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Well, it appeared Winchester luck had kicked in again. What had started out as a simple salt and burn had turned into something far more complicated. It wasn't the spirits bones that held her on this plane of existence. Turns out, she had killed herself, believing that her boyfriend was following her into death. However, as teenagers usually do, he discovered that love wasn't really everything and she had ended up facing death by herself. So she had stuck around, believing that her boyfriend still loved her. In the mean time, she had decided to kill couples, telling them that they would "be together forever" before she killed them.

So after finding out that burning her remains wouldn't do anything, they had decided on a confrontation. Maybe if she learned that her boyfriend no longer loved her, she would move on. It was a risky situation—either she would break down and move on or she would get pissed off and go completely homicidal.

That's where things had started going wrong.

They had promised the spirit-Sara was her name- that they would bring her boyfriend, Mark, to see her. Not believing them, she decided to take something as leverage. And that something just happened to be Sam, who they had left in the motel room, not wanting to tempt fate. It seemed fate had been tempted anyway.

"Sam?" Dean called out when he got to the motel room. "We're back!" there was no answer. With a frown, he checked the bathroom before racing outside. His heart seemed to have stopped beating.

John caught onto Dean's fear. "Sam!" he barked. If anything would make Sam come out, his father's strict tone would. Silence followed. Dean whipped out his phone, hitting the first speed dial. The phone rang four times before connecting to voicemail. He slammed the phone shut, flipping it open again immediately to dial again. When he got voicemail again, Dean let the phone drop out of his hand.

"Sam!" he cried desperately.

The first thing Sam noticed when he woke up was the cold. He had been dressed for a day in a warm motel room, not for the biting cold of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Even though it was only September, the weather grew bitter quickly. The locals predicted snow within the week. Why anyone would ever want to live here was beyond Sam.

The next thing he noticed was the dark. He felt grass under his bare feet and hands, so he knew he was outside somewhere. His eyes started to adjust and he recognized tall trees and dense undergrowth. Great. He could be anywhere. The town they were staying in was surrounded by forests.

Speaking of here, he wasn't quite sure how he got here. He remembered that he had the room to himself while his brother and father went off hunting a ghost. They were going to make a deal with it, off Sam's suggestion. It was the only thing he could think of, short of killing Mark himself. After they left, he had started on his homework for the weekend. When they were hunting, he could never be sure when he had time to get it done. Then the temperature had dropped. Sam was smart enough to know what that meant. He had been checking the salt lines, gun in hand when…

Right. That ghost, the one they had been chasing had appeared. He had gone to fire, but before he could get a shot off, she had slammed him against a wall and he had passed out. Just thinking about it made his head pound. Unconsciously, he moved a hand to the back of his head. There was definitely a bump where he had hit. He groaned and pulled himself up, steadying his balance against a tree. His body was not happy about this little adventure.

He fished his phone out of his pocket, glad to see that at least he still had that. 10 missed calls flashed on the screen, along with 5 voicemails. His battery was blinking, warning him he didn't have long. At least he managed to pull in a signal out here in the middle of nowhere. Instead of sapping his battery of any power, he opened up the text message.

I'm fine. She took me somewhere. My battery is dying, don't know how long it'll last.

He hit send, hoping his brother would keep cool long enough to realize that calling Sam was not the answer. Within seconds his phone beeped, alerting him to a text message.

Do you have any idea where you are?

Sam wondered if his dad had taken control of the phone. If Dean was in control, he would have sent at least ten more questions.

Somewhere in the woods. I can hear the lake, but not the road.

Are you hurt? Is she with you?

No and no.

"You can tell them that I'll return you when they return my boyfriend." A girl's voice said beside him.

"Shit!" Sam exclaimed, dropping the phone, he swooped it up as he threw himself as far away from the ghost as possible. She looked at him with an impatient face.

"Well? Are you going to tell them? I didn't bring you here to hurt you, just to make sure they keep their end of the deal." She said. Sam sensed the truth in her words, but she was a spirit and didn't feel the cold anymore.

"Well bringing me to the middle of nowhere dressed like this certainly doesn't help your case. I'm going to freeze out here if I don't have shelter and warmth." He told her, watching her every move. Just because she didn't mean any harm, didn't mean she'd keep that promise. Sam had found that out the hard way. When she didn't respond, he pulled out the phone and sent the text message.

She said she'd give me back when you bring her boyfriend.

Be careful. We're trying to track your phone.

Just find her boyfriend and text me when you do. It'll be the quickest way to solve this.

He was trying to be reasonable, but his family was anything but that. If they didn't bring Mark, Sam wasn't sure how they would get her to move on.

"So. You're dead, huh?" Sam asked, deciding that the silence was too dangerous. He needed something to keep himself alert, so the cold didn't take him.

"Hm." Was all she said. She stared off in the distance for awhile, her form flickering in and out. "You know, I don't mean anyone harm. I just get lonely here. Sometimes others stay for awhile, and keep me company."

"You mean the people you killed." Sam said darkly. This spirit actually believed she wasn't hurting anyone. That made her all the more dangerous.

"I didn't kill them. I just gave them what they wanted. Now they can be together forever."

"Maybe they could have stayed together in life if you had let them. Now they won't ever get married, or have kids."

"They don't need any of that if they have each other."

"What are you going to do if Mark doesn't want you anymore?" Sam knew he was toeing the line, but if she was in a giving mood, he would be the taker. He wanted to gauge her feelings to see if their plan would actually work. The air around her suddenly grew colder and Sam had to pull back. he couldn't afford to grow any colder.

"He'll still want me. And then once he agrees to come with me, we can be together forever."

Sam shook his head. "You'll just fade into the next life. There's no guarantee you'll ever see each other again."

Sara's face took on a strange expression. It almost seemed…determined. "Not if I bind him to me. Then he can never leave me again."

Sam grew cold, not from the weather, but from her words. a spirit binding a spirit? That could not end well. "But if you bind him to you, you'll never be able to leave this plane of existence."

And if she bound Mark to her, Sam had no idea how they would be able to send her away. Sure, maybe she would stop killing, but once spirits started, they tended to keep at it. Force of habit basically.

"It won't matter. I won't be lonely anymore."