Title: A World Away

Pairing: Edward & Bella

Category: AH

From Story: Chapter 8 outtake from A World Away

Summary: Bella thinks military men are arrogant womanizers. That is, until she meets Edward, a hot and unpredictable Navy SEAL who quickly deploys for six months. Will he change her mind or leave her brokenhearted?

A/N: This outtake was written for Smut Mondays! I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks to scscquared and Twihart, my betas, for everything!

This chapter was originally in BPOV, so now we'll get to see what's going on in that sexy head of Edward's.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended. Chapter 8- Outtake: Last Night


I wanted to do something nice for Bella since she'd been killing herself at work lately and we hadn't seen much of each other. I'd also had a hell of a week and wanted to unwind. Tonight, I was making her dinner and then we had the whole weekend together.

Today had been very stressful and I knew when I'd gotten called in to meet with Commander Marcus that I was most likely going to be getting orders that I wouldn't like. It was part of my job as a SEAL, but things had been going so well with Bella that the thought of leaving again weighed heavily on me. After work, I hit the surf to help unwind and calm my nerves. Despite only staying for a couple of sets, it did seem to help me relax before heading home to cook dinner.

Still in my trunks with wet hair, I was pulled from my self-induced panic when Bella knocked on the door. I was instantly put at ease when I saw her. It was hot outside, so she was dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt, which showed me just enough skin to send my mind straight to the gutter. I pulled her to me and we kissed as if we hadn't seen each other in a month.

I went to take a quick shower and clean up and when I came back Bella was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, reading my Surfing magazine. She looked so content, like she had no cares in this world. It made the dread of telling her about my deployment that much worse. I felt like I was hiding something. I would tell her tonight, I just needed to find the right time.

I pulled her off the couch into a hug. My hands were drawn to her ass and I kissed her neck, needing to taste her delicious skin. "Sorry you had to wait."

"I expect to be fully compensated for my time," she hummed, encouraging me.

I knew that I'd never get dinner finished if I kept that up, so I broke away from her reluctantly.

"So, what's on the menu?" she inquired cheerfully.

"Well, I'm going to grill some tuna steaks that I bought fresh off the boat today. Then I've got some asparagus with hollandaise and rice. How does that sound?"

The look of shock on her face was priceless. Apparently she didn't think I could cook. To be fair, since we'd been together, most of the things we made were basics or we would just go out. I wanted tonight to be different, special.

"It sounds delicious," she said, trying to recover from her shock. "Where did you learn to cook? And when?"

"My mom." The memories of sitting in the kitchen with my mom while she cooked flooded my mind.

"Oh. Sorry," she said, biting her lip. I knew that Bella hated to bring up my mom since she knew how profoundly her death had affected me.

"Don't be. It was something that we both liked to do. I'm glad I know how to cook. I get to impress the ladies, you know?" I said lightly, wanting Bella to know that I was okay talking about it. I didn't want her to worry every time it came up.

Smiling widely, she came around behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist as I cleaned the asparagus. "Well, the ladies are definitely impressed. At least this one is."

As if any other lady matters!

I dipped my fingers in the sink water and flicked them at Bella, splashing water in her face and we both laughed. I loved seeing her beautiful smile.

Bella set the mood around the house, lighting candles and dimming lights as I finished up dinner. It was still light outside, but the sun was getting low in the sky, casting long shadows.

We sat down to eat and Bella looked astonished at the spread of food. I was pleased with the way the meal turned out as well and happy to be having this time with Bella. I lifted my wine glass to toast and she tipped her glass to meet mine.

"To my beautiful girlfriend who's been working way too hard lately," I said, clinking our glasses together.

My panic from earlier returned. I had to tell her about my deployment but I didn't want to ruin the evening. Still, I knew if I waited, Bella would be upset that I kept it from her. I hoped she'd be okay with it. I took a sip of my wine and steeled my resolve.

"Bella, I have to tell you something, but I don't want you to worry," I said seriously.

Sensing the change in my tone, her face grew worried and the dread crippled me.

She's not going to take this well.

"What is it?" she asked quietly.

