These small ficlets are points taken from my larger fic- Yamishima that I was unsure about fitting in with the main storyline. Some are blatent ZoNa, others Scritcher bonding sessions, other AceZoro brother moments, and some Luffy adventure/joke moments.

This particular one could take place near the start, when Zoro is newly adjusting, or at the end while he's recovering from surgery and a fight with Swordfinger (Master Sairentoshi)

Stew Pot 1. Hand Feeding

For a short while after his awakening, Zoro was faced with the annoying problem of eating while blind. Of course most blind people were capable of feeding themselves, but newly deprived of sight and with barely the energy to sit up in bed, Zoro was grudgingly forced to accept help from his appointed carer.

"If you don't let me feed you, you won't get better!" she was saying, hands on hips and glaring at the haggard but stubborn young man, propped up on a mountain of pillows. His skin was still the colour of pearls except for some of his large bruises and shadows under his eyes.

"I can feed myself, woman!" he growled. She flipped her orange hair back defiantly though he couldn't see it and huffed loudly.

"Prove it!" She forced the bowl at him, almost causing the brown contents to spill.

"Fine!" Nami watched as he struggled first to his elbows, then almost to his hands before collapsing.

"See? Can't you accept that once in a while you need someone else?" She set the bowl down on the nearby table and began to re-arrange the blankets around him. Zoro scowled at her, and tried to retort, but a fit of coughing racked his form. She felt a stab of pity for him and let her face fall into a more caring expression. Careful not to upset the bowl of rich meat stew between them, she leaned over and massaged his chest gently. Eventually Zoro relaxed back into the mass of mint white pillows at his back. For a moment she caught sight of his exhaustion and pain, and he seamed for once, truely helpless.

"You okay now?" she said gently, stroking her knuckles across his sweating forehead. He nodded. For a few minutes they were quiet, the only noises his harsh breathing and her soft soothing words. Finally he spoke.

"If you have to do this, can you hurry up before it gets cold and I've got the stupid cook at my neck again for wasting food?" She smiled and lifted the now perfectly warm stew and spoon.

"Open wide, you big baby."

Setting down the empty bowl to take through later, Nami relaxed into her chair and looked up at the ceiling, examining the whorls and grain of the adamwood. Zoro was close to dropping off, well more then he usually was, freaking narcoleptic, and listening to his soft breathing, made her a little sleepy too. Peaceful moments were hard to find in their daily lives, so she was determined to make this one last.

"Nami?" his voice had an unusually tender edge to it. She returned her gaze to him. His face held something alien for him. Was it the weak smile, or rare blush?

"Yeah?" Unconsiously she reached the few inches out and stroked his face, a now familiar touch.


Like I said, these are ment to be fluffy.