So; another five-and-one, though this time the individual parts are long enough to get their own chapters. The title is pretty self explanatory.

These will be in roughly chronological order; this takes place sometime during Jim and the others' first year at the Academy.

Oh, and I don't own the characters.

For a long time after Leonard McCoy's divorce, he was reluctant to attend any sort of party at the Academy because he didn't want to deal with the potential romantic issues.

Jim, of course, decided early on that it was his responsibility to make sure that his best friend didn't spend all day, every day, studying.

So what if Bones was a decade older than any of the other cadets? So what if he had already been through college and medical school? You were supposed to party at the Academy, and Jim was not about to allow Bones to miss out on that.

It took some time, but Jim was stubborn. Eventually, he managed to get his friend into a bar.

Half an hour after Jim dragged him—almost literally—to the bar, Leonard found that he was enjoying himself almost against his will. It was nice to be able to get out and relax; to not think about tests, papers, or anything except having a good time.

He had been worried about how he would react if approached by any of the women—or the men, for that matter, though that would be somewhat easier, as he could just tell them he was straight—but so far, it hadn't been an issue. Jim was loud enough, outgoing enough, and good-looking enough that anyone who might have been interested in Leonard quickly became distracted.

But, of course, he had spoken too soon—dammit, he was way too good at jinxing himself—because as Jim rose to get another round, a rather attractive young lady, whom Leonard was fairly certain he had seen on campus, caught his eye and smiled.

Leonard swore under his breath.

Though he had been told—more than once—that he could be rather abrasive, he was at heart a Southern gentleman and would not upset any woman if it could be avoided.

But he couldn't deal with this one diplomatically, not now. And he certainly was not prepared to give her what she wanted. His mind was still racing as she sauntered over to where he was sitting and pulled up a chair. How to get rid of her….?

And then Jim was there.

It only took Jim a moment to understand what was happening, but once he did, his reaction was… strange.

He smirked, wolf-whistled, and slid into his chair.

"Well done, Bonesy," he said, "well done indeed. She's a pretty good one—not nearly as good as what I could get, but considering how out of practice you are… Damn, Bones, you've still got it!"

He leered at the girl, and Leonard saw that his entire body language was different; predatory; almost… the best word he could come up with was "creepy."

"I'd say she's at least a six, maybe even a seven," he continued. "We'll have you up to eights and nines soon enough, but this is a damn good start."

The girl stood up, offended, and swept back over to where her friends were waiting. Immediately they began to mutter together, occasionally glancing over at Jim and Leonard, expressions of disgust on their faces.

Jim's posture immediately relaxed back to normal, and he grinned at his friend. "Oh well," he said, "there goes that one."

"I guess the patented Jim Kirk charm doesn't always work, does it?" Leonard said dryly.

Jim shrugged. "It does when they're worth it. Trust me; she'd have been really needy. Insecure, too, probably."

Leonard snorted, but quickly became serious. "You know you'll never have a chance with any of those girls again, right?"

"There are other girls," Jim said calmly. "Tonight's about me and you."

"Thank you," Leonard said quietly.

Jim grinned. "For what?" he asked. "Drink up."

So, I liked this idea once I came up with it. (Obviously, or I wouldn't have posted it.) What do you think?