Summary: The story of America and Canada's childhood.

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It was just another day for England; France had called him up and asked him to go out. Not as a date, France had put it "I'm bored, L'Angleterre, even though I still hate you, I have to do something to keep me occupied.." England really couldn't decline the offer, even though he didn't like the Frenchman, he was rather bored himself.

Right now, he was finishing up paper work for the day. The sizable pile of papers looked a like a whole two months worth if he never did any of it when it actually needed done. Thank god he did do it on time or else every month or two the pile would be like this, or much greater. Glancing at the clock he decided it was time to put down the pen, he had started working around four that morning and now it was nearing eight o'clock.

Around nine was the time he would make his morning walks and then would get done around then thirty, sometimes eleven depending on how good he was feeling (or how rainy it was). England slipped on his jacket, incase it decided to rain, and headed out the door. Thankfully it wasn't raining that morning; it was actually sunny and warm. England slipped off his jacket and tied it around his waist and begun his walk.

As England made his way through the town he passed by a park that had multiple kids playing with each other and/or with their respectable parents. He smiled as he watched the kids play, though the frown quickly turned into a frown. He had thought about having someone around to help him occupy the house, it often got quite lonely being by himself all the time, he loved peace; don't get him wrong on that but someone else around would be nice.

Yes, France did come around often but he was more of a nuisance than company. England snorted; obviously today was different, time he was going to be around him out of his own free will. England just hoped France wouldn't get on his nerves too much…

England's cell phone rung in his pants pocket, playing his national anthem respectively. He quickly pulled it out and answered it without looking at who it was. "Ello?"

"Ahhh~ L'Angleterre! You answered me! I thought I would 'ave to call a bunch of times! I'm ready to hang out! I'm so bored! I'll be by soon to pick you up." England sighed "I'm currently taking a walk, France. I'm no where near my house."

"Ah~, do not worry, L'Angleterre. I shall find you!" With that France hung up. England pocketed his phone. He didn't wonder how France was going to know exactly where he was, he always did. No matter where anyone was at or what they was doing, France would find them, especially him. England wouldn't be too surprised if France secretly put a tracking devise in his food or something.

France did find England in less than three minutes from the phone call. England didn't bother to ask how he found him so quickly anymore, nor did he complain, he just didn't want to know anymore. England regretted accepting France's offer; right now they were in some sort of stream digging around for their fishing poles. Yes, they had gone fishing, though he couldn't remember who had suggested it in the first place. England didn't think that it was too bad of an idea until France tied to make a suggestive move on England, which made the Englishman jump, effectively dropping his pole into the stream and then hitting France who also dropped his pole.

They two stared at the poles as they sunk into the water. France glanced wearily at England who just stared blankly before bursting out laughing, effectively scaring the Frenchman. France smiled and started to roll up his pants legs and sleeves then begun to search through the water. England stopped laughing and decided to help look.

Now it was getting boring, they had been searching for hours, it was nearing five. For now they decided to try to catch fish with their hands.

A while ago Finland had come around and started whining about something, his village being burned down. France and England tried to act interested, but in all reality, they didn't care.

"Come least hear me out…its horrible!" France sighed "Come on, Finland. What the heck happened?" England looked up with a bored expression "Did you trip again?"

"No! W-well…"Finland wailed then paused " I built a villa in America with Sweden and then the Netherlands just took it away!" He cried. France picked up the fish he caught with his hands "Well, that kinda sucks. Yea, it does." England and France smirked 'Either way, it will be mine.'

"That's not all of it! Some mysterious boy comes out every once in a while. He's not from the nearby village, and it takes a day to get to the second closest town. I can't stop worrying about what will happen to him if he were found by the Netherlands."

England raised one of his large eyebrows "A boy? He just wonders out into the prairie all by himself?" Finland nodded "Yes! That's why Sweden and I were so confused."

"Hey!" France shouted as he dropped his fish "One second, he came to you and Sweden, right?" Finland nodded again "Yes. He was pretty cute." "T-Then maybe he's one of us?" France exclaimed. Finland's eyes widened "I guess that's a possibility."

"One of our comrades, in the New World? Which means…!" Then all three nations said in unison "Our little brother?" England and France blinked then grabbed each others throat, England exclaimed "What the hell? He's obviously my brother!" "He's defiantly my brother!" France argued.

So England, France and Finland went out and searched for the kid. Finally they found him, England stared determinedly at the kid "Hey Finland, is that the kid?" Finland smiled "Y-yes, that's him." England grinned "I knew it! I get the feeling he's one of us! Look at him France. His hair resembles mine. He's related to me without a doubt." France came up beside England "Non, he looks like me! Look at his eyebrows! Just like mine! Take a closer look. He's clearly my brother."

