Orange Shinobi Forever

Chapter 1: His Bloody Path

Kyo: This is my newest story but unlike all the other stories of mine that you read which I only type this one is written in a notebook and then type so that I can continue to right when I am not aloud tech.

I do not own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Naruto but the idea is original as I have never read anything similar to this, so even if you have I have not so I am not stealing any ideas besides generic ones like doing crossovers by reincarnation. The chapters for this story will also be longer since they are first written in a notebook so enjoy.

Naruto had tried to be a loyal shinobi to Konoha but even he had a limit and assassination attempts on him at least three times a day since he was named Tsunade's successor was going to far. He had not trained so hard and fought so much in the name of this village for him to just take it as they once again tried to kill him off.

He had taken after his father with very little help Jiraiya and has become a seal master. He had also without anyone's knowledge befriended the Kyuubi , he thought that if they were going to be stuck together they might as well get along and be friends. This two things aloud him to seal his things in his own mindscape.

In his mindscape he had sealed different outfits, food (read: Ramen and meat), his twin katanas- one for fire chakra and one for wind chakra, Zabuza's Kubikiri, Haku's repaired mask, massive supplies of kunai and shuriken, and plenty of scrolls filled with techniques and blank ones for any new techniques he created. Naruto also had the toad summon scroll sealed in his mindscape as the toads liked him more than Jiraiya and just in case he meet anyone worth training he carried a dozen element chakra sheets (the ones that go through different actions depending on you element(s)), he also had tons of ninja wire.

All in all he was set for life with all the stuff he had sealed in his mindscape. Mind you it took him a lot of practice and meditation before he could unseal things from his mindscape without actually having to go there but he eventually managed it.

Naruto also had almost as large of a ninjutsu library as Kakashi after he discovered the trick of using Kage Bunshins to train faster in ninjutsus and genjutsus since it was always more effective to do physical training and taijutsu training on your own to make sure you get the muscle and muscle memory that the clones can not transfer back to you as they are made out of pure chakra.

Naruto did not usually train his swords using clones expect when he was trying a new dangerous technique. He also found clones very helpful when he invented new jutsus both elemental and illusions.

Naruto used to suck at genjutsus but foxes are masters of illusions, being the tricksters they are, and the Kyuubi refused to have a container that sucked at them and so the chakra control training from hell began. This includes walking up and down waterfalls, balancing on top of grass and kunai, and by the way the gorge that Jiraiya shoved him down and he couldn't grip the sides of - well now he could. All in all Naruto was more than able to handle himself alone in his world of shinobis.

Finally when the big day came Naruto sealed all his photos in his mindscape and with one more look around he deemed himself ready to go after he dropped off his letters to his true important people: Iruka, Tsunade, Shizune, Ayame, and her father at the ramen stand. These letters explained his reasons for leaving and how much he would miss them. To put an end to it all Naruto stopped at his father's mansion before leaving Konoha, which if he had any say in the matter would be forever. He took all the scrolls of his parents and all their money, which he was low on due to being stuck in Konoha because he was to be the future Hokage. Well that was one dream he no longer wanted to fulfill after all he wanted to become Hokage to stop being hated and protect those precious to him, none of which was happening in fact the opposite was happening.

The villagers seemed to hate him more than ever and they had started to turn their glares on those precious to him. Naruto would not stand for his precious people being put in harms way. Naruto then left Konoha without a backwards glance.

Naruto killed evil missing nins left and right and turned in their heads for the bounties on them. Konoha sent ninja after him. Tsunade sent many of the rookie nine to try and get him to come back to Konoha and the council hired ninjas that hated him in Konoha and foreign nins to kill him.

Those sent to kill him got caught in fatal and/or crippling traps and those sent to convince him could never find him, after all he had mastered his father's Hirashin no Jutsu and now had a bunch of special kunai needed to do the jutsu in his mindscape. The only weapons he carried outside his mindscape were regular kunai and shuriken and he rarely had to use anything else.

Currently he was hiding from Hinata and Kiba who were trying to find him an Tsunade's orders. He was hiding in a temple of Inari, he figured that with the Kyuubi sealed in him that this goddess would be more inclined to protect him than any others. So he strolled through the hollowed halls until he reached the altar room where he offered rice and sake and asked for guidance to the life he wanted. Now neither Naruto nor the Kyuubi were expecting to get a reply let alone have Inari appear like she did.

"My children you have suffered much in this world and I wish to offer the chance of beginning again. There are some changes that I can not do but not being able to do them has many benefits," states Inari with a kind smile.

Naruto and the Kyuubi were to speechless to do anything but nod dumbly with hope in their eyes.

"I am not able to reverse the sealing without great risk to both your souls so you will be reincarnated much as you are now with a few tweaks to the seal and because of the seal you will have to keep your memories and current chakra levels," says Inari with growing mischief in her eyes.

"What kind of tweaks?" The Kyuubi asked knowing that his goddess would be able to hear him even though he is sealed.

"Much like Naruto can summon toads he will be able to summon you, but unlike the toads unless he on purposely releases your summoning you will be able to stay in the real world and use your chakra," replies Inari with a smirk.

"Well kit I am up for the deal but the final decision lays with you, after all if I don't like it I can just stay in your mindscape (which is now a forest and the Kyuubi wears a collar with the seal on it instead) while you have to deal with it," states the Kyuubi knowing it was a win-win for him.

"I will agree as long as you promise me a true family and I am not talking just about blood relation," states Naruto with serious just radiating from him.

Inari nods just as serious as him and getting what he means exactly. Just as Inari sends Naruto and the Kyuubi to their new lifes Kiba and Hinata can only watch in horror as they realized they busted in to late.

Naruto just smiles a true smile at them as the light takes him and the Kyuubi away from his past and hopefully into a bright future.

Kyo: Now Naruto seems really strong but I am one of those who believes that Naruto is always hiding behind a mask after all which is more likely him all of a sudden getting super strong under a teacher like Jiraiya or feeling threatened by the villagers causing him to train hard in secret and hide his skills. He also has a being of near unlimited chakra sealed inside him so he deserves to be strong but he is only physically and mentally strong and you will see the emotional wreak he is in later chapters. I also can not wait to show you my plan for the whole the Kyuubi out of the seal thing. Next chapter will be a lot like this one because like I used this chapter to get Naruto out of his original dimension the next chapter will be getting the turtles slimed and growing up as such.

On the chapter of Orange Shinobi Forever is Chapter 2: Turtle? Youngest?

The turtles grow up- some family bonding moments included, Tsunade's response to Naruto's leaving, and we shall moves towards the action the takes place in TMNT and if Mikey will tell his family of his past.