Simon: Brice Wayne/Batmunk I knew I gad to just make my own squeal to Batmunk. I loved that episode so here's the squeal to that episode

Jeanette: Alexandra/Batmunkette

Alvin: The Jokester

Brittany: Nikki Nail/Brittany Quinn

Theodore: Happy

Eleanor: Poison Ivory

The Return of Batmunk

"Are the Chipettes here yet to see the movie?" Theodore asked.

"They'll be here when they get here." Simon said.

"Yeah, then Brittany can agree with me that the bad guys have more fun." Alvin said.

"Not this debate again." Theodore said rolling his eyes.

"No Alvin, it's the good that triumphs over evil. Jeanette will back me up on that."

"And Ellie and I are going to get ear plugs." Theodore added. DING DONG, the doorbell rung.

"I'll get it." Alvin yelled. Alvin opened the door to Brittany, who was wearing pink as usual, and Eleanor who was wearing spring green as usual, but Jeanette was wearing a purple Batmunkette shirt.

"Nice shirt." Simon complimented.

"I like yours too." Jeanette replied. Simon was wearing a Batmunk shirt.

"Hey, I thought we weren't going to get into costume until you all got here?" Theodore said.

"Don't worry Theodore." Eleanor said. "We are Jeanette just wanted to wear her Batmunkette shirt right away."

"Come on let's all the rest of us change. I want to the squeal to Batmunk already." Alvin complained. Brittany and Eleanor took the downstairs bathroom while Alvin and Theodore took the upstairs. While they went to get changed, Simon took Jeanette to the living room where they would be watching the movie.

"For you." Simon said while giving her a purple rose. "Batmunkette."

"For you." Jeanette said giving Simon the Batmunk cape she just bought. "Batmunk."

"Thanks Jenny." Simon then put the cape on. "How do I look?"

"Dashing….I mean flattering…..I mean you look good." Jeanette was very shy around Simon and she just didn't know how to confess her love for him. They were best friends, but they never seemed to get their relationship to a whole new level. Simon secretly liked Jeanette a lot but didn't know how to tell her.

"Thanks Jeanette." Simon said with a stutter. He began to sweat, but he allowed himself to hug Jeanette. It was the farthest he's ever gotten, he never kissed her on the cheek, but he wanted to. He was going to try and aim for the kiss on Jeanette's cheek when Alvin, Theodore, Brittany, and Eleanor came into the room. Simon quickly pulled away.

"Hey guys." Alvin said. "Look I'm the Jokester."

"I'm Brittany Quinn." Brittany said. "Although, that's funny that her name is Brittany."

"I'm Poison Ivory." Eleanor said.

"And I am Happy." Theodore said.

"And we are Batmunk and Batmunkette." Simon said. "Come on let's start the movie. I can't wait any longer for the first appearance of Batmunkette."

"And don't forget Poison Ivory." Eleanor said.

"And Brittany Quinn." Brittany added.

"Yeah, right, sorry." Simon said apologizing. Everyone got on the couch, Theodore dimmed the lights, and Simon sat next to Jeanette and pressed PLAY on the remote.

The crowd at city hall had formed all at 8:00 P.M. There was a ceremony to be held for the beloved Batmunk and Mr. Brice Wayne. The crowd was cheering loudly when Batmunk entered the stage.

"Hello." Batmunk said to the crowd. "I'm really flattered by this ceremony, I really am, but I'm just here to help. Any questions?"

"Yeah Batmunk." One reporter asked. "Did you hear about Mr. Wayne's engagement?"

"Brice and I very good friends, so yes I do know."

"Another Batmunk." A women reporter said. "Why do you do what you do?"

"Well, if I don't help who will? One more question, you." Batmunk pointed at another women reporter.

"Are there any other heroes you know?"

"Yes, I do but they protect their own places in which they live. I'm the only hero here and I prefer working alone." Batmunk walked off the stage to Happy, his Butler.

"You were wonderful, sir." He said. Batmunk had removed his costume and there stood in a tux, was Brice Wayne. "Good luck, sir." Brice nodded and went back onto the stage.

"Hello." He said. "Thanks for holding this ceremony. I'm really glad that the toy sale came through. I like to thank my butler, Happy and my fiancé, Alexandra." The crowd cheered. Then Brice talked about how the ratings for the greatest toy ever were high and how much money he made to the orphanage (WHICH WAS OVER BILLIONS OF DOLLARS). This was broadcasted on live television. Brice/Batmunk was un a where that the Jokester inside his prison cell was watching.

"When I get out, bat, I'm going to get you." He then laughed his evil laugh.