Chapter 4


Naruto:"why am I doing this again?

Inukora:"because I am the author which basically makes me god to you at this point and I'm bored with these stupid disclaimers so you do it"

Naruto:"so what if I done"

Inukora:"then I'll write Sakura back in to the story and make this a Sakura/Naruto fic"

Naruto:"you wouldn't dare"

Inukora:"I have a pen in my hand"

Kyuubi:"kid do it he's not bluffing"

Inukora:"well Naruto"

Naruto:"Inukora doesn't own Naruto or Bleach and he's an evil bastard"

Inukora:"I heard that just for that on ramen for the rest of this chapter"


you guys most likely figured out that I'm only following Naruto and Orihime, that is because all other events that are happening are basically the same as the anime/manga, there both basically the same for the soul society arc, and I don't want to spoil this arc for those who haven't see it yet because this is one of the best arcs in the series and I'll most likely keep doing this until they reach Rukia and remember in this story Kyuubi is an inter dimensional being that has been training Naruto for 3 years so things from other anime may or may not show up




Time skip: 12 hours and 20 miles from the tower

We find Naruto and Orihime walking around in some random corridor about 65 mile away from the white tower literally hiding in plain sight. They had a few in counters but got out of all of them relatively the same way as the first all the with making their way to the white tower.

"hey Naruto is there a reason use keep using an Uryuu clone as a distraction?" asked Orihime "yes there are some reasons" said Naruto. After waiting a couple of seconds Orihime spoke up "are you going to tell me what they are?" "well for one he looks like a fast runner, second he sticks out like a sore thumb, but mostly I like to watch him run in fear" "I thought you said you forgive he for the hollow mess" "oh I forgave him but he's still a prick" "but you said you would fight by his side" "just because we're allies don't mean I like the guy" "hey Kyuubi I've been wondering something" "what's that" "that last guy it changed like Akuma" "oh that well I did model Akuma after the Zanpakutou the these soul reapers use so it's basically the same as one of then" "AND YOU JUST LEFT IT THERE" "Naruto most people can't use energy at all and even then unless you know where the tree is and the hand signs and password its just a normal tree plus people in this dimension don't know hand signs" "so I'm I correct to assuming that they have a second release" "yes" "I still don't like it"

"HALT" said a man with a bamboo helmet covering his head "identify yourselves now" he continued "yes captain Sajin Komamura I'm Naruto Uzumaki of squad 11 and this is Orihime Inoue same squad" said Naruto "so you know of me?" "i make a point to learn about the captains so I know who to go to for help and the one captain to avoid all together" "really and whose the one to avoid all together?"

"captain Mayuri Kurotshuchi of squad 13" "so your the intruders" "w-what" "Mayuri Kurotshuchi is captain of squad 12 not 13"

"ha I didn't think I could fool a captain but I still have my mission"said Naruto unsheathing his sword he got his sword in front of him just in time to block Sajin's attack but the attack was to strong and pushed Naruto back 15 feet into a wall with dust surrounding he said "ha I see you have average speed but you have lots of power behind those attacks that I can deal with" as he said this he point his sword at Sajin but only the tip of the sword could be seen through the dust "awaken" and with that the blade glow a bight light as the dust swirled around the blade like a whirlpool "Akuma" suddenly a bright flash dispersed the dust whirlpool and in place of the original blade was a golden 5 foot long, 1 foot wide, and 6 inch thick blade that looked like one of Kyuubi's fangs the guard was a much larger fox head and the hilt was replace by a large golden fox tail "so your Zanpakutou name is demon" "yes it is, so, are you ready" that was all that was before he attacked with Sajin just barely able to block and as soon as the blades collided a crater from under Sajin's feet then Naruto then spun his body and hit Sajin in the head with a turning kick distracting Sajin long enough to swing his blade at the opposite side of Sajin's head but as it hit Saijn's bamboo helmet he duck quickly and jumping back leaving his bamboo helmet behind revealing his fox like head "so I was right" "about what" "he's half fox" "is that ever possible" "rememberwhen a fox gains it's 8th tail it gains the ability to take a human form and if such a fox was to have a child with a human mate then that child would be born in between the fox and human states but this state in usually unstable so most die before the age of 3 but to see one that reach adulthood, that is rare as the soul is normally torn in two" "so what do you suggest" "beat him but try not to kill him and be careful people with fox blood are born stronger then though without" "got it" "I was wondering why you wore a bamboo helmet know I know the part fox" said Naruto "yes and let me guess now the you know you will now swear to kill me because I'm an evil beast" "no, nothing has changed" "What" "when two beings engage in combat age, gender, lineage, states, and even race are all irrelevant the only things that matter are their strength, intelligence, speed, power, and stamina because only these can truly decide a one on one battle" "well then lets continue" with that Sajin attacked swinging down only for Naruto to dodge swing for the head as Sajin jump back only for a pulse of red energy to fly off the sword at him and Sajin was sent fling in to the wall. "Now the fight can real begin"

I'm sorry guy but this new chapter will take a while because I'm having trouble deciding where I'm going with this and I working on an Eva story and I can't promise that it will be worth it but I'll try but so sorry guys be back as so as I figure out where I'm going with this