Shelby/Rachel and Puck/Rachel story.

Rachel sat in Glee and for the first time she wasn't paying attention. All she could think about were the first few encounters she'd had with her mother. She smiled at the thought.

"Alright, so if no one has anything further to add, we'll leave it at that." Mr. Schuester said.

Rachel's hand shot up into the air; everyone groaned, "I'll keep this brief." She started.

"Nothing with her is brief." Santana muttered.

Rachel ignored her. "I just wanted to inform everyone that right after Regionals next month I will be moving to New York City with my biological mother. Thank you." She got up quickly and left a very stunned Glee Club behind.

She made it all the way to her car until someone called her name, "Berry... Hey Berry!" She turned around, revealing a very familiar Mohawk coming her way.

"Can I help you with something Noah?"

"Berry... You can't just drop a bomb like that and walk away from everyone."

"Honestly Noah, I didn't think anyone would care." Rachel said sadly.

'I care' He thought to himself. "Soo... You uhh, found your mom?"

"She found me actually. Well, under false pretenses through Jesse." She said his name with distaste. "But that doesn't matter. She had her reasons." Rachel remembered her conversation with Shelby about her contract and then the huge fight with her fathers about wanting to live with her mother.

"So, you and Jesse aren't together anymore?"

"No. He didn't love me. We're friends though now. We were too alike to last anyways."


"Ok? Noah, why did you come out here after me?"

'Now or never Puckerman! The chick is leaving town!' The voice in his head yelled at him. "You shouldn't leave Lima." He said simply. "Not yet anyways." He added.

"Noah... I really have no reason to stay here."

"Let me be your reason." Noah pulled Rachel close and kissed her with everything he had. Rachel closed her eyes and melted into the romantic kiss. "Don't go." He whispered.

When Rachel opened her eyes Rachel was gone.


Ok tell me... should she leave or stay?