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Bella's POV

I rubbed my eyes in frustration and set my laptop aside, before resting my forehead in my hands. I couldn't concentrate on this article; I had been staring at the open Word document for the better part of an hour, but the lead simply wouldn't come to me. And no wonder. My father was getting married in less than twenty-four hours, and I was here in California, not even able to attend the wedding. Charlie was finally, so many years after Renee broke his heart and took me away, moving on with his life, and I couldn't be there to celebrate with him.

I kicked the table angrily; it lifted several inches into the air, my laptop sliding from the edge into the middle as it tilted.

"This is fucking bullshit," I growled to the empty house, climbing to my feet, the notebook in my lap fluttering to the floor.. My nerves were at their breaking point, my mind a mess. Had Edward been anywhere near me, I would have happily torn his head from his neck and set the body on fire. I resented him more now than I had before, my anger multiplied as the day drew closer. Jasper had left for work just an hour before, only at my insistence. He had wanted to take a couple of days off, to be with me, knowing I would be unhappy, but I wouldn't let him. No need for him to literally share in my misery.

And so, I was left alone, unable to focus on work, and unwilling to look over any details for my own wedding. Even as I glanced at my laptop, the email alert chimed, signaling yet another email from Alice, filled with flower ideas, and locations, and of course, demands about dress fittings. Jasper and I had been engaged for a little less than a month, and Alice had been on me day and night with hundreds of questions and suggestions. Esme had only been a bit better, calling and emailing only during daylight hours. Alice was my sister, and my very best friend, but she would be the death…or, rather, end of my existence, with her need to micromanage everything.

With a small, frustrated noise, I padded into the kitchen; cleaning would be a welcome distraction. But, all of our mugs were washed and drying in the rack, the trash bags taken to their proper dumping site. Nothing for me to do, of course. I could wash the prop dishes, the plates and bowls, the pots and pans we kept just as an illusion, if I hadn't already washed them last night.

With my options quickly dwindling, I found myself thinking back to Forks, my chest feeling unusually tight as I remembered my younger years. The summer between my junior and Senior year had been one of the best, the stuff you'd almost expect to find in a movie. Forks had experienced relatively few rainy days, an anomaly to be sure. The sun was, at that time, both a blessing and a curse. It reminded me of Phoenix, which even despite the bad feelings left behind, held a special place in my heart. It was comforting, especially after the past few months. The Cullens were largely confined to their home, and venturing out at night. I had spent the summer with my few friends outside of the Cullens, spending hours on end at First Beach or in Seattle, just enjoying life. It was my last summer of freedom, my last summer alive; had I known that, I might have enjoyed it just a little bit more, stayed out just a little bit longer. But, hindsight is 20/20.

Angela, Jessica, Mike , Ben and Tyler and everyone else had been good friends, all friction aside. The Cullens didn't get along with anyone, their outwardly snobby attitudes turning a lot of people off of talking to them. Trying to blend both sets of friends was nearly impossible, but I refused to let them go, and Edward had suffered (in his words) through more than one lunch with them, as he was reluctant to leave me alone near them, his jealously suffocating in its intensity.

I focused on the bars of light streaming through the partially closed blinds, creating striped patterns on the tile, my mind lost in thought. In the back of my mind, my consciousness registered the sound of the garage door opening, but didn't think much of it until I picked up the sound of a second car pulling into the driveway, followed by a high, slightly nasally voice, and Jasper's answering tone. I shook my head, clearing the errant thoughts as the door leading into the garage opened and Jasper's arm appeared, holding it open. A tall, thin, older man came in, followed by Jasper, who flashed a tiny grin at me, looking pleased with himself.

"Hey babe. I thought you were going to work?" I said, as he closed the door. He turned to me, still smiling.

"Yeah, I did for a couple of minutes. Then I had some other business to take care of. Bella, this is Jack Hillard. He's a friend of Rob's, and does make-up for the studio occasionally, when it comes to album covers.

"But I do costume make-up, mainly." Jack put in, crossing the kitchen in a few quick strides, placing the oversized container he held on the island counter. He lifted my head slightly, tilting it and angling it toward the light as he did so, scrutinizing me.

