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Waking up with a small yawn and a stretch, Oliver looked around, his eyes still blurry from sleep, colors and shapes mixing together and then coming together to form shapes that the boy recognized.

Yawning one last time, Oliver eased himself up of the bed, freezing when he felt Enrique, who had fallen asleep on his bed, twitch in his sleep, but relaxed and slid himself of the rest of the bed when the cat purred deep in his throat and pawed the air in front of his face in a playful manner, making Oliver giggle a bit, but quickly detect his mistake and cover his mouth with his hand.

Walking over to his closet, Oliver began to undress down to his boxers, but stop when he felt like someone was watching him

Shrugging it off as nothing more than an overactive imagination, Oliver continued with the task of getting dressed, never seeing the deep red blush that Enrique now sported as he watched the younger boy undress.

Call him perverted, maybe even crazy, but as far as his thinking went, the French boy was graceful in everything he did, from cooking to walking to dancing, even getting undressed was done in an smooth, graceful kind of way.

His blush increasing, Enrique shook his head to rid himself of perverted thoughts.

Even though Enrique hadn't been aware that he had turned away in the first place, when he turned his head back to the scene at hand, Oliver had already finished dressing in a pair of dark blue jeans that clung on his every curve and a white button-up shirt as well as his trademark blue beret and a white decorative scarf that clung to his neck.

Turning around, Oliver was surprised to find Enrique not only awake, but staring at him intently, making the boy fidget with the end of his waist-length jacket that was a dark blue jacket that had sleeves that ended a little below his elbows.

Tipping his head to the side, Enrique wondered why Oliver was so nervous, he was fidgeting, something the French boy usually didn't do unless something was really bothering him.

Now Enrique was really worried, so, with a pitiful "mew", he jumped of the queen-size bed and sauntered over to the other, rubbing affectionately against his legs, although all he really wanted to do was give the unicorn into a hug.

Or kiss him.

Blushing, Enrique yowled when he was suddenly picked up, but when he realized it was only Oliver, he instantly relaxed into his arms like putty.

Smiling happily, Oliver happened to glance across the room to his alarm clock, which stood on the nightstand adjacent to his bed, gaping when he saw that it was 14o'clock (A/N: they use a 24 hour clock in Europe, so I used that instead of the 12-hour clock we use in the U.S to make it seem more real)

Upon realizing that he had slept nearly half of his day away, Oliver quickly rushed out of his room and dashed to the parlor, pausing only when he came to the door only to find an unfamiliar voice seeping through.

It was feminine, but it didn't sound like his, Enrique's, Johnny's or Robert's mothers…

Suddenly, he remembered that Robert had invited his aunt Abigail over to see if she could turn Enrique back to normal.

Looking down at said boy in the eye, Oliver's heart clenched when he saw the trusting look in Enrique's eyes as he gazed up and meowed.

Lowering his head in such a way that no one could see his expression, Oliver tentatively reached for the doorknob, extracting his hand as if burned before taking a deep breath and opening the door.

Looking around the room, Oliver found it to be fairly bare.

The floor was, like most of the rooms in the Jurgen house, polished wood that was almost honey-like in color, the windows covered with heavy velvet drapes that were a dark purple in color that seemed not to let even the tiniest sliver of light pass through.

As for furniture, there seemed to be nothing more than an armchair or two and a couch, both the same shade of purple as the curtains, although both pieces were covered in protective cloths.

Stepping in the rest of the way, Oliver noticed a small wooden table that was the same color as the floor that was absolutely covered in potions and spell books, saved for a small spot right in the middle that was just about Enrique's size.

Apparently just noticing him for the first time, a woman with silver hair save for a few light, almost lavender colored highlights and a black cloak that was held together a her neck with a large purple pin that had some kind of gemstone in the middle, maybe amethyst? Motioned him over to the table, talking to him roughly in German.

Oliver looked at Robert, who was leaning against the opposite wall with his eyes closed, for support, but all the older did was quickly translate and then fall back into his weird half-sleep.

Raising an single eyebrow, Oliver looked at him strangely, but did as the woman told him and placed Enrique on the empty spot on the table, which now had an delicately drawn pentagram on it in what appeared to be sidewalk chalk.

Nodding her head approvingly, Abigail motioned for Oliver to join the others, which he did, but not before shooting a glance at Enrique, who had a look of utter abandonment on his face.

He was about to call the whole thing off, but Abigail had already started chanting in a strange language that was like Oliver had never heard before, making hand signals as she threw what appeared to be salt at Enrique, who coughed feebly and glared at the woman above him.

