Tamers: Stuck in Paradise
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

I don't own Digimon 02 or Tamers. It would be cool, but life is cruel. ;)
As you can imagine by now, this is a 02/Tamers Crossover.
This Fic won't be completely cruel to poor Renamon, that's a promise.
In my other Fics, she has already suffered more than enough. *sniff*
And I'll try to give Lee and Takato (as well as Guilmon and Terriermon) a bit more screentime.
A little bit more. Oh well, let's just see what'll happen ^_^

Just like a dream. It's so... surreal. he tells himself.
But Davis knows that it is really happening:
DigiDestined all over the world have raised their DigiVices to help them against MaloMyotismon.
The glowing DigiVices form a sharp contrast to the darkness MaloMyotismon has created.
We have to be strong now. Every DigiDestined anywhere has to help!
At this point in time, Davis doesn't know that his call for help will be answered.

(Let there be light.)

Renamon should be the happiest Digimon on the planet.
Yesterday, she has digivolved to Kyuubimon. She has done it just for... her.
For the girl who wouldn't even recognize Renamon as a living being.
For Ruki Makino, Renamon is just a piece of data.
At least that is what the girl is always saying. Renamon. however, believes in her Tamer.
She'll understand. The time will come. she tells herself.
But not now. Not during her training.
Renamon sighs as Ruki commands her to do different combinations of kicks and punches.
But something is different today.
Something is happening...
Renamon stops her current sequence and concentrates.
"Are you waiting for better weather?" Ruki asks angrily.
But the fox Digimon isn't paying her Tamer any attention.
"Look." she simply says.
"What the-" Ruki whispers, her voice trailing off.

Lee and Takato are sitting on a bench in the park and watch their Digimon.
"Isn't it strange?" Takato suddenly breaks the silence.
"Hm?" Lee grunts, looking at the other boy.
"They're playing like small children. But in the next minute, they can be wild beasts."
Lee frowns and looks at Terriermon, remembering how his Champion form, Galgomon, almost shot Ruki.
He also remembers how Guilmon and Renamon battled. The fight had almost ended quite messy.
"Right. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't have to fight at all." Lee finally answers.
"A place where they could simply enjoy life." Takato adds, smiling.
"Where they wouldn't have to hide."
The conversation comes to an end, when they see... it.

(And there was light.)
Renamon frowns when she sees Ruki march towards the strange light.
The Digimon has seen many things, but this light almost scares her.
But Ruki knows what to do. Does she? Ruki? Renamon thinks and blinks.
She sees her Tamer raise her D-Arc as she steps into the light.
"Ruki!" Renamon shouts and jumps at the girl.
The light seems to become brighter and brighter...

"Uhhh... Takato? Takato?" Guilmon asks and waves a paw in front of Takato's face.
The Dino Digimon looks at Terriermon and sees that his small friend is also confused.
First this light has appeared, and now Takato and Lee were behaving funny.
But until now, Takato has managed just fine. So Guilmon obediently follows his Tamer into the light.
He turns around just in time to see Terriermon hop onto Lee's shoulder.
The blue-haired boy is right behind Takato, slowly raising his D-Arc.

The following minutes, Davis and the other DigiDestined stare at the sky in fascination.
The whole DigiWorld witnesses the darkness shrinking back.
MaloMyotismon has been defeated.
"We made it." he whispers, not wanting to ruin this moment of peace.
"Look there! Funny light above us!" somebody cheers.
"Ruki! Snap out of it! We're in big big big trouble!" another voice, this one female, almost shouts.
Trouble? Davis asks himself and turns away from the scene in front of him.

Perfect! Just perfect! Renamon curses her luck.
Here she is, surrounded by maybe a trillion Digimon, and her Tamer has decided to do sky-watching.
Until now, all of the Digimon and their Tamers have been doing the same.
But Guilmon's (and her) comments have distracted one of the humans.
Renamon knows that this situation calls for Ruki. So she flexes her claws.
"I'm really sorry, Ruki." she whsipers as she pinches her Tamer's arm.

