrs. Cullen very much so. He smoothed his fingers over my exposed hips and moaned. "Take your dress off, before I rip it." He managed.

My mouth went dry and I nodded before hoisting the dress over my head and dropping it in the snow next to us. He pulled me tightly against his back again, so he could see my bra over my shoulder.

His firm length pressed against the small of my back while he cupped the demi-cups of my tiny white lace bra. "Christ." He whispered. My head lolled onto his shoulder while he cupped my breasts in his hands. He slipped his thumbs into the cups and grazed his thumb over my nipples.

I bucked against him, and he pressed against me slowly. I stepped away from him while he pulled his shirt off, then his pants and boxers. He was naked, and the colors glinting off his skin made this absolutely unreal. He was mine, and I couldn't believe it. He kneeled in front of me and hooked his fingers in the tiny fabric of my thong before guiding it down my legs. He inhaled greedily at the scent of my arousal as I stepped out of the underwear.

I widened my stance a bit, so his traveling fingers could find what I so desperately wanted him to. He smoothed his fingers over my over-heated core, and I swooned.

He growled and tossed one of my legs over his shoulder, before he buried his face in my heat. I moaned loudly while his tongue brought me to release very quickly. My legs wobbled, and he dropped my leg before he spun me around.

While he kneeled behind me, I straddled his thighs and impaled myself on him. He thrust inside me deeply, yet slowly. We had all the time in the world, and we never got tired. He unhooked my bra and tossed it away from us so he could cup my breasts in his perfect hands. I wrapped my arms behind my head, so I could secure his mouth against my neck.

I fell forward onto my palms, and he sat up on his knees. His thrusts turned aggressively desperate, and I came again, within only minutes.

With a few more powerful thrusts, he came deep inside me. "Mine." He whispered to the air around us.

I pulled away from him enough so I could straddle him while he faced me. He was already hard again, so I sunk down over him slowly. "Yours." I agreed.

He palmed my thighs while he sank me over his length slowly. His mouth latched onto my nipple and I gripped his silky strands desperately. We came again, hours later. We could have gone again, but dawn was coming and the lights would only last a few more moments. "I'm in love with you, Carlisle." I whispered.

He pulled me tighter against him. "As I love you, my Beloved." He promised.

I rested against his chest while we kissed deeply. We had forever to be together.

He was mine all along.

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