Sorry it's so short but it's time I really started getting a move on with this story. Now it's the moment you've been waiting for, yes how Batmunkette became Batmunkette.

"Your home so early." Alexandra said.

"Yeah, we just figured out who Brittany Quinn is." Birdmunk said.


"I think she's Nikki Nail." Batmunk stated approaching the couch and began dusting for finger prints.

"OMG! How could you think that poor girl is a villain?" Alexandra asked.

"Well, let's compare these finger prints." Batmunk pulled out a picture of the finger prints on the cell that he had taken before he was fighting Poison Ivory.

"While your observing Batmunk," Birdmunk said. "We defeated Poison Ivory and that's something good."

"Oh thank goodness." Alexandra said with relief. "I'm so glad that she's something not to worry about anymore."

"AGH HAH!" Batmunk said. "It's a match!"

"But how? Nikki seemed so sweet." Alexandra said.

"I don't know, but I know it's work of the Jokester no doubt about it. Birdmunk stay with Alexandra, I need to go back to the asylum."

"Yes sir." Replied Birdmunk.

"Brice wait.." Alexandra tried to say but he was out the door and out of site and that is when Alexandra finished her line. "It's his birthday and he doesn't even realize it."

"Don't worry Alexandra," Birdmunk said. "I'm sure he realizes it, it's just that maybe being Batmunk is more important to him now."

"If being Batmunk is more important than his Birthday I got him the wrong present." While Alexandra said that Birdmunk had already gone to his room and changed back into his butler clothes. "Dang your quick."

"Well, I am a butler."

"True, Happy, have you ever felt that Brice and I are always separated to much?"

"Now you say it, yeah."

"With this new villain out who is Nikki Nail, probably being controlled by the Jokester, is going to be a challenge for Brice. Especially because we don't know much about Nikki's relationship with the Jokester."


"I mean you two."

"Alexandra what are you hinting at?" Alexandra smirked and whispered in Happy's ear, at first Happy thought Alexandra was being crazy stupid but kindly agreed to the plan. They got out the sewing machine and fabric and after 2 hours it was finished.

Batmunk came home late that night as he walked through the door, he said to himself.

"Another night of dead ends." He sighed at his sentence. Then a figured appeared behind him, Batmunk turned around and grabbed the figures hand and the lights came on revealing the figure. The figure was wearing a costume similar to his with a skirt and high top boots.

"Happy Birthday!" The figure squealed. "So Batmunk, what do you think? I spent all day working on it. For now on, call me Batmunkette. The room was silent...Nothing but Batmunk's face with his mouth all the way open showed expression.