Shikamaru would be the first to admit that he had reacted badly to finding out that his Hokage had kept the fact that Naruto had a sister from him. He had been one of Naruto's closest friends when he had been alive. He had watched the kid grow up from unwanted, shunned, orphan. To the great and astonishing and amazing person who had become a hero to all of the great shinobi nations.

The person who had become the fourth and probably the greatest legendary sanin.

So naturally when he had been in the middle of his rant, and Kakashi had stood up looking as if he were about to slit his throat, he had been a little prepared to fight the man. But as soon as he had realized that Kakashi was no longer paying any attention to him, he had gotten curious and looked towards the door expecting an Anbu to have come to investigate the noise in Kakashi's office.

He hadn't expected to find a young girl standing in the door way, wearing nothing but a long sky blue shirt. And to top things off, he had recognized her facial features immediately. Only Naruto could have looked that stunningly beautiful, and innocent as a girl.

And this girl was an exact carbon copy of his dead friend.

She had the same angelically beautiful face. The same soft blond hair. Similar delicate build. The same eyes. And his mind had spun with so many unanswered questions.

What was she doing in the tower? How long had she been there? Why was she wearing a man's shirt and looking so-so sexy that it should have been a mortal sin? The possible answers to his questions had been upsetting to him to say the least.

What he had come up with hadn't painted Kakashi in a pretty light.

Shika had glanced at the man, looking for conformation to his suspicions, and had been overwhelmed with rage at the possessive look on Kakashi's face and had punched him and run over to the girl that he just knew was Naruto's sister. And snatched her up and turned to glare at Kakashi as he doubled over wheezing and silently vowed that he was not going to hand the girl over to Kakashi without a fight, and used a teleportation jutsu to teleport them out of the tower and a good distance away.


Naru didn't know what to do about the dark haired man who had grabbed her and stolen her from Kakashi-sama's home. Part of her was upset about being taken from the only safety and security that she had known since coming to this place, and another part of her didn't feel frightened or upset enough even bother to put up a fight.

Odd really, considering that this man was a stranger to her. Yet she already felt as if she could totally trust him with her life.

Maybe because he was holding onto her so gently. Firmly, but gently never the less. They appeared on a roof top well over a mile in a half away from the tower and he set her down and put his hands on her slender shoulders and spoke quickly.

"Forgive me for being so rude as to grab a lady before she's even dressed. But I swear that I have only good intentions, and I'm not out to hurt you or anything. So please bear with me for now and try not to stress yourself out. I was a good friend of you're brother's and I will protect you. Okay?"

Naru couldn't think enough to bother speaking, so she just nodded her head as she stared up at him wide eyed. He gave her a kind smile and then picked her up again and stepped off of the roof and landed gracefully on the balls of his feet on the ground and glanced down at her and saw the disgruntled look on her face and chuckled before muttering a soft apology as he started running.

Easily weaving his way through the crowded streets towards Neji, and Kiba's homes. He figured that he could hide the girl at the Hyuga compound and go gather Kiba, Choji, Lee and the others to help him keep Kakashi's damn perverted mitts off of Naruto's sister.


The second that Kakashi managed to breath properly again, he let out a loud angry sound that was so frightening that several of his Anbu refused to enter the room out of fear when he threw his desk out of one of the large windows behind him, shattering the clear glass into small slivers.

"H-Hokage-sama?" One of the Anbu, a man in a lion's mask entered the room and looked at him as Kakashi shrugged off his white silk robes and tossed the soft fabric onto the chair a few feet away and glared in the Anbu's direction.

"Gather the Anbu."

The man stood there, rooted to the floor by the look of murderous fury on the Hatake's face. "S-Sir?"

"Gather the Anbu and tell them that I want Shikamaru Nara. I want him in my office I the next hour."

"S-Sir?" The man said again and Kakashi turned the full force of his furious gaze on the Anbu and growled. His expression feral.

"Shikamaru Nara. My office. One hour. God help you if you fail, Lion, because I will not accept failure. Now gather the Anbu and go!" The man nodded mutely and ran out of the office as Kakashi walked over to the window and stood there looking over the village and hissed.

"Enjoy this time with her Shikamaru-" Because I'm going to kill you as soon as I get my hands on you, you little bastard.