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Raven tapped on the outside of the door twice, impatiently before walking straight into his room. His room. His room, containing one Boy Wonder who brought his gaze up to meet hers.

One Boy Wonder who was now looking at her, without his mask.

His eyes were bright blue. Like the shocking, memorable blue you saw when you looked at the ocean from space. It was that deep.

Eventually, it dawned on Raven that not only was she staring at something none of the Titans had ever seen, she had been doing so for almost a minute. And she was blushing like crazy. She averted her eyes.

"Raven," he murmured, tilting his head a little bit to the left.

"R-Robin…?" her composure was completely gone.

"You look cute when you're embarrassed,"

What? That was it? Wait. She was cute?

That was new.

"And you should wear your mask less often,"

And that was that.

She'd always figured he slept and showered with his mask on.