"Honey, you've got amazing bone structure; I'd love to see what I can do with this." He pinched my nose slightly, and I scowled at him as he tilted my head downward, via his grip on my nose. I fought to choke back the growl threatening to escape my throat as Jack tilted my head back and forth.

"What's going on?" I said, my voice sounding foggy to my own ears.

"Well, I know you'd like to go Charlie's wedding, but with all the animosity between the two of you," here, Jasper gave me a significant look, which I caught onto, "I knew you'd like to avoid conflict. So, I called in a few favors, pulled a few strings, and here we are." He spread his hands as Jack released my nose, and I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around my waist. My squeal was loud, even to my own ears.

"You mean we can go to the wedding?" I screamed, unable to control the sudden rush of excitement I felt. Jasper chuckled as he pulled me close, kissing the top of my head. I felt him smile against the top of my head, and I screamed again, the sound muffled by his chest. "You are, without a doubt, the most amazing fiancé in the history of fiancés ever!"

"Yeah, I know." Jasper joked. I kissed him soundly, feeling his lips curve into a smile against my own. I pulled away, turning back to Jack, who was watching this exchange with a bemused expression.

"Come over here, I have so many plans for you." Jack beckoned me over, flicking on the overhead lights, before opening the blinds. I settled down on a barstool, fairly bouncing with excitement as he ran his fingers through my hair, pushing it back, before slipping a headband over my head, using it to secure the hair out of my face. Jasper motioned toward the staircase, and I nodded, before turning back to Jack who had opened the kit and was pulling out a number of objects.

"Darling, I hope you're ready for this. You're not going to recognize yourself when I'm done." He said theatrically, as he rubbed his hands together, wriggling his eyebrows.

"Bring it on, Jack." I replied cheekily, and with a laugh, he started in, uncapping the first pot of make-up.


Three hours later, I found myself faced with an entirely different individual than who had faced me this morning in the mirror. The most noticeable difference was the hair. My own hair had been secured against my head, before a hairnet and blonde wig were added. My semi-long hair was now shoulder-length an obvious dye-job in a platinum blonde, but it suited the rest of the look very well. Jack had talked me through the process as he created a prosthetic nose of sorts, out of plaster of parris and rubber, attached with professional adhesive. Concealer was applied, to make the nose look more natural, although I'd have to repeat the process tomorrow, or allow someone to do it for me. Alice would have a field day with that, being allowed to do my make-up. He added blue cosmetic lenses to the look, which would leave me with green eyes, and considered it a masterpiece. And, I had to agree with him; the look was understated, but easily different enough that I wasn't going to be recognized as Bella Swan in Forks, even after the physical aspects being turned had imparted on me.

"So, Mr. Hale, what do you think?" Jack asked motioning to me. Jasper observed me, his poker face on as he looked at the changes.

"Would I be forced to sleep on the couch if I said you looked better as a brunette?" He ventured, and I snickered, running my fingers through the white-blonde strands.

"I don't think so, babe. I like that you like the real me more than this version. But, Jack, you did an amazing job. Absolutely amazing. Do you do make-up for formal events?" I asked, and Jack pursed his lips at that, tapping his chin.

"Well, normally, no I don't, honey. But I think I can make an exception for such a gorgeous pair like the two of you." He said, packing up the last of his gear. I laughed, and held out my hand, which he ignored, instead pulling me into a light hug.

"Jasper has my number, darling. Make sure you get it from him and get in touch with me!" He said, and I told him that I would. With one last hug, and a carefully detailed list of recommended products, including a concealer which would be an exact match to what he used today, he was off, Jasper walking him out to his car.

Once again, I couldn't help but be forever grateful that I had Jasper in my life; he had once again come through for me.


"Bella, will you please quit squirming? You have literally no reason to fidget. None." Alice said, as she carefully smoothed the foundation over my reattached prosthetic nose. I sighed, and tried not to wrinkle my nose at the sensation of having the goop spread over my face.

"Why are you so antsy anyway? I mean, you're only seeing your father, whose convinced your dead, get married." Rosalie chimed in sarcastically, shooting a look at Alice, who returned it. Esme shot a searing glare of her own at the two, before running her fingers through my hair, beginning the process of securing it to my head, so she could attach the wig.

