So originally, this first part was going to be in the end of chapter 3, but i decided to make the epilogue longer so I moved it here. Anywho, this is the last part of this story so I hope you enjoy this and I hope you enjoyed the story! I'm going to have a new story up and going by tomorrow night, so check that out. Thanks for reading! :)

Jenna stood in the room and watched in dismay as Sam's spirit reconnected with his body. Her power should have kept them apart, but something else was interfering. Sam had been right—something was here. She let her power feel around, immediately spotting her trouble.

"Azazel! Show yourself." She demanded. A form appeared in the doorway, garbed in doctor's clothing. If anyone else noticed him, they made no movement towards him. In fact, one of the doctors, in his rush to get to Sam, stepped right through him. "What gives you the right to interfere with this death? No deal has been made to my knowledge and the rules are clear."

"Right, right. Some human has to make a deal with a demon for the kid's life. Only then can a demon bring someone back to life." He dismissed the rules with a flippant hand, clearly believing himself above everything. He blinked and yellow clouded over his host's eyes. "Except in this case, Sam was clearly not dead. Just in an in-between state." He smirked, happy to flaunt the loophole to her.

"Maybe so, but what I want to know is how the boy knew that you were here before I knew." She said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." Azazel told her happily. He could tell she was getting angry. Hey, it wasn't everyday he got to piss off a reaper.

"What did you do to him?" when Azazel still didn't answer him, she growled, her control slipping over her human form and flickering into her true form. "Answer me demon! Sam Winchester is my charge!"

"Probably keeps you busy too, doesn't he?" Azazel smirked. He shrugged when she frowned. Reapers could be dangerous to demons too, no matter how powerful said demon was. "Supernatural blood calls to supernatural things. What can I say?"

Jenna seemed to settle down, satisfied by the answer. "Hmm, must be your blood too. He still feels your presence in unconsciousness." She said, turning to look at the boy. He shifted uncomfortably, stilled by his older brother. "What do you mean to do with him?" she narrowed her eyes, making it obvious not answering was not a good choice.

"If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret, now would it?" He smirked. She was not amused. "Don't worry; you reapers will get your own part in it."

"It is no secret that you would kill these two." She said, nodding her head towards Dean and John. "Why don't you now?"

Azazel smiled. "It's not the right time. Reaper, you can try and taunt me, but I am smarter than you want to think. I'm not going to step in the doorway right into the devil's trap." He said, his smile disappearing, anger clearly burning behind his yellow eyes. "There is no love lost between our races, but if this plan is to work, you should not tempt fate."

Jenna growled at him again. "Leave my charge. You may have saved him this time, but next time I will take him."

"I have my own plans for the boy, and I never lose." Azazel said confidently. The doctor's form flickered and disappeared. Jenna watched the doorway suspiciously before she too, disappeared, leaving the Winchesters to be a family for at least another day.

It was another three days before the doctor let Sam get out of bed. A physical therapist had come in and worked on redeveloping Sam's weak muscles while he was still in bed, but his whole body still trembled when he put weight on it. While standing was fine, anything more than a few steps exhausted him. Dean made sure he was always present during these expeditions, to make sure Sam got back in bed when he was too tired to do anything else. Dean knew that if he didn't, Sam would keep trying to strengthen his muscles until he passed out cold on the floor.

After that it was two more days until he was released from the hospital. While their dad went to fill out the paperwork, Dean helped Sam pack up his things while Sam dressed. After every article of clothing, Sam had to stop and rest, panting with exhaustion.

"This is stupid Dean. How could I get so weak, so fast?" He asked after struggling to pull his shirt over his head. The movement left him dizzy.

Dean shrugged. "It'll just take time to build back up your strength. Dad'll be happy. Now he has a reason to make us do intense training."

Sam groaned—just what he needed. "Great. I can't wait." He fell silent, pulling his shoes on instead. Dean could tell there was something bothering Sam, but he decided not to push his brother. If he was just patient, his brother would tell him what was wrong. He didn't have to wait long. "Dean, there was something else there."

That startled Dean. "What do you mean?"

"Just before I woke up, I could feel it. There was something else there."

"Do you know what it was?" Sam shook his head. "Did it-did it help you get back to your body?"

"I-I think so." Sam said softly, looking down. He was ashamed to see goose bumps down his arms. He rubbed at them viciously. "But it confuses me. I think it helped me back, but I don't know why. And Dean. It wasn't some kind spirit or anything…it was pure evil. I could tell. Why would it want to help me?"

"I don't know Sam. Why dwell on it though? If it had any evil intentions, it wouldn't have brought you back." Dean said confidently. Inside though, his thoughts were rushing. What if something was coming after his brother? What did something that Sam thought was so evil want with his brother? And why did it want him alive? "I can't really hate it right now. I mean, it brought you back and that's hardly evil."

Sam slid down from the bed, steadying himself as his vision rushed to adjust to the shift in height. "Yeah, I guess so. Come on, let's go. I hate hospitals." He shouldered one of the back packs while Dean grabbed the other one, leading the way out of the room. If they had turned to look back, they would have seen a man with yellow eyes, watching them leave. A grin broke out on his face before he disappeared without a noise.