The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: #24
author: starshinedown
Pairing: Eric
Rating: K
Photos for prompts can be found here:

Eric pauses, looking at the brick faces of the jammed together buildings. They're a mix of faded yellow paint and exposed red brick, interrupted periodically by the zig-zag of fire escapes.

Yesterday he'd signed the sub-lease with his future roommate, a friend of a friend of a friend, and he is relieved. He knows he is lucky to find an even remotely affordable room in the city.

He took a deep breath, and readjusting the large duffel slung across his back, he walked inside. This was it. Two years of grad school at NYU. A cherished dream come true.

an: Thus begins my participation into this round of the Twilight 25. We were provided pictures as prompts, rather than words, this round. This has been unexepectedly challenging for me. I like a challenge. :) Like last round, I'm shooting for either in-canon or could-be-canon-but-is-alas-AU.

As ever, Twilight and all associated characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, not me.