"Flight 105 to Volterra, Italy is now boarding."

"That would be us." Heidi said and together we boarded the plane.

"Can I listen to your IPod?" I asked her about three hours into the flight.

"Sure, just don't break it. I'll kill you if you do, and that's a promise." she reached into her purse and handed me her silver IPod.

I put the ear buds into my ears and turned the little dinky thing on. I scrolled down her list of music until I came across Chris Brown's "Transform Ya". I listened to that a couple of times before getting bored and switching to a different song by Ke$ha. This went on for the rest of the ride until the battery finally decided to die right in the middle of "Take It Off". I handed it back to Heidi and she put it away. I stared out the window as hundreds of puffy white clouds past by. They looked just like cotton candy, except the only difference is that cotton candy doesn't float in the air. I sighed and pulled out my phone. I turned it on to see that I had 13 missed calls, 10 of them were voicemails left by Edward.

"Bella…I'm sorry, please come home soon."

"Bella, please, I miss you. I'm sorry about what I said."

"Bella! Why are you going to Italy! Are you trying to get yourself killed? Please just come back so we can talk this through. We need you here and will you please explain why you're with Heidi. Of all people you just decided to leave with her instead of asking us so that we could go with you and make sure you're safe. God Bella, sometimes you could really be so stupid. Just please come home, soon."

That was latest one. I received it about an hour ago. Thank god I had my phone turned off. Edward was seriously starting to get on my nerves. I am not stupid and Heidi really isn't that bad. I shut off my phone and settles back into my seat, wishing I could still fall asleep.

After the plane landed Heidi led me over to a huge limousine. A vampire got out of the drivers seat and opened up the passenger door for us. We both got in and soon we were off. I stared at the beautiful landscapes in awe. Forks and Phoenix had nothing on Volterra. The grass was so green and the water was so clear it was see through. We drove by markets and stores and I watched all the humans in jealousy. It was a sunny day and luckily the windows were darkly tinted. I laughed as I saw little kids playing tag and running around, shouting things in Italian.

Suddenly the car came to a stop and I glanced out the windshield to see a huge, medieval looking castle. It had to at least be five stories taller than the Eifel Tower.

"Like it?" Heidi asked me.

"Very." I replied, earning a huge smile from her.

"I love it too." she said and got out of the car, me following right behind her.

We walked through a glorious, brightly lit hallway until we made it to what looked like a lobby. Behind a counter was a beautiful human girl with skin the color of mocha, sparkling green eyes and dark hair. She looked up as we entered.

"Heidi." she smiled politely.

"Gianna." Heidi replied curtly and continues towards a set of double doors.

Two vampires that were standing by them nodded their hellos and opened up the doors for us. On the other side was a different kind of reception room. There was a boy on the other side of the room, standing behind a mahogany desk. He looked up, probably sensing our presence and my breath caught in my throat. He was absolutely gorgeous; no words could describe his God-like looks. His hair was a dark shade of brown and ended just below his ears, spilling across his forehead just above his eyebrows. He had prominent cheekbones, a perfectly straight nose and full pouty lips just begging to be kissed. I shivered as his crimson irises roamed over my body. Thank God I was still wearing my clubbing dress.

"Heidi, it's good to see you again," he greeted her in sexy, deep voice that made my legs feel like jelly, "And you must be the famous Bella." He grinned and I nearly melted right there, he was that irresistible.

"And you must be Alec, I've heard so much about you." I replied with a flirty smile.

"I see, and what is it you supposedly know about me?" he said with another panty-dropping smile that made my stomach do a million flips. He was flirting back and I loved it.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." I said with a sultry smirk.

"Sorry for ruining this little lovey-dovey moment, but I believe Aro is waiting for us. We wouldn't want t keep him waiting now would we?" Heidi said

"No, we shouldn't. Shall we?" he said and motioned to another set of double doors. This time they were twice the size of the other ones and were made out of ancient wood that looked hundreds of years old, yet they were still in good shape.

"Yes, we shall." Heidi said and Alec pushed open the doors.

There sitting on huge thrones were three cloaked figures. One had snow white hair and wore a sour expression, another had pin straight hair that ended just shy of his shoulders and his face was full of absolute boredom. Then there was the man sitting on the largest throne in the middle, he had slightly wavy hair and his expression was one full of excitement. All of their eyes were a milky red color.

"Ah, Heidi, dear, you've returned at last!" he exclaimed and sat up from his seat and glided towards us. I couldn't believe how this man could walk with much more grace than Alice.

He carefully grabbed Heidi's hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of it. She giggled.

"Yes I have master." she responded

He stood up and his gaze soon landed on me. I felt myself captivated by his hazy ruby eyes.

"And who might this be?" he asked as his eyes traveled dangerously traveled up and down my figure.

Alec gave him a warning growl and Aro looked up at him, surprise evident on his features.

"Alec, is something wrong?" he asked

"No master." Alec replied through clenched teeth.

"Very well then. Marcus?" Aro held out his hand towards the vampire who looked like he could care less.

Marcus stood up and reluctantly gave Aro his hand. Aro's fingers lightly traced over Marcus's palm.

"What's he doing?" I asked Heidi in a hushed tone.

"Using his gift, obviously. He can read every single thought you've ever had with the touch of his hand." she answered


"Remarkable," Aro said as he dropped Marcus's hand and glanced between Alec and me, "The bond is so strong."

What is he talking about?

"He's talking about you and Alec's bond." Heidi answered my thoughts.

"What did you just say, Heidi?" Aro asked

"Nothing, just answering Bella." she replied

"But I didn't say anything." I said

"But, I just heard your voice in my head." she shot back.

