The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: #5
Pairing: Emmett, Bella
Rating: K
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For the sake of saying, I'm calling this an AU interlude between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

"Top right drawer!" Emmett yelled from downstairs.


Bella opened the drawer and gasped. Next to the box of photographs was a stack of letters, fragile and well worn, bound in faded, though beautiful, silk ribbon. She couldn't see much, but she did see Rosalie's name written in cramped lettering and faded ink.

"You alright up here? I heard the gasp." Emmett stood in the doorway, concerned.

She touched the stack gently, looking at him in question.

Emmett's expression softened. "Rose and I exchanged letters from inside the same house, when I was courting her. We still read them to each other."

a/n: Thank you for reading!