That scream got everybody's attention.
Davis sees that his friends are turning to face the group of DigiDestined some meters away.
The scream also got the attention of their Digimon.
"Who're they?" Veemon asks.
He had joined them as soon Imperialdramon wasn't needed anymore.
Davis just shrugs.

Renamon would pay. Dearly.
Her mind is clouded with anger as she rubs her bruised arm.
But even in her state of mind Ruki realizes that something is wrong.
"Where are we?" she finally asks.
"Surrounded." Renamon answers flatly.
Now Ruki can also see the other Digimon and Tamers staring at the sky.
She also sees a group of 6 Tamers with their Digimon who are looking at them.
Finally Ruki notices Takato and Lee. And their... pets.
"Maybe we should act... diplomatically?" Renamon suggests.
"What are you? A fox or a chicken?" Ruki asks with a toothy grin.
"Oh boy." Renamon sighs and flexes her claws again.

"Tamers! I challenge you!" the unknown girl shouts at them.
Kari frowns and looka at T.K.
"Tamers?" they ask each other in unison.
"You may have trapped us here, but we won't give up!" the girl shouts.
Kari can see the two boys in the other group frown.
But they don't do anything.
"Why does she want to fight?" T.K. asks Kari.
Kari just shrugs and raises her voice to address the girl.
"We don't have to fight!" she shouts.
To Kari's suprise, the girl laughs. But it's a mocking laugh.
"So you're another Tamer who refuses a good fight?" the girl finally shouts.
Behind the girls back, the two boys hit their foreheads with their palms.
"I guess she won't stop until we fight her." Gatomon observes behind Kari's back.
"You're probably right. But the time for fighting-" the DigiDestined of Light starts to say.
"-may be now. Could I please test something?" Gatomon interrupts her.
She turns around to face her Digimon and gasps.
"Where did you get-" she whispers.
"Gennai gave it to me a minute ago. And I feel my old strength returning."
Gatomon gives her partner a grin while toying with her Holy Ring.

"Finally." Ruki mutters.
A single Digimon has stepped forward.
Renamon, Guilmon and Terriermon scan the Digimon quickly.
On all three D-Arcs, the picture and data of Gatomon appear.
"Just a Champion. Perfect. After you defeat her, tell them to back off."
Renamon rolls her eyes and mutters something under her breath.
"Pardon me?"
"That is not the kind of diplomacy I had in mind." Renamon repeats her words louder.
"You're just a Digimon, so leave the planning to me." Ruki whispers.
She sees Renamon's pained expression, but her Digimon doesn't reply.
Instead the yellow fox also walks several meters forwards.

"Remember, Gatomon. No killing, just try to stop it." Kari tells her Digimon.
"Don't worry, it's just a Rookie." Gatomon answers calmly.
Her Holy Ring is at its old place at her tail.
"What's that ring for?" Davis asks Kari.
"It's Gatomon's Holy Ring. It gives her her old strength back."
"Excuse me, but Gatomon has been pretty stroing already." Veemon protests.
Kari gives the Reptile Digimon a broad grin.

I bet Ruki is doing this to make me pay for the arm-pinching.
Renamon already sees the armies of other Digimon charge at her after her victory over Gatomon.
But first she has to beat that cat.
After some harmless moves, Renamon is surprised that her enemy is so quick.
Wow, I have battled a Gatomon before, but this one is much stronger.
She decides to try a charging attack, even though she knows that she has forgotten something.
Five meters.
Gatomon seems to relax.
Three meters.
The cat smiles.
One meter.
"Cat's eye!"
Renamon curses her carelessness while desperately trying to move a muscle.
The cat's eyes are glowing like rubies.
"My my my. Did someone around here underestimate me?" Gatomon asks innocently.
Move! Move! MOVE!
But it's no use. Now Renamon hopes that Ruki has payed some attention.
The confused look on the face of Gatomon's Tamer tells her the whole story.