I clasped her hands across the table, hoping that it would provide us with some sense of calm.

"I got orders today." I let the words hang in the air so she could process them.

Fuck, she's going to decide that this isn't worth it.

She looked down at her plate and I would have given anything to know what she was thinking at that moment. She looked despondent.

"What kind of orders?" she managed to get out, her voice cracking.

"The kind that take me away again." I tried to comfort her with my gaze and our joined hands and show her that I understood her worry, but that everything would be okay. We could get through this, I was confident of that, but I needed to know that she believed it too.

Please Bella, talk to me.

A tear fell from her eye and I instinctively reached across to wipe it off her face.


"Bella, listen to me," I said, trying to suppress the panic I began to feel. I needed to reassure Bella and myself. "It'll be okay. I feel more confident than ever that we can get through this."

She sat there, staring at me and then the table, not saying anything. I could tell that she was working through things in her head, but her lack of response was making me exceptionally nervous.

"Bella?" I finally asked, needing to break the silence. "Please say something."

"I know it'll be okay. I'm just sad. I don't want you to go," she sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Fix this, Cullen.

"I know. I don't want to leave either." I stared at her intently, pleading with my eyes for her to understand just how much I meant that statement. I would never leave her if I had the choice. She avoided looking into my eyes, though and my heart sank. Some of my old fears started to resurface. Fear that this was going to be too hard for her; that she would want a more normal relationship with someone who didn't leave her for long periods of time. Fear that things were going along smoothly, too smoothly, and now reality was going to sink in.

"Can you tell me any specifics?" she asked, finally breaking the silence. Her question gave me hope that maybe she'd be okay with this. Maybe she just needed time to think about it and process it. Maybe I didn't need to panic.

Relieved, I took a sip of wine and nodded. "Well, I'll be training in Virginia for about a month. We will deploy straight from there and hopefully be back here by Christmas."

"That's four months," she gasped. "I don't even want to think about it."

And just like that, I was worried again.

I was desperate to make her feel better and let her know that I'd always be here for her. "Bella, please don't let this hang over us. I leave in two weeks and I want to spend as much time as I can with you before I go. I don't want you to be sad. We have this nice dinner and I don't want to waste it being upset about things we can't control."

She sat up straight and wiped her tears, as she took deep breaths to calm herself. I watched quietly as a myriad of emotions seemed to cross her beautiful face until she finally calmed down and flashed me a smile. It was forced, but I could tell that she was trying to let me know that we would be okay.

Thank God.

We finished dinner and managed to salvage the mood. I pulled her between my legs with my arms wrapped firmly around her as we watched a movie and felt calm for the first time since I'd gotten the news of my deployment. This was where I belonged.

I showered her with affection as we sat together, so thankful that she was willing to put up with me and all my baggage. She could have any guy she wanted and yet here she was in my arms. It felt incredible.

The two weeks passed far too quickly and before I knew it, it was the night before I was leaving. Once again, I made a nice dinner, this time at Bella's house since my apartment was out of commission and she'd be taking me to the base in the morning. Bella lit the candles and we sat and watched another movie, the city lights glowing outside her windows. I was really happy in that moment. Were it not for the fact that I was leaving, this would have been the perfect night.

I pulled Bella off the couch after the movie was over and she felt like dead weight in my arms. She walked down the hallway sleepily in front of me, so I knew I needed to do something to wake her up. I slipped my arms around her waist, pulling her body flush with mine.

"You don't think you're going to sleep, do you?" I hummed into her ear.

She shivered slightly and I smiled in delight at her response.

My hands moved down her stomach, over her hips, around her thighs, pulling her dress up to touch her skin directly. I felt her shiver as my fingers grazed between her legs, rubbing her softly then whispering, "I need you. All of you."

She exhaled sharply as her head fell back against my shoulder as I walked us the rest of the way to her room, my hands roaming freely over her body.

Without turning her around, I ran my hands up her thighs to her side, taking her dress with them. The softness of her skin set my body on fire. She raised her arms over her head, allowing me to finish with her dress, leaving her in only underwear. Our reflection danced off the mirrored closet doors next to us, allowing me to watch her reactions to my touch, making me want her even more.