I stared at my appearance in the vanity mirror, taking in the make up which was heavier than what I'd normally wear, and the fake nose. A packet of contacts lay on the dressing table in front of me, several more packets stowed in a bag for later use by both Jasper and myself. I took a calming breath, trying to clear my mind.

Now that I was here, and the wedding was just a couple of hours away, I was a bundle of nerves. Was it even a good idea for me to be attending? Alice had no clue; the wolves' involvement clouded her sight of the entire event. According to Esme, who had since resumed the line of communication with my father, the La Push pack had been adamant about holding the wedding at First Beach, or the small chapel on the reservation, with the express interest of keeping my family away. Charlie's decision to invite the Cullens had been a small source of strife in that none of the Quileute tribe wanted them there; although they obviously couldn't give Charlie the exact reason why. Instead, they simply returned to an argument we all knew so well, as the public story: The Cullens are not allowed on our land, end story.

Charlie had won at least one battle in the preparation for the wedding apparently, as the wedding was being held in Forks, which was the one reason we were even able to attend.

I felt as if I had consumed a large helping of greasy food at the thought of the wolves. Would they go so far as to interfere with the Cullens? Would my presence be a catalyst for a fight?

These thoughts chased themselves around in my head as Rosalie passed the wig to Esme, who used the clasps to secure it to my head, pulling it back into a neatly curled ponytail. Alice passed me my dress on a hanger, which I pulled on, feeling the soft, cool silk fall over my body.

Looking up into the mirror, I found myself faced with my alter-ego for the afternoon, Marissa. Exhaling slowly, I smoothed down the skirt to the dress and steeled my nerves, putting on a calm mask, ready to face the wedding.


We hadn't even made it into the church yet, and the afternoon already felt surreal to me, as if it were all a dream. I fought to blink out the contacts, the microscopic imperfections that would have gone unnoticed by a human slightly marring my field of view. The stench of wolf was strong around the church, and everyone, save for Carlisle and Esme had disgusted expressions fixed on their face.

I felt my own nose wrinkle as the light snow gave way into rain, enhancing the smell instead of drowning it out. I looked over to Jasper, finding his expression to be similar to mine. Frowning to myself, I huddled into his side slightly, and he looked down, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, holding me closer to his side.

Carlisle reached the door first, holding it open as we filed in, Esme first, followed by Rosalie and Emmett, then Alice and Tim. Edward and Bree followed them; Bree looked caught somewhere between hunger and disgust. She was sporting contacts as well, her hand resting on Edward's arm. I climbed the steps, still tucked into Jasper's side. Carlisle stopped us just outside the door, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you sure you can go through with this?" He asked in a low voice. I swallowed against the lump in my throat, looking through the door at the assemblage of guests. Could I watch my father marry, and congratulate him, without breaking down? Could I play it off as if he wasn't my father?

I was already here; I couldn't not go through with it. I had sulked for days leading up to the wedding, knowing I couldn't be there. Would I allow myself to ruin what might be the last chance to see my father happy?

"I can do this." I told him, my voice stronger than I felt. Carlisle squeezed my shoulder comfortingly, before releasing me. Jasper kissed my cheek, bending down to whisper in my ear.

"I'm here for you, Kitten, if it gets to be too much. Just say the word and we can leave." He assured me, and I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. He guided me through the doors, to the short line at the guestbook. I paused after lifting the pen, looking at the list of names; Jasper's was the last one entered above mine. With a tiny smile, I added my signature to the list, making my handwriting purposely more eccentric than it usually was.

Marissa Whitlock

Jasper read the list, grinning down at me. "Getting some practice in, Darlin'?" He murmured to me as I handed the pen to Carlisle, before moving through the inner doors into the church.

I returned the smile, feeling a tiny thrill run through me. "Well, it would be better if I could write my own name, but-" My words died in my throat as the smell of wet fur intensified and a tall, hulking shape materialized in front of me.

All six feet and five inches of Seth Clearwater, all grown up, stood in front of me, blocking my way. His normally soft, open face was set in a tight-lipped frown, his arms crossed over the suit jacket he was wearing.