It's a pity. Really. I would have enjoyed this fight. Gatomon thinks.
Her enemy is trapped right in front of her, paralysed in her mental grip.
"Card Slash! Alias!"
Gatomon recognizes the voice as that of Renamon's DigiDestined.
She braces herself for some kind of attack. But nothing happens.
After a second, Gatomon decides to tease the Rookie Digimon some more.
"Having fun?" she asks, grinning.
The Digimon in front of her doesn't reply. How could she?
Hm. Strange. She doesn't even try to break free anymore. And her fur isn't moving.
Gatomon frowns.
Her eyes widen when she feels three pointy claws at her neck.
At the same time, the (fake) Renamon vanishes.

T.K. and Davis step away from Kari when they hear the low growl coming from her throat.
They had seen the unbelievable stunt the Digimon had performed.
Luckily, Renamon had stopped her attack just at Gatomon's neck.
The bigger Digimon acted more like a teacher, toying with the Champion.
A quick glance at Kari tells T.K. that this fight would be ended the messy way.
"So, little girl. Thought you were the only one who has some tricks ready?"
"Kari, it's only a Rookie. Give Gatomon some-" T.K. starts to protest.
"Digi-Armor energize!"
"-time... Oh brother."

Renamon's eyes widen as Gatomon digivolves to Nefertimon.
"What level is this?" she asks herself.
She quickly decides that this must be a level between Champion and Ultimate.
Stop daydreaming! You need some help!
"Ruki!" she shouts, hoping that her Tamer would do something.
She barely manages to jump out of the way of the flying Nefertimon.
"Rosetta Stone!"
So far, Renamon could avoid being hit by the laser-like attack.
But she really doesn't want to stretch her luck anymore.
Nefertimon is flying a large circle, obviously preparing another dive.

"Why doesn't she use her attack?" Ruki asks herself.
"I think she doesn't want to kill that Digimon." Lee comments.
"Are you insane? Then what am I supposed to do?"
"Do something to stop it without killing it!" Takato yells.
Ruki thinks for a moment, then nods.
"Card Slash! Gatomon!" she finally shouts, slashing a card.

OK Foxy, you asked for it. I'll try to hurt you just a little bit.
Nefertimon is flying straight at Renamon, trying to aim at the Digimon's feet.
"Cat's eye!" Renamon suddenly shouts, grinning.
And Nefertimon suddenly gets a taste of her own medicine.

Five pairs of eyes widen. Kari has never used swear words before.
On the other hand, her Digimon has never been caught with her own attack. Ken muses.
He should know; he had been one of the biggest enemies of the DigiDestined.
But this is Gatomon's fight. So Ken just frowns and watches.
Nefertimon seems to struggle for control, but so far it doesn't help.
Then, finally, something is happening.
"Queeeeen's.... Cuuuuurse!" Nefertimon shouts, her words stretching as if played back in slow motion.
Fortunately, her attack strikes with normal speed.
The ancient piece of rock hits the surprised Renamon straight in the face, knocking her out.
Nefertimon lands on the ground, freed from the effect of the Cat's Eye.
However, it had cost her all of her strength to break free, so she de-digivolves back to Gatomon.
Kari and the other girl run towards their respective Digimon.
Let's just hope that this draw will end the fighting for today.

"Whoa." Takato mutters as he and Lee are running towards the fallen Renamon.
Ruki is already there and argues with the other girl.
"You wanted this fight!" the other girl shouts.
"But you surrounded us!"
"We were fighting MaloMyotismon!"
"You need a whole army of Digimon to do that?"
Lee sighs and places himself between the two girls.
"Whoa! Time-out!" he shouts, amazingly silencing both girls.
"He's right. I think all of us have a lot to talk about." Takato adds.
"Just my thoughts. And I'd like to ask the first question: Where are we?"