I groaned in appreciation of her lingerie and a smile crept onto her face. My hands left her momentarily and I instantly missed the feel of her warm skin. Bella turned around and watched as I gripped my shirt from the back of my neck, pulling it over my head. Her hands moved to my chest, running them across my pecs, then down to my waist.

Finished with my shirt, I returned my hands to Bella, gently cupping her face as I lowered my lips to hers. The kiss was soft, yet conveyed all the emotions between us and my wish that I wouldn't have to leave. She parted her lips and I took full advantage, deepening the kiss, fueling the fire.

Her hands moved to the button of my shorts, making quick work of removing them. She slid her fingers below the waistband, underneath my boxers, and slowly lowered them both down my body. Her fingers spread out on the hard muscles of my thighs as she lowered her hands softly, her touch feeling like silk upon my skin.

I watched her every move and held myself back from pouncing on her. I was trying to show some restraint and take it slow so she would know how much I appreciated her and was going to miss her.

Once I was free of my pants, I gently gripped her arms and pulled her to stand. I wove my hands with hers and walked us to the bed. Her knees hit and we fell together, Bella laid out gloriously beneath me as her dark luscious hair splayed over the bed.


She tried to pull me closer, but I resisted as my hands slipped around her back, to unclasp her bra. She arched her back to give me better access, which caused her breasts to heave and I lowered my lips to make contact, kissing her over the lacy fabric of her bra. She whimpered softly at the contact, urging me to continue. Once it was unclasped, my hands slowly pulled the straps down her arms, freeing her beautiful breasts. I threw her bra on the floor and quickly returned to her, gently massaging one breast as I sucked, nibbled and kissed the other.

"You're so beautiful, Bella," I sighed, my lips never leaving her skin. "I'll never get enough."

I rested my body weight on her and my erection pressed against her damp panties, seeking her out. Our legs moved with each other's, slowly up and down, creating friction and heat. Our hands roamed, pulling us closer together. My lips moved up her chest to her collarbone and then to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses behind them.

"I need you," she said breathily. 'Please."

So fucking sexy.

A sly smile crept onto my face as one of my hands slipped lower on her body, gripping the lacy waistband on her panties.

"These have to go, pretty as they are."

I reached around to her ass, dragging her panties downward as she lifted her hips to help me, and then kicked out of them.

My hand moved back up and around her body, coming to rest on her lower back. She arched as I pulled her closer, kissing me passionately. Her legs wrapped firmly around my hips as I positioned my cock at her entrance, rubbing myself up and down against her and coating myself in silky wetness.

"God Bella, you're so wet," I whimpered against her ear. "You have no idea how much I love that I did this to you."

She sighed loudly and grabbed my ass to pull me into her. Teasing aside, she was ready for me. "Please…Edward…fuck…"

"Gladly." With one powerful thrust, I was inside her, a loud grunt escaping my body. The muscles of my ass flexed under her hands as I struggled to maintain control and not just pound into her repeatedly.

I pulled out slowly, never letting my eyes stray from hers and then pushed quickly into her again, completely connected. And thus began our passionate and frenzied movements, our bodies ebbing and flowing with each other, moving in perfect synch.

With each powerful thrust, I pushed her to the brink and then pulled her back. She was frenzied with need for a release and only I had the power to give it to her.


"I'm so close, Edward," she breathed, her chest heaving. "Ah…"

Acknowledging her need, with one hand I reached down and tilted her hips, allowing me to drive deeper into her and grind against her most sensitive places.

"Let go, love," I said softly, continuing to drive into her. "Let me give you this."

Listening to my words and feeling my body, she did just that. She let go.

"Oh fuck… Edward…fuck…yes…" she managed to say just as an intense wave of ecstasy crashed over her shuddering in pleasure.

I didn't stop my movements and just as she came down, I could see that she was getting close to the edge again.

Come on, baby…

"Oh God…again…" She closed her eyes and her mouth hung slightly open, as her body tightened.

