Tamers: Stuck in Paradise
Bonus Materials
by Christian "Sid" Lang

I've decided to include some behind-the-scenes stuff here.
Some words on the original idea, and how it became this little soap opera ;)

The idea
This whole fanfic has been based on a single idea:
Renamon's race to save her beloved. Period.
Gatomon fit perfectly into the role of the unhappy admirer.
She has been portrayed as a character with a sad past in 01. And they do make a nice couple. *G*
That also meant that the fic had to be crossover of some kind.
I have thought that this story would be five, maybe six chapters long.
Somehow things didn't work out that way...

Plot changes
This fanfic has had some plot changes I originally didn't plan.
For example the mysterious guys on the roof.
I originally did plan to let them be nice government guys. Really.
Digifan's comment triggered the nice subplot that helped Ruki and Renamon get along.
But the real problems began when Renamon has been asked to 'date' Veemon. ;)
Jodan has done an interesting re-write of the scene that followed.
It reminded me that Veemon might be more than the retarded coward I imagined him to be.
God only knows what had then driven me to do the Renamon-kisses-Veemon scene.
The whole Hawkmon-in-love stuff fortunately had a solid basis.
Of course I hadn't planned that when I wrote the Renamon-chases-Hawkmon scene.
It's really interesting how stuff like this can happen...
The Ruki-Davis romance... well... sleep deprivation can lead to interesting results... ;)
Thankfully, Renamon's romantic adventures gave Gatomon the perfect motive for her attempted suicide.
So in the end, the story has become much better thanks to all the reviewers!

Most deaths in this fanfic
So, who died the most times in Tamers: Stuck in Paradise?
OK, that may sound quite weird...
Let me explain it: While writing this fic, there have been... plot accidents.
For example, some characters actually died. At least they did until I rewrote that part.
So, who has (almost) died the most times?

Veemon: 5 deaths
Sorry, Jodan. But Veemon almost became the Kenny of Digimon...
The first time would have been during his 'date' with Renamon.
You guessed it: Right after he prompted her to kiss him.
Yeah, Renamon reacted a bit more... impulsive and... well... Ouch.
The second time, he got killed by Hawkmon the next morning.
During the re-write of that part, he got killed by Gatomon.
That would have lead to the question of her motive...
Jealous that he kissed another girl? Or jealous because he kissed her true love?
He then died during the meeting with Gatomon while everybody's been dating (Chapter 10).
Well, in fact, not during but before the meeting:
He got buried under the tree Gatomon has cut. Yeah, that would have kinda sucked...
But it was worth a laugh or two while I imagined that scene... ^_^
A much better way to die would have been during the fight with the troopers.
After having crushed the tanks, he would have been gunned down by the helicopters.
It would have been a very tragic and heroic death. In fact the whole scene would have been different.
He would have ordered everybody but Renamon to follow the van.
Then the helicopters would have come, and there would have been a neat showdown.
Flamedramon would have been hit while pushing Renamon out of the line of fire. *sigh*
Then he would have died in her arms, asking her to tell Gatomon he has always loved her.

Renamon: 4 deaths
Yep, poor Renamon also died a few times.
The first had been during her first fight with Gatomon.
Then I realized that this would have made a Rena/Gato romance kinda difficult.
The next time had been when Ruki had seen the newspaper after the 'date' with Veemon.
Instead of the paper, she slapped Renamon with the Japanese Yellowpages. Broken neck, end of story.
Her first really tragic death would have been during Hawkmon's fight with Veemon.
The last Feather Strike had been aimed for Veemon's heart, but Renamon threw herself into its path.
Yep, very sad, famous last words, dying in Veemon's arms.
Then Gatomon would have slashed Hawkmon and would have done the bridge-jumping.
Renamon's most tragic death would have been during Gatomon's attempted suicide.
Gatomon had already jumped and Renamon dived in after her.
She managed to free Gatomon, but drowned when her legs failed after the long race.
That would have been the ultimate tragedy overkill, leaving Gatomon crying at the river bank.

What about Takato, Lee, and their Digimon?
The only real flaw of the story.
If I could do Chapter One again, I'd leave them out completely.
I did have plans for them, but after the plot changes, there simply wasn't enough room for them.
Instead I concentrated on the Kamiya houshold.
There has been the plan to feature Guilmon and Terriermon during the attack of the troopers.
But since the fight wasn't really a big plot element, I shortened it somewhat.

Stuck in Paradise, Season 2?
Maybe, but it won't be my next story. Maybe the story after that...
Of course, there are more than enough possible plots. ;)
Write me if you really would like to see a sequel! (sid@liao.de)

The author would like to thank...
Jodan, for giving my Veemon his spine back. ;)
Digifan, for pointing out that the guys on the roof might not be working for the government.
Riderfan, for the suggestion of a Flamedramon/Renamon romance.
(It didn't happen here, but there might be moments in other stories!)
All those reviewers who actually read and reviewed all these chapters!