"Seth," I breathed, taking a step forward. His eyes hardened, and Jasper pulled me back, stepping forward himself.

"Invitation?" He asked coldly, holding out his hand. He refused to meet my eyes as he stared at Jasper, who glared back.

"We're here as a part of the Cullen family," Jasper informed him icily. Seth didn't so much as blink at Jasper's tone, only stood his ground. Quil joined him shortly, his shorter, bulkier frame effectively blocking our path.

"Who invited you, bloodsucker?" Quil asked me, sizing me up. "I'd recognize that stink anywhere, even through all that make-up and fake shit," he added, sniffing the air.

"Yeah, Bella. And whose this guy?" Seth added, pointing at Jasper, who tensed.

"Charlie extended an invitation to the Cullen family, which I believe I'm a part of." I replied, from behind Jasper.

"I doubt that invitation also included his dead daughter." Quil growled under his breath. "Or her bloodsucker fuck buddy." My hands curled into fists at his words. Only Jasper's presence between us prevented me from tearing him to shreds. Jasper tensed, his own fingers flexing dangerously.

"Listen, you fucking mutt-" Jasper began, earning a pair of quiet, angry snarls from the wolves. A muscle flickered under Seth's eye, and I felt the already taut muscles of Jasper's back tense further. A quick glance around the nearly filled church informed me that we were drawing a few unwanted stares. All seven members of the Cullens already in the church had swiveled about on the pew, and I met Alice's gaze. She shook her head angrily, clearly upset with the proceedings. I shrugged minutely, trying to convey that I wasn't responsible for their stupidity. Carlisle's presence registered in the back of my mind, as he approached us.

Before either of them could react to his slur, I heard the barest creaking of hinges that would need oil soon, and the heavy thud of dress shoes on the thin, industrial carpet. It was followed by a scent I knew nearly as well as Jasper's. A spicy scent that reminded me of late summer; the smell of heavy cotton, of slightly charred wood and smoked meat. I had always associated that smell with one individual, both before and after my change. My mouth flooded with venom as the scent intensified, and I choked it back, pressing my face subtly into Jasper's sleeve to alleviate the sudden bloodlust.

I was actually shaking, I noted this fact somewhere in the back of my mind as the minute trembles raced through me. Disgust at myself for the reaction followed swiftly on the heels of the trembles. This wasn't just a random human who smelled appetizing, this was my father whose blood had me on edge.

"Hello there, Dr. Cullen, it was really great of you to come out today..." Charlie's quiet, gruff tone cut through the slight din of murmurs and organ music. I exhaled slowly, allowing the voice that had soothed me a million times, had kept me anchored and was one of the many soundtracks to my childhood to wash over me, to sooth me again. I wanted to throw myself at him, to hug him. I wanted to be able to feel the tears run down my cheeks and to have my father wipe them away and pat my back like he always did.

Jasper rubbed my arm soothingly as I pulled away from him slightly, fixing a polite smile on my face. Carlisle's response to Charlie reached my ears, but didn't process, as I focused on my breathing, on holding myself together.

"What's going on here?" Charlie's voice pulled me back to the church, and I turned slightly, finding myself face to face with my father for the first time in three years.

He looked older, that much was immediately noticeable. His thick brown hair was shot through with grey at the temples, and several strands in a matching color were present in his mustache, neatly trimmed for the occasion. His face was more lined than it had been before, especially around the eyes. But those were the same. The eyes that could be happy, or sad, or irrationally, horribly angry. The eyes that used to be mine stared back at me with a mix of polite confusion.

"These two don't have an invitation, Charlie." Quil said helpfully, elbowing past Jasper roughly. I felt the quiet growl reverberate through his chest, and nudged him gently. The growl tapered off nearly immediately.

"They're guests of mine, I'm sorry." Carlisle interjected smoothly, before Quil could continue. "Jasper was a foster child under mine and Esme's care before we moved to Forks, and this is his fiancee, Marissa."

Charlie sized both of us up, offering his hand first to Jasper, than to me.

"Charlie Swan, pleased to meet you," Charlie said, addressing both of us. I shook it quickly, feeling my lips curve into a smile at the bit of contact.