"Jesus…Bella…" I moaned loudly as I thrust into her for the final time, bringing both of us to orgasm.

I lay with my weight on her, still inside of her, panting and kissing her fevered skin, as she gently caressed my back.

"There are no words to describe that," I said softly. "You completely rock my world."

I let my forehead fall onto hers and gazed intensely into her eyes. I wanted to tell her exactly how I felt in that moment, but I couldn't form the words. I hoped she knew. I hoped it was enough for her to wait for me.

We got cleaned up and she rested up against me, our arms around each other. We were exhausted and I had to leave early in the morning. I wanted to stop time. Perhaps if we stayed awake, the morning would never come. Both of us recognized that this was the last time we'd be together like this for a long time. It hung over us like a dark cloud, the bliss from moments before fading until sleep took us both.

At some point during the night, I awoke and my cock was erect and throbbing. I needed Bella. All I could think about was how amazing it felt to be inside of her. I didn't want to wake her, but my body took over and before I knew it my hands slid around her, over her hip. She squirmed at my touch, waking from her sleep. I leaned in and smelled the fresh scent that was so profoundly Bella and inhaled deeply.

I scooted closer to her, using her hips as leverage, until we were flush against each other with my arms wrapped around her. My erection pressed into her, and if she had any doubts about my intentions, I knew they vanished in that moment.

Her head fell back urging me to kiss her neck and along her shoulder, nuzzling her with my nose. My hand caressed her sides and breast, and then slowly moved down her stomach and hips to her inner thigh.

She whimpered at my proximity to her heat, but I didn't stop my progression down her leg. When I reached the spot just above her knee, I lifted it gently, pulling it back over my hip, opening her up for me. I pressed my hips forward simultaneously, positioning my cock between her legs.

"Sorry to wake you, love," I whispered. "But there was something I needed to do."

My hand returned to her inner thigh and began working its way up until my fingers grazed her clit, causing her to shudder.

I wanted her tell me what she wanted so I could give it all to her.

I chuckled lightly. "Do you like it when I touch you like that?"

She nodded and whimpered as I made a second pass, coating my fingers in her slickness, before dipping my finger inside her.

"Do you want more, Bella?" I cooed.

She nodded again and hummed in pleasure, moving her hips against my fingers as they worked on her.

"Tell me." My tone was demanding and firm.

"I want more." Her voice cracked and her words came out like a whine.

"What, love? What do you want?" I continued to move my finger inside of her as my thumb passed up and down over her clit

Come on, baby. Tell me.

"I want you to fuck me," she said, glancing over her shoulder. "Hard."

"Christ," I said as I grabbed her tightly around the waist and reached down between us, grabbing my cock and pushing into her roughly.

This was different from earlier when we were loving and passionate. This was hard and possessive. I was taking her body and making it mine. It was sexy as hell to see her let go like this.

I rolled us over so that she was on all fours and I was positioned behind her on my knees. I pulled her hips roughly back towards me as I steadied myself and aligned my cock at her entrance. In one swift movement, I was inside of her again, a moan emanating from deep within my chest.

The air felt thick with emotion. What was happening between us was much more than just physical. It was love and frustration and worry and pain, all manifesting itself in this one act. It was the fear of leaving the known for the unknown. It was the despair of feeling unnecessarily alone. It was the dread of knowing that there would be oceans between us come morning.

She gripped onto the sheets as I moved forcefully within her, each pass hitting the spot inside her that sent her spiraling into bliss. She screamed my name as she came, her walls pulsing around me.

"Bella…so tight…fuck…I'm coming…" I groaned and gripped her hips so tightly it would surely leave a mark. I twitched and shook inside her as she let her head fall to the bed. I leaned over and kissed her back lightly, causing her to shiver.

"How can I leave you again?" I asked, my voice quiet, not wanting her to hear me. "I can't leave you."

I pulled out of her and she rolled over onto her back, her hands coming to rest on my cheek.

"It'll be okay," she whispered.

I leaned in for a tender kiss and realized that Bella wanted me and would wait for me. We could get through this. We would be okay even while I was a world away.

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