After nearly an hour of this, she suddenly bowed her head and picked Enrique up, much to the cat's obvious dislike, before handing him to Robert and conversing solemnly in German before making her way out again, a look of defeat etched on her face.

Oliver waited until the door closed and the sound of her high heels slapping the hard wood died away before bombarding Robert with questions about what the elderly woman had said.

"Well, apparently there is nothing she can do, the spell is too strong" Robert translated, wincing a bit when he saw the enraged look on his youngest team member's face, before sighing as the Parisian grabbed Enrique and stormed out the door, going straight to his room and slamming the door behind him.

Collapsing on his bed, Oliver cradled Enrique to his chest, tears streaming down his face.

He had broken his promise.

{{Flashback to 7 years ago}}

"Remember Giancarlo, next time, you won't get off so easy" The oldest and biggest boy, most likely the leader, sneered, looking down at the blond boy, who cradled his aching jaw but still managed to glare at the boys, who only laughed before turning to the boy's companion.

"That goes for you too, Polanski" Another boy said running up to the fallen greenette, kicking him hard in the ribs before running off laughing to join his friends.

When he was sure they had gone, Oliver, who had gotten the less damage of the two, crawled over to his friend on his hands and knees, as he was afraid his legs weren't strong enough to carry his weight.

"I'm so sorry, Enri" The boy sobbed when he got as close as he could, salty, hot tears dripping down on Enrique's face as he looked up in horror at his friend.

"It's all my fault you keep getting hurt" The younger of the two continued, sniffing noisily and rubbing his eyes with his sleeve, wincing when the white fabric was dyed red from the blood of a wound he had gotten from being slammed to the ground one too many times.

"Don't be silly Oli, there's nothing you could have done about it." Enrique said soothingly.

"but…" Oliver started, but trailed off when Enrique glared at him.

"Like I said Oli, there was nothing you could have done plus it's better if I get most of the injuries, I can hold better" Enrique reasoned.

"Thanks Enrique, you're always looking out for me"

"Your welcome"

"but that's going to change"

"huh? Oli…"

"From now on, Enri, I'm gonna be the one protecting you, okay?"

Gaping, Enrique was about to object, but when he saw the determined look in the others eyes, he knew that nothing he could say was going to change his mind.

"Okay then, Oli, you win" Enrique said sighing, but smiling as Oliver outstretched a hand to help him up, grabbing onto him for support.

{{End Flashback}}

Enrique was awoken by the sound of muffled sobbing.

Yawning and stretching lazily, he looked over, his eyes widening as he traced the sound to Oliver, who, although still asleep, was sobbing softly, wet tears trailing down his beautiful face.

'Oh, Oli' Enrique thought sadly, licking away the salty water with his tongue.

Wincing, Oliver sat up and looked at Enrique, tears still falling steadily.

"I'm sorry Enrique, I promised I'd protect you, but I failed you" Oliver said gently running his fingers through thick, blond fur.

Enrique wanted to tell the younger boy that it was alright, but as he was unable to talk, he opted for a simple, comforting "meow" as he rubbed his forehead against the Oliver's arm in affection.

Raising an eyebrow, Oliver giggled.

"Thanks Enri, you always know how to cheer me up, don't you?" Oliver said giving the other a kiss just as a tear made its way from his eyes, trailing down pale skin and then dripping down on the cat.

Suddenly, there was a large puff of blue smoke, and Enrique was human again, though entirely naked.

Blushing furiously, Oliver was about to turn around when Enrique grabbed his wrist harshly, spinning him around so that their lips met.

Cheering on the inside, Oliver happily wrapped his arms around the others neck as the kiss deepened, staying like that until air became necessary, forcing them apart.



"Thanks" the younger boy said simply, although he had started to fidget again, which made the blond grin at how cute he looked.

"Your welcome"

And with that, Oliver found himself pulled into another intense kiss.

Breaking for air, Oliver smiled happily, placing a cliche kiss on the others lips before just simply hugging him, moaning when he felt his butt being pinched.

Smirking, Enrique barely missed a pillow that was headed for him, chuckling before grabbing a nearby pillow and thrusting it at the other, who unfortunately was unable to dodge.

They kept on going back and forth until they fell into an exhausted sleep.

A few hours later, Robert came in and opened the door as quietly as he could.

He had come to apologize and see if Oliver would join Johnny and him for dinner.

However, when he came to the scene at hand, he just simply shook his head and walked out, making sure to close the door as quietly as possible so s not to wake them up.

"What do you know, I guess there really are such things as happy endings" he said smirking to himself before going downstairs to join Johnny for dinner.

- - The End - -

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