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Hello is thinking in the characters mind


"Damn it." I panted while running through the woods. I had heard that this private school had great books and paintings. All of them I could go and sell for money. My source never told me about the high-tech security. Running through the woods that surrounded the school was hard with lasers shooting at me. By the time, I reached the buildings wall I was no longer being shot at. Taking a deep breath, I looked around and found an open window.

After going through the window, I silently walked through the halls that were well decorated. *What are you doing here?* I nearly yelled in shock and looked around to find no one there. No one is here. So why am I hearing a voice? I thought while looking in a room. The room was a huge library that was completely filled with books. Nearly in shock, I walked into the room and looked at all the titles. They all were in amazing condition and first editions. I have hit a gold mine. I thought grabbing a book. The moment I touched the book I felt a presence behind me. "What do you think you are doing?" I gasped as I felt the light touch of cold metal against my throat. Panicking, I dropped down and did a round house kick to my attacker then ran as fast as I could.

Man, how did I do that? I thought as I ran through the halls. "She ran down the hall." A man shouted. "Do not let her leave." A girl yelled. I wished I could go faster then collapsed to the ground. A wave of pain rushed over me. My whole body felt as if it was on fire and my bones and muscles were changing. The pain was overwhelming and tears were streaming down my face. A moment later pain went away, I ran for all that was worth. The yells and feet of people were surrounding me. I ran into a window and as I jumped; I noticed I had been running on all fours and my hands and feet were now paws. Judging from the fur I had on me, I was either a wolf or a dog. After breaking the window, I ended up being tackled by someone. A moment after I was hit my body changed back to human. The person who tackled me was a boy with blue skin and elf like ears. Being out of breath, I tried to push him away. "Oh no you don't pup." I looked up and saw a man with silver blades coming from his knuckles. Shoving at the elf boy, the boy just held me even tighter. "Let me go!" The elf guy would not and the blade guy kept coming. *Logan that is enough. I believe you scared the girl well enough.* I heard a voice say. A man in a wheelchair came out of the building and came over.

"Sorry about Logan scared you. Welcome Celesius to Xavier's Mutant School." I stared at him in shock at him knowing my name, and then I blacked out.

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