Something Amazing

Chapter 1

A/N: Here's the first chapter. This is not connected to my first story "Only Your Head Works."


Naoto was lying on the bed in his dorm room, 'Nothing amazing ever happens here,' he thought as Christi, a senior at his college, laid down on top of him and started sucking his neck. He blankly stared at the ceiling, 'When you're in a place like this you forget that there's a world out there—that life is moving outside these walls,' the girl pushed her hips against his groin, he didn't respond, 'I wish, for once, something exciting would happen.'

"Naota," Christi said, sitting up on his lap, "why aren't you doing anything?"

"Don't you have class or something?" he said, annoyed.

"Don't you?" she purred in his ear, but he turned away.

"I'm a freshman. Our classes don't start until 10:00 AM."

"Well, we have a few minutes, so why not have a little fun?" she grabbed them hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, "I can skip a day of classes if you like. We can have some fun together." She reached behind her back and pulled off her bra. She leaned in, "Now it's your turn," with a sigh Naota sat up, pulled off his shirt, and carelessly dropped it to the floor, "now that's more like it," Christi said as she leaned in again, kissing Naota hard on the lips. "Always so unresponsive," she said in his ear, "I like that." She forced Naota to lie back down and started removing her skirt when the door suddenly burst open.

Christi screamed, covering her breasts at the sight of the red-head in the door; Naota simply narrowed his eyes at the woman. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a none-to-friendly tone.

"Wow, Naota," she walked into the room and placed a guitar case against the wall, "is that how you treat someone who you haven't seen in a while," she moved in closer, her face almost touching Naota's in complete disregard of Christi's prescence, "especially after all we did together."

"Naota, who is this woman?" Christi said, still shocked from the woman's entrance.

"Haruka," he said, ignoring the girl, "why are you here? I thought you were chasing Atomsk." his tone hadn't changed.

"He managed to get away, so I thought I'd crash at your house for a bit. But when I found out you were going to school in America I figured I should follow you. But more importantly," she turned and faced Christi, "who are you?" her voice dropped to a menacing tone, scaring the girl to the point where she ran out of Naota's room without her shirt.

"Oh Naota," she started overdramatically, "don't tell me that you've completely forgotten all about me,"

"How could I forget someone who's insane—"

"Alas," she stood up and turned away from him, "it appears that in my absence you found it necessary to fill the void in your heart left by my departure."

"Actually I was just—"

Ignoring him, "Is there anything that a poor maiden such as myself can do to atone for what I have done?"

"Are you even listening to-"

"I know," suddenly she stood in front of Naota wearing a very skimpy maid outfit, "I will be your servant. I will do all your chores. I'll clean your room, make your bed," she moved in close and whispered seductively, "satisfy your every need."

"Where'd you get those clothes," Naota said, annoyed at this "adults" immaturity as he put his shirt back on, "Besides, what's it to you?" he picked up his backpack and stood in the doorway, "you left for Atomsk. I haven't seen you in years. What do you care?"

He turned, ready to leave, "You were the only one." Haruka said, in a serious, sad voice.

Upon hearing this Naota considered forgiving her for leaving all those years ago, but then he thought of the years of boredom, loneliness, of being surrounded by so-called adults who didn't know how to act their own age. "I have class," he said, not even turning to face Haruka, "why don't you just go back home. To your home." He closed the door behind him and walked down the hallway out of the dorms.

Haruka sat on the bed, thinking of the situation. She stood up, "I guess it was a waste. I guess he's grown up," she started heading for the door when she noticed something blue under the bed, "Hmm?" she bent down and pulled the guitar out from the space beneath the bed, "Or maybe not." she smiled and propped the bass up next to her case against the wall of the dorm.

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