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Chapter 64 – Two Early


It had been nearly four years since I left Edward alone with the kids for those two days. He was a completely different man when we went home.

I let him nap and shower and he took care of the kids while I cleaned off the kitchen ceiling and hallway walls. I started laundry and cleaned the bathrooms, enjoying the ability to do the jobs without child interruption. I was able to get them done so much faster.

Edward kept his promise and never raised his voice at me again. He went back to Dr. Kate and continued to work on managing his anger, which he had learned over time to control much better, channeling it into constructive energy rather than destroying things or yelling. He made it routine to have Lizzy sit with him while he studied and frequently made dinner for us. He started getting up with Lizzy at night as well, taking the second half of the feedings, giving her a bottle. He seemed to enjoy his quiet time with her.

I rarely had to ask him to watch the kids while I showered and shaved anymore. He would just take the baby from me and nod toward the bathroom, taking over and getting the kids ready for bed. At first, it hurt my feelings, but then as I climbed into bed and he snuggled into me and asked if I felt better, I realized he had sent me off for me, not because I stank. He also suggested a lock for the pantry like the one we had on EJ's closet. I told him he was brilliant.

With his help and support, the kids didn't seem so overwhelming anymore. Over the past four years, my boy had grown up and was now my man, and today he was making me even prouder of him.

Jasper sat down, holding Lizzy on his lap and smiled at EJ, who was bouncing in the seat between us. Charlie had rode with us, driving our van and had dropped us at the front door before going to park so I wouldn't have to walk so far, bless his heart.

"Dad is grajating," EJ told his Uncle Jasper happily.

"I know. It's exciting, isn't it? Your Aunty Alice is graduating, too," he told him. Edward's father was sitting next to Jasper and he grinned proudly. He was doing much better and was able to attend today to see his kids graduating college, Edward with a degree in music education and Alice with a degree in design. I knew it meant everything to both of them to have him here today.

Alice and Edward were sitting next to each other down on the main auditorium level. I saw Edward lean over and put his hand on his sister's stomach. She was due any time now and you could tell by the way Jasper fawned over my kids that he couldn't wait for his son to be born.

I shifted uncomfortably. My back had been hurting all day. I was pregnant with twins and was just coming up on thirty-seven weeks.

I felt like a house.

Edward planned on staying home with me this summer to help out with the kids and start working after the kids started school.

Carlisle and Esme took their seats next to me.

Esme rubbed my belly, causing the kids to kick. I leaned into her because she had become a second mother to me and it was her and Carlisle that had made this possible.

They didn't know it yet, but we planned on naming one of the twins after them.

I shifted in my seat again grimacing and Carlisle kept looking at me funny. He finally asked me how I was feeling today and I told him I was doing good.

I shifted again and rubbed my back a little before I leaned back again, trying to get comfortable. I wished the dean would shut his long-winded trap so I could go lay down. These chairs were not helping my backache.

I noticed Carlisle whisper something to Esme and she put her arm around me, rubbing my back lightly and resting one hand on my tummy. It felt good so I ignored the fact that we were in a stadium full of people and just leaned into her more.

After the ceremony, Carlisle hurried down to the floor, telling us to wait and that he would bring Edward and Alice to where we were sitting. I could tell Jasper was anxious to get to his wife, but he did as he was told.

I watched as Carlisle hugged Alice and then Edward, and suddenly Edward looked up at me panicked. I wondered what was wrong. Carlisle had said something to him and Edward started nodding his head in agreement and then came practically running up to us.

"Hey, honey," he said kissing me and looked at Esme. I saw a twinge of worry in his eyes.

Alice came up and told Jasper that she was just dying to go to this new ice cream shop. Of course, my kids overheard her and started begging to go, too. Alice, the perfect aunty that she was, insisted on taking them and told me to go take a nap with Edward.

I jumped at the chance because I was exhausted, my back was freaking killing me now, and the muscles of my stomach were cramping with the strain of me trying to hold myself in a way that didn't hurt.

Edward put his arm around me and helped me to the car. He told me Carlisle wanted him to grab something really quick at the hospital. Just as we pulled up, my water broke. I looked up and saw Carlisle and Esme with a wheelchair waiting for me.