Finland nodded "H-Hey, what part of him resembles me?" Both nations backed up and England spoke hurriedly "W-Well, resemblance doesn't really mean much!" France nodded "Right! Its more about how much you love him!" Finland just stared.

The nations decided to call it a day and come back later. England changed out of his clothes and into his bed clothes before climbing into bed. He decided instead of sleeping, he would get next days paperwork done so he could visit the kid early. And that's just what he did.

The next day England went back to the prairie "Ha!Ha!Ha! I'm a busy man, but I sacrificed some sleep to come see you. You better be thankful." Little America looked up from his spot in the grass and smiled "Wow, you came to see me? Awesome!" England paused "W-What's with you? Aren't you gonna run?"

Little America shook his little head "No, I'm fine. I've learned a lot about myself over the past few days." England nodded "I-I see…Well…I'm glad to meet you, too. You grow up pretty fast, don't you?" England stood up and pointed at Little America "All right, then I'll get straight to the point! From this day on you are my little brother!"

Little America nodded "Okay. Then can I call you "Bro"?" England blinked, shocked. Him? 'Bro'? 'He's…willing to call me 'Bro'…?" England rubbed the tear from his eyes "Nah, you can just call me England. That's good enough for me." American nodded sadly "O-Okay."

The next day (for some reason) England and France are sitting in the back of a hay wagon arguing. "America is my younger brother!" England exclaimed. France crossed his arms "Come on, England. Quit joking around. He's my brother."

- At England's Kings palace…? -

"See? The nobility in my country agree with me that America is my brother, stupid." England countered. "Uh no? The nobility in my country has been telling me that he's my brother for at least a hundred years, fuzzybrow! "

- For some reason they are in Austria's place (and whoever is standing beside of him) -

England and France are now choking each other in Austria's house. England screamed "He's my brother!" Finally Austria screamed "Quit fighting in my house!"

France and England were fighting over the New Land while the War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years' War was taking place. England, who simply wanted to punch France, kept on siding with Frances enemies.

America started shaking at the scary sight of France and England. England sighed "We are getting nowhere at this rate. Let's just ask him for his opinion." He suggested, as much as he hated to say this, it was better than fighting and making absolutely no progress. France beamed "That's fine with me! What you just said was apart of my calculation, if I might add."

For some reason, something came over England "Now…come, come, come…! Let's open the mysterious gate together, shall we…?" America burst out crying scaring him and France as well. "C-cut it out, England! You're making me wanna cry too!"

France held out a plate of French food gently waving his hand at America to come towards him. "Come one, come this way! You can have fabulous French food on your plate every single day!" America stopped crying and stared at the plate of food. England frowned "Dammit, he's going for that trick!" England knew he didn't have anything better to offer and his heart sunk

"Well…I knew this from the start. Of course I did…" Little America caught a glimpse of a emoing England caught his eye. He calmly walked up to him and put one of his small hands on England's shoulder. England looked up as Little America spoke. "Is everything okay?" France blinked, stunned. "Hey, I just got rejected."

And just like that England was able to fend off France and become the boys brother. England looked down in his arms to see America fast asleep in his arms. But still, he was going to be his legal guardian, it was quite a responsibility for him. He would have to provide him with a better life, as well as protect him, he needed to take this seriously.

England looked out into the prairie. 'I'm sure many troubles and obstacles await him, and when there will be a time when the vast, plentiful land will cause him trouble…For now on, I need to support him too.' He didn't have any money thanks to France, but somehow he would make it through this.

American suddenly woke up, jumped down from the surprised Englishman and ran off. But suddenly came across a bull(?) Buffalo (?). England's eyes widened "Stop! That thing is ferocious! Don't go over there it's dangerous! I'm coming to save-" Next thing England knew Little America was swinging the thing around in circles, laughing. England began to wonder if the kid could very well be capable of living on his own.

England sighed, no matter…he was still young and needed some protection, and he was the one with the responsibility to give it! No matter what, he would look after Little America.

Once America was done swinging the thing around he picked the kid up and smiled.

"Come on, America. Time to go home."

Okay…so I pretty much used all the lines from the anime…so sue me. I swear these two will be the only chapters like that. The rest will be purely made by me! With some actual history in it of course, or else, its kinda pointless, non? Before the fishing scene, is what I made up. I don't really know why the two are catching fish togeather. Do I want to know? After America with the bull thing scene and 'capable of living on own' I made up too.

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