Matthew frowned and looked down to the floor. "I'm not mad…just…disappointed. I wish you could stay here but- I guess I understand." Alfred picked up Matthews cell phone* do you mind if I use this? Matthew shrugged "I guess, just don't let France catch you on it." Alfred nodded and began to dial numbers. Matthew sighed quietly to himself and went to his room. His bear was laying on his bed. "Hello, Kumayearo." The bear looked up at him questioningly "…who?" Matthew sighed and replied with the usual "Canada, ze one who feez you."

The bear (actually named Kumajirou) just rolled onto his back. Matthew sighed and laid across his bed. "I don't know what to do, Kuma. I don't want Alfred to leave but…we both are on different zides of zis war." Kumajirou tilted his head. "Food." Matthew sighed and sat up. "I wonder when he'll leave." Kuma pouted, sat up and set a paw on Matthews back. "Maybe, if you give me food you ask." Matthew gave the polar bear an aggravated sigh then picked him up. "Fine." Matthew went to the kitchen, set the bear down and put a can of sardines in his food bowl. Kumajirou frowned as did Matthew. "Zis iz all we 'ave right now, Kuma. I'll azk papa to pick you up zome food later."

The polar bear looked up at his owner "You get it." Matthew sighed. He usually would go out and get it, but considering not being able to leave the house, and France being out a lot; it was a bit hard to get anything. Alfred told Matthew to sneak out one day because France had been gone for almost a week and the food was rapidly decreasing. Matthew refused leaving Alfred to be mad for quite a while.

France came back the next week finding out that they were out- they had been out three days. He felt bad and took Matthew out for dinner and brought Alfred back something. Matthew didn't like how his papa was treating Alfred, but he couldn't do anything about it. He waited for Alfred to come up with an idea-which he did. The French boy sighed-again-and put his head down on the table, he didn't want him to leave. Matthews head jerked up when he heard something slam to the ground.

Alfred watched Matthew leave the room and began to dial the number to the airport*. It rang a few times and someone finally picked up.

" Bonjour, l'aéroport français, peux-je vous aider?" (Hello, France airport, may I help you?) Alfred sighed, he hated using French but he was glad he knew it. "Oui. Pourriez-vous me donner un vol à Angleterre, s'il vous plaît?" (Yes, can I have a flight to England, please?) the line was silent then the dial tone came on. Alfred growled and slammed the phone to the ground. That was the wrong thing to say. Matthew peaked his head in the doorway. "What waz zat?" Alfred didn't respond but flipped through the phone book, stopped and began to dial. Matthew backed out of the room and back to the kitchen.

Alfred crossed his fingers, hopefully his would work. "Bonjour." Alfred tried to calm his voice. "Bonjour, j'aimerais m'inscrire à la guerre." (Hello, I would like to sign up for the war.) The man laughed. "Vraiment? Qui, peux-je demander, n'est-ce pas?" (Really? Whom, may I ask, is this?) "Matthew Williams Bonnefoy." It was silent. For some reason someone else picked up the phone- speaking in English. "Mathieu?" Alfred froze. France. He looked on the phone and then ran to the kitchen "H-prise s'il vous plaît." He covered the speaker and looked at Matthew.

"I have a big favor I need you to do for me." Matthew raised an eyebrow. "What would zat be?" Alfred explained he used his name to join the military and France picked up. Matthew looked horrified. "I-I can't go to war!" Alfred shook his head. "No-No! You use your name…but I go." Matthew hesitated. "You see.." Alfred continued. "We look so much alike I will pass for you. Vise-versa."

Matthew stared at Alfred going over this…then it hit him. "You…want to zwitch placez? Az in…me look like you?" Alfred nodded. "Please?" Silence. "Please! I need your help." Matthew hated the pitiful look on Alfred's face…so he gave in. He got on the phone with France. They argued for a full hour and explaining how he knew about the war- finally- France complied. Matthew put down the phone and looked to Alfred. "Congratz, you are a leader." Alfred grinned, "Even better."

Alfred was beginning to like this challenge. It would be difficult, but he could do it…for his father…for his country. France was going to be away at a meeting and someone was going to be picking 'Matthew' up. Matthew handed Alfred the scissors then shut his eyes, "Just hurry…" He whispered. Alfred nodded and began to cut Matthews hair in his own hair style. Once done Alfred stood back and looked at his creation. "You look just like me…" Matthew looked in the mirror, shocked. "Wow…I do…" Alfred collected the remaining hair and gave it to Matthew who gave it a quick look, took it and began to work.

He had been able to make it into a wig to fit over Alfred's, even giving it his trade-mark curl. Matthew smiled sadly one done "This iz kind of zcary." Alfred chuckled "Yeah, looking so much like each other is kinda scary." Matthew gave a small giggle, that wasn't what he meant. But…there was nothing they could do now. Alfred turned to Matthew "I need your uniform." Matthew nodded and ran off to retrieve it.

As Matthew left Alfred's smile went away. He was scared, but he couldn't let it show to Matthew. He had to prove he was strong, like a hero. Matthew came back with the outfit and Alfred grinned. "Wow…this is great! Did you make it?" Matthew nodded. Alfred and Matthew exchanged clothes…then it came for the time to go. The car out front was waiting for 'Matthew'. Alfred looked over to Matthew and embraced him. "Thanks, Mattie, for everything." Matthew's eyes began to fill with tears. "Ztay zafe, Al. Vizit, me zometime, eh?" Alfred nodded and got in the car. Matthew waved as he watched his brother go out of sight. Kumajirou, who was in Matthew's arms, looked up at his owner and licked his face. "It will be alright." Matthew smiled. "I hope so." For now, he had to focus on being Alfred.

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