"Epidural?" Carlisle said smiling, settling my fears a little. I realized now they had known I was in labor the whole time.

Sneaky bastards.

Carlie Esme Cullen and Charles Edward Cullen were born about an hour after we arrived at the hospital. Little Carlie and Charlie were both six pounds three ounces each.

They were tiny but perfect.


I was graduating from college today along with my sister. She and Jazz still lived in the guest house and planned on staying there a while longer and I was happy with that. I loved having them close by and now that my sister was having a baby, it would be great to have my kid's cousin close to play with, too.

I watched Alice's belly shift and smiled knowing my girl's belly was probably doing the same thing. I put my hand on her stomach, feeling my nephew move and Alice held my hand there.

Our lives had changed so much since we had found the Cullen's. They had gone above and beyond to help us get to where we were today. We planned on naming the twins after them, but Alice had a fit and insisted we not use Carlisle, as she planned on naming her son Carlisle Nathan Whitlock after Carlisle and Jasper's father.

Bella, being the amazing woman she was, conceded and decided to name our daughter Carlie Esme after both of them without stealing Alice's son's name. I knew they would be thrilled when they found out.

Carlisle found me down on the floor level after the ceremony and took both Alice and I into his arms, telling us how proud he was of us. I could see there was something more he wanted to tell me and I was right.

"Edward, I don't want you to panic, but Bella's in labor. Her contractions have just accelerated to under five minutes apart and we need to get her to the hospital quickly."

"But she's not due yet." I was trying not to freak out.

"It's not uncommon for twins to come early, Edward. Thirty-seven weeks is plenty enough time for them to be born healthy. There's nothing to worry about, they'll be fine. We just need to get her to the hospital and I'm worried it'll be difficult without Chief Swan's cruiser here to help us keep her contained like last time."

I remembered clearly the emotional breakdown my girl had the last time she went into labor. We had to get her there without making it obvious what was going on.

Alice piped in. "I'll take the kids for you, Edward."

"How are you going to take them without her getting suspicious?"

She tapped her chin and then smiled. "Ice cream."

I had no idea what she meant by that, but she seemed sure it would work. Carlisle told me he would meet us at the hospital and I wondered how far we would get before Bella realized what was going on.

She noticed we missed the turn to the house and I watched her shift in her seat uncomfortably again. I lied and told her I was picking something up from Carlisle at the hospital.

Just as I put the car in park, her water broke.

So much for my upholstery.

She looked up at me wide-eyed and her eyes darted to Carlisle as he opened her door and Esme pushed a wheelchair forward.

"Epidural?" was all he said and my girl seemed to settle down a little.

She fell asleep shortly after getting the epidural, only to be woken up thirty minutes later. Our babies were coming fast. Bella pushed like a champ and it didn't take long for our children to be born. I quickly snipped our daughter's cord and then our son's just a few minutes later.

Carlisle was right; they were both healthy and completely fine. Our little Carlie had dark hair like her mommy and little Charlie was sporting a healthy head of reddish peach fuzz, taking after me.

They were perfect.

We were home a few days later and I watched with awe as my Bella nursed our children. I didn't think her breasts could get any bigger, but I was wrong. Not that I was complaining mind you.

"You know of course that once we're done having kids, I'm going to have to get these worked on," she said noticing my fixation on her cleavage.

"Only if you want to, Love. To me, you'll always look perfect just how you are, stretch marks, saggy boobs, and all. And when the time comes, I'll even cherish every gray hair on your head. You're mine and I love you, Bella. Besides, who's to say time isn't going to wreak havoc on me? I may turn out bald, fat, and have my boys hanging down to my knees when it's all said and done," I teased trying to lighten her mood. "You'll always be my beautiful girl."

"The same goes for you, my sweet boy. I would never want you to change. To me, you're always going to be beautiful, Edward. Even with gray hair, saggy nads, and a bald head, you'll still own my heart. "

I kissed my girl, more in love with her than ever. She was my life now, my wife, and my whole world. Thanks to my beautiful girl, my once-troubled life was turning out pretty perfect indeed.


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