They ran across the rubble as the building over their head crumbled away and fell into pieces all around them. Naruto was in danger. Their friend, their savior, their guiding light; was fading right before their eyes form a mortal wound that he had sustained to the chest.

Sauske had finally made good on his threat to kill the blond and had struck before any of them could move to stop or entervene. His chidori piercing the blond's chest for the second time in three years, this time his aim had'nt been off, Naruto had'nt even been able to block him at the last minute like he had before and as a result...

Their was a large gaping hole in his chest right where his heart should have been. And though they knew that this was the one wound that he would'nt come back from their only thought was to get him to safety and stay with him. They just felt so helpless that this was happening, they simply didn't know what else to do for the boy as they cleared the rubble and stopped to look at the ancient building collapse before Sakura threw down her backpack and reached out to take Naruto from Kakashi's back.

Kakashi gritted his teeth as the blond was laid out on his back on the ground, wheezing and gasping for air due to the damage done to both of his lungs when his heart had been taken out. He was a gonner, they could see it, and Naruto despite all his densness knew it too if the pained smile on his face was any indication.

He had under two minutes left before his body quit on him and he died. Two minutes left to suffer in agony as he struggled to breath through his tears as blood pooled around his body. Neji stripped off his vest and folded it for Naruto to use as a pillow, it was'nt much but it was a small comfort.

"Naruto...I'm going to give you something for the pain..." Sakura said through her tears as she fished around in her medicine pouch for something to ease her friend's suffering.

"..orry-" Naruto said weakly, his voice shaky and strained, making her pause and look at him. What had he just said?

"I'm...sorry..." Naruto said softly as he stared at the haze of familiar faces gathering around him. There was so many of them, and he wished that he could tell them everything going through his mind but there was no time.

He wanted to tell them that he was sorry for failing so often. For not being able to keep his promise and bring Sauske back, and not being able to protect them all like he had wanted too. He had never wanted things to end like this.

"There's nothing to be sorry for Naruto. You didn't do anything wrong-" Kakashi said gently as he reached out and brushed the sunkissed golden strands away from the beloved face of the boy that he had fallen in love with.

"You did everything so perfectly." Kakashi said as he tried to stay calm, but when Naruto made a soft whimpering sound and squeezed his eyes closed for a second Kakashi thought that his heart would stop.

"B-Be, please-" Naruto said as he took Kakashi's hand and squeezed it as hard as he could as the rest of the teams joined them, he could hear the distressed sounds that his freinds made in shock, could almost see some of them crying through his own tears and smiled a bit he had just one last thing to say to them and then he could slip away with no regrets.

"I-I lo-love yo-u a-a-all..." He said weakly as his breathing slowed and then stopped.

Everyone stood there in shocked silence as their most precious person, Naruto finally died.