"Those were my thoughts." I said

"Well, this is quite interesting," Aro said, "Bella; care to do me a favor?"

"Okay." I said

"Think of something, it can be anything and imagine projecting it towards me." he instructed

"Alright." I said and closed my eyes.

I thought of my favorite flowers, tulips, and sort of pushed it towards Aro's direction where a strange yellow light glowed from beneath my eyelids.


I opened my eyes to see Aro with his eyes closed like me and a smile across his face. His eyes snapped open and he looked at me in wonder.

"Tulips are truly beautiful, my dear." he commented

I had to fight back the gasp that threatened to slip out, but my eyes did manage to widen slightly.

"What is going on, my dear brother?" Marcus asked Aro.

"It seems Bella had the ability to project her thoughts to others." he replied

Suddenly all of their gazes were on me and I looked down, blushing like crazy. Gasps echoed throughout the room as they took in my flushed cheeks. I looked up as a gust of wind slightly blew my hair. I looked up to see Alec. He lifted up his hand and lightly caressed my flaming red cheek. Sparks flew where he touched and I couldn't hide the shiver that came.

"Sei veramente speciale, il mio amore." he murmured in Italian.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a girl with blonde hair tied up in a bun glaring at me with nothing but hatred in her eyes. I couldn't care less as I stared into Alec's mesmerizing eyes. They were deep pools of emotion. I could stare into those eyes all day, but of course Aro had to ruin the moment.

"So I take it you came here to join us."

I tore my gaze from Alec to look at Aro who was patiently awaiting my answer. I could still feel Alec's eyes on me and I resisted the urge to kiss him right there in front of everyone.

"Yes I have, I have found that living off of animals is truly repulsive and I hoped you would show me the true way of this life." I said, feeling confident with my answer.

"Excellent. Welcome to the Volturi, Bella." he said

"Can you just call me Isabella instead?" I asked

"And why would that be?" he asked

"I think it's time for a change. And plus, Bella was my name in the past. I want to move on and forget about my human life since I'm not going to get it back anyways." I said

"As you wish, Isabella." he said

"Thank you, master." I said

"There is no need for you to call me that, you may address me as Aro not master. Is that clear?" he said

"Yes mast-I mean Aro." I quickly corrected my mistake, earning a couple of chuckles from the others, including Alec. His laugh was deep and musical.

Damn, was there anything about this boy that wasn't perfect?

"I can assure you that I am not all that perfect, la mia stella." Alec said, clearly amused.

Damn, I was projecting again. I growled in frustration and that just made him laugh even harder. Soon the whole guard started to join in, even the blonde.

"So, Isabella, I hear that Edward cannot read your mind." Aro said once the room got themselves under control.

"How do you know about that?' I asked

"My dear Isabella, the Volturi know everything," he said, "Oh and you do not need to worry about that little accident in biology class, we have already dealt with the humans ourselves."

I gasped, "You killed them?"

"Well, I wouldn't say kill, but for the most part yes. We always rid of others, particularly humans, who acknowledge our existence. You should no that." he said

I nodded my head.

"Alec, would you be a gentlemen and escort Isabella to her room?" Aro said

"Yes master," Alec said, "Follow me, Isabella."

I reluctantly trailed along behind him as he turned down tons of different hallways. I did my best at trying to memorize the halls and when to turn so that I hopefully wouldn't need help getting to my own room.

Alec halted in front of a set of cherry wood doors that shined a dark burgundy when the lights hit them.

"Here we are." he said and opened up the doors, holding them wide open so that I could actually see what my room looked like.

The walls were a lime green colors with a bold black stripe running along them. There was a four poster bed in the center of the room pushed alongside the center of the wall. The sheets were a light blue color as was the comforter and pillows. Beside either side of the bed were two nightstands, both with a wooden lamp on them. The floor was covered in a creamy white carpet that looked fluffy and very expensive. But what shocked me the most was the huge crystal chandelier than hung from the wall in the middle of the room. It was so beautiful and it looked so ancient and breakable. The room was absolutely perfect.

"Do you like it?" Alec asked and I spun around to see him leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest staring at me with interest. He never looked hotter.

"I love it, thanks." I said and grinned so big my cheeks were starting to hurt.

"You're very welcome, la mia stella."

"What does that mean?" I asked him curious.

"It means my star in Italian." he answered

"Really?" I asked

"Really." he nodded his head.

"I guess I should be going now." he continued and I suddenly felt disappointed. I really didn't wan him to leave. I wanted to keep him talking so that I could listen to his beautiful voice.

"Do you really have to?" I asked

"I'm afraid I do. I'm sorry; maybe we can talk some other time. How does tonight at 8 sound to you?" he asked

"You mean, like a date?" I asked

"Only if you want it to be." he said shyly.

"Then yes. Tonight at 8 sounds perfect." I said

"Alright then, I guess I'll see you later tonight." he winked at me before leaving, shutting the door behind him.

I fell back onto my bed with a stupid grin on my face.

I had a date with Alec Volturi! Possibly the hottest vampire to ever walk the Earth.

Without warning I started jumping up and down on my bed, making all of the pillows bounce and the sheets to get wrinkled. But I didn't even give a crap. I skipped over to my dresser and opened it up to see that it was already full. There were bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, hoodies, a leather jacket, flare jeans, tank tops, boy shorts, sports bras, panties and so much more. I think I'm in love, well not literally.

I guess the Volturi weren't that bad after all.

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Sei veramente speciale, il mio amore- You are very special, my love.

la mia stella- My star