"I must apologize for adding even more guests," Carlisle continued, rubbing his hands together. "But we haven't had a chance to see Jasper in quite some time, what with our busy schedules, so when he informed us that he had some free time coming up, we immediately snapped up the chance for him to come and visit."

"It's fine, no worries," Charlie waved off his apologies, before glancing at his watch. I glanced at mine as well, seeing that it was just minutes until the ceremony was to start.

"We'll just grab our seats now," I said, my tone rising to a higher, slightly more nasally pitch that passed for what would be Marissa's normal range.

"It was a pleasure meeting you," Jasper added, and Charlie returned the sentiment, before motioning to Seth and Quil, both of whom glowered at us, before taking their positions.

We collapsed into the pew next to Alice and Tim, as Carlisle slipped past to take a seat next to Esme. Alice was rubbing her temples distractedly, her eyes closed.

"I just wish I could see what's going to happen," she moaned. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders, squeezing briefly.

"Just stop trying." I whispered back, aware that the couple behind us was observing the proceedings like a pair of hawks. " You know you can't, and it's just gonna stress you out." I pointed out. Alice nodded, taking a deep breath, before looking up, fixing an air of casualness about herself.

As Billy and Mrs. Atera, as Charlie and Sue's best man and matron of honor came down the aisle, I allowed myself to relax slightly, leaning into Jasper's shoulder, feeling another smile form, as I pushed the incident to the back of my mind.


I sighed, poking at the slice of cake on my plate with my fork, trying to ignore the eyes boring into me. The wedding ceremony had been beautiful, but the reception was dragging out into a tedious, time consuming event, spawning a web of lies.

"Not a fan of the cake?" I blinked, and looked up to see Mrs. Stanley, Jessica's mother, staring pointedly at me. Jessica got many of her less than favorable characteristics, namely her penchant for gossip, from her. I fixed a smile that felt fake onto my face, shaking my head.

"It's a bit rich," I said, forcing myself to lift a forkful to my lips. The nauseatingly sweet frosting and cake felt and tasted like sawdust in my mouth, and settled heavily on the undigested portion of dinner I had been forced to choke down. Mrs. Stanley sniffed.

"It is, and young girls such as yourself should be careful about their diets. That figure isn't going to last forever, you know." She said, punctuating the statement with a false laugh. My fingers flexed around the handle of the fork, feeling the metal give slightly.

"Yes, I know." I replied sweetly, lifting another forkful of cake. "It must be awfully hard to keep off the pounds at your age, ma'am." I smiled innocently as her eyes hardened. She made a noise of disapproval, before laying her napkin over her plate, rising swiftly and leaving, skirting the edge of the dance floor. Her departure mercifully left me and Jasper as the sole occupants of the table. It had taken a bit of last minute juggling to fit Jasper and I into a group, and we were unfortunate to end up at the table filled with divorced women. All of whom divided their time between not-so-secretly ogling my fiance, making back-handed compliments, and gossiping heavily.

Jasper snickered at me, uncurling my fingers from the mangled piece of silverware. Tilting my chin upward, he gently pecked my lips, still laughing.

"You just can't resist being a bitch to women, can you?" He asked, and I poked him, feigning offense.

"Well, if they could stop eye-fucking my man, I wouldn't have to be a bitch, now would I?" I replied, turning so my back was partially facing him. He understood my wordless request, wrapping an arm over my shoulder and pulling me into his side. I scooted my chair closer, relaxing against him with a contented sigh, watching the crowd.

Charlie was deep in conversation with one of his deputies, the broad grin that had appeared on his face when Sue took her first steps down the aisle still firmly in place. The smile brightened his entire face, taking years off his appearance, and pleased me to no Charlie get the happiness he deserved after all these years was amazing, and made the inane chatter and unappetizing human food worth it.

Even the spiteful glares I had received from every member of the Quileute tribe had been bearable, just to see this. And there had been many of them, although none of them had approached me or Jasper since Seth and Quil tried to block our entrance.

The evening would have been perfect, if it hadn't been for Jacob.

