Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach but if I did there would be a lot less filler

Starts at the village end

Speech: Normal / Thought /Kyuubi


"All right Naruto lets finish this ONCE AND FOR ALL!" said Sasuke with cured chidori full charged in hand. "I can't let you do this Sasuke I WILL STOP YOU!" said with demonic rasengan fully charged. They jumped forward and yell "CHIDORI!" "RASENGAN!" the two clashed. Then a giant ball of energy surrounded them both but some thing unexpected happen. A second tail appeared and the rasengan doubled in side and shot Sasuke into the rock wall stuck in a crater and out cold. Then the giant ball of energy close swallowing Naruto with it. When Kakashi finally arrived he saw two craters in the smaller one was Sasuke but larger one was in the waterfall. It was five times bigger then the one Sasuke was stuck in but the weird part was that there was on wreckage in looked like in was just ripped out of the river. Kakashi looked around then though "Where's Naruto?"

About 30 mile from Karakura town a bright light appeared and just as quickly vanished leaving behind a pile of rocks with Naruto at the top of the pile. "OW! What the hell just happened." "We got suck into another dimension." "What who's there and why do sound familiar?" "Its Kyuubi you idiot." "KYUUBI?" "First quiet down second just think and I'll hear you thoughts and before you ask the seal is holding strong" "sorry so what where saying?" "we're in another dimension and…" … "Kyuubi?" "I just realized I've been here before" "what no way" "I'm the demon king you idiot I travel through hundreds of dimensions but this one is the one I hide my sword in" "you have a sword but you're a giant fox" I have a human form, I just like my fox form better" "ok so bout this sword" "kid I know what your think and you can have it just give me a second…" Naruto sat there for a while waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. "DAMN IT KYUUBI" "Okay I got in you see that village other there?" " The one while the big buildings?" yes head in that direction for 20 mile and the way I'll teach you a jutsu to seal the sword okay"

Time skip1 hour later

"Okay I'm here but some thing feels weird" "ignore it look for a tree large tree on top of a cave" "I see it so it's in the cave" "no you idiot it's the tree" "ok and stop calling me an idiot" "then stop being an idiot now the tree do the hand signs dragon, dog, ox, dragon, put your right hand on the tree and said awaken Akuma" Naruto did as he was told and suddenly the tree started glowing and reshaped into a katana but instead of the normal guard there was golden fox head mouth open wide with the blade coming out of its mouth. "cool" "yes very cool now if you'll excuse me in going back to sleep" "but what should I do" "go into that village and look around but don't use any ninja stuff" "ok" then he seal Akuma away into his left arm

Naruto walk through Karakura town amazed at what he saw and quickly learn what a car was and to stay out of its way. "Wow this place is amazing." Then he heard a horn and he looked and saw a girl not pay attention to where she was going a car about to hit her. Without thinking he used his ninja speed and got her out of the way and end up on the side walk holding her bridal style Naruto look down at her and said "hey are you ok" "yes thank you but who are you?" "My names Naruto Uzumaki and what's your name?" "It Orihime Inoue nice to meet you"