Miniscule of Pink

By Miss Unfading

"Sakura!" a husky voice boomed over the Haruno household. Mrs. Haruno yelled at her pink-headed child, who shut her eyes tightly to avoid potential spit from her mother's mom. Mrs. Haruno closed her eyes and sighed, raising a palm to her head, the other hand resting on the kitchen table. "Can't you at least dress a bit nicer? It's your first day in a new school, and you choose to wear...that. And can you please comb your hair on the way?" She grabbed her car keys and looked at her daughter with crossed eyebrows. "And I thought girls your age worried about looks and fashion more than anything else! On top of that, you're the daughter of a fine fashion designer! Christ, what am I gonna do with you..."

Seventeen-year-old Sakura hesitated as she untied her ponytail. Annoyed, she shot back. "Will this make me look more ladylike? And if I add on that pink blazer you gave me for Christmas, will you shut up?" She stuffed a piece of pancake into her mouth, glaring at her mother with green flames in her eyes.

Mrs. Haruno glared back. "Fine."

"See, you look much better now, honey!" Mrs. Haruno exclaimed happily, after braiding her daughter's hair into a fishtail. They were standing beside their red Subaru outside Sakura's new school, which they couldn't even see because of the ridiculously high walls.

Sakura groaned. "I feel like some cherry blossom." She took her now braided hair to her hand and muttered, "Well it is kind of cool looking I guess..."

Mrs. Haruno laughed. "Sakura, my sweet, you are a cherry blossom!" She ended her laugh abruptly and stared at her daughter gravely. "Sakura. You mess around in this school; I'm shipping you to military academy. I'm still on your case for doing…what you did to tha - those girls. Your temper and actions can cost you, Sakura. You're an intelligent send someone to the hospital in this school, and it's over for you. Learn how to control your anger." Sakura nodded with a bored expression on her face. She had heard this countless times since her transfer to the new school was finalized. Mrs. Haruno stared at her carefully. "Sakura, this is no joke. Please take this seriously."

"Mom, you've told me this three trillion times," Sakura grumbled. "I promise this will be the last school transfer."

Mrs. Haruno continued to look at her daughter skeptically for a good minute or two, until she clicked her tongue and sighed. She opened the car door and reached into a compartment, coming out with a cigarette and a lighter, and met a condescending look on her daughter's face. "What? I'm just a little more worried than usual." She turned her face away from her daughter, pressed the cigarette between her lips, lit it, and took a long drag. She blew out a puff of smoke into the sky and turned to look at her daughter again. "I'll miss you, hun."

Sakura rolled her eyes and gave her mother a playful grin. "Whatever, mom! You're probably tired of me lounging around all day. And I told you to quit smoking."

"This will be my last one, I promise. As long as you don't get in trouble."

Sakura crossed her eyebrows. "Have you no trust in me, your only daughter, at all!" She put her hand on the handle of her luggage bag and raised it. "Mom, I'll miss you." She pulled her mother into an embrace.

"I love you, sweet pea," Mrs. Haruno's voice trembled as she rubbed her daughter's back. She pulled away from the embrace and kissed her daughter on the cheek. "Listen, I gotta go. I have an appointment with one of my tailors. " She stepped into the car and paused to look at her daughter once more. "You take care of yourself all right!"

"I love you, mom." Sakura said. Mrs. Haruno blew her a kiss and stepped into the car. The engine started and Sakura watched the car drive away until it was out of sight. She turned to the baffle gate located in the high wall which would lead to her new school and sighed while she swiped her identification card on the turnstile. She walked through the gate, and her jaw dropped at once.

" Konoha Private Academy?" She whispered in amazement.

The school was immaculate. On each side of the main building were green grounds – the grass, free from any kind of trash, was green and glistening; the trees were aligned perfectly, and beautiful red roses were planted around each tree. Far from the building, and on the grounds were another two large buildings on each side. Sakura figured these were the dormitories.

Sakura walked through the pathway into the main building and stared at the place. It was massive and the walls were white and spotless. The windows…well it didn't look like there were any windows at all. Sakura stared in astonishment, as she slowly walked to the principal's office, taking her time to examine every detail. She finally reached the principal's office and knocked twice at the door.

"Come in!" A voice came from the principal's room after Sakura knocked. She opened the door to find a huge room, with a couch and a television. There were two desks; the smaller one completely neat and organized, the other flooded with papers and food wrappers. On the latter was a name plaque: S. Tsunade, Principal.

Standing behind the mess of a table was a tall, curvy woman with blonde hair and...well, immense breasts. Sakura doubted whether she was the principal or not: For starters, she was wearing only a green bathrobe. She placed a hand on her hips and smiled at Sakura, her right eyebrow raised.

"Umm..Hi, I'm Haruno Sakura?" Sakura awkwardly grinned at the principal