Jacob stood out among the other wolves, his alpha blood making him an imposing figure, stretching him to nearly seven feet tall, and creating a dangerous aura. His anger fairly radiated from him, once he spotted me, and his angry gaze had been the one spearing me all evening. It was one of the reasons that we had stuck to our table, rather than joining the family and coming closer to him. Jacob had changed so much from the innocent, sweet kid that had been my first kiss and first boyfriend. The playful sparkle had been replaced by cold, barely restrained rage, a disgusted sneer marring the expression that was better suited to a grin.

Even as my eye caught his, and his narrowed even more, I couldn't suppress the shiver that ran through me at the anger reflected in his eyes.

If looks to kill, Jacob's would have set me on fire.


"Can we go outside?" I murmured to Jasper as we watched Charlie awkwardly steer Sue around the dance floor. His cheeks glowed red as he stumbled slightly, and Sue had to right his balance. Jasper glanced away from the couple, looking down to me. "The smell is getting to me, and it really isn't helping my stomach." I added, and he nodded, wrinkling his nose slightly. We stood, and I signaled Alice discreetly, motioning to the door with my head. She nodded, before motioning to herself and Tim, then us, and then the door. Do you want us to go with you? I shook my head, and she nodded again, before tugging Tim to his feet and onto the dance floor.

Taking Jasper's hand, I allowed him to lead me out of the reception hall, into the icy night air. The ground was dusted with a couple of inches for snow, light for this time of year.

When the heaving subsided, I sighed in relief, kicking up a bit of dirt to cover the mess. As I straightened, the wind picked up, whipping the strands of hair around my face, and bringing with it the bitter scent of wet fur.

Jasper was still standing in the shadowy area near the front of the parking lot, but we wasn't alone. Three hulking shapes, all with scents that I realized, surrounded him, speaking lowly, their tones anything but conversational.

Mother fuck.

Every muscle in my body tensed, strung tight like a guitar string. Venom raced through my veins, red hot and angry, flooded my mouth. A buzzing began in the back of my mind, steadily increasing in frequency as I saw Jacob reach out to give Jasper a shove. A growl ripped itself free from my throat as Jasper's arm came up, blocking Jacob's hand, before shoving him away.

He stumbled back two steps, before regaining his balance. I could see him shaking from here, hear his breathing speed up in anger. His arm flew forward, his hand clenched into a fist. Jasper blocked the blow again, his own angry snarl ripping through the air.

What the fuck are you doing just standing here? ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? Your mate is being attacked by those fucking dogs!

The buzzing in my head coalesced into words, screaming, furious and panicking words, vaulting me into action. I crouched instinctively, slipping out of the heels I was wearing, before springing forward, running the fifty or so feet to their location.

Jacob turned around when I was halfway there, his eyes widening a fraction in astonishment, before narrowing as I threw myself at him with a feral scream, knocking him to the ground. We tumbled further into the shadows and trees as his body twisted beneath mine. I heard the tear of cloth and creak of bones and muscles as he transformed. He howled at once, the sound mingling with the crashing of our bodies into trees and angry curses coming from the other two wolves. Jasper's voice dimly reached my ears as I shoved Jacob's furry, lupine form into a tree.

"BELLA! Fucking hell, Bella, don't move!" He yelled, as I roughly pushed Jacob down, pinning him with my body as he squirmed.

A tree fell to our right as Jasper burst into the clearing, momentarily distracting me. Jacob's strong jaws clenched around my forearm, and I hissed as the teeth split my skin. He twisted beneath me sharply, his body jerking from beneath mine. I was trapped between the hot, foul smelling, panting mass of fur and the icy forest floor. Then-

Pain. Horrifying, amazing pain like I hadn't experienced in years. Pain that had been a distant memory since my change. Dimly, I heard a screeching sound, like tearing metal, rip through the air.

And then my arm was severed in a mass of torn, hanging flesh, small rivulets of venom, tinged red from my last feeding, falling to the ground.

Jacob backed away slowly, my forearm still clenched between his teeth. He bared his teeth, and in that moment, I was positive the wheezy barks escaping him were chuckles.

The world fell silent as I stared at the stump of my arm.

I didn't realize anything could hurt this bad.

As Jasper stepped forward, his eyes widening with shock as his third pair of blue contacts melted away, I lifted the stump of my arm to him, wincing as the sensitive nerves reacted.

"This isn't good, is it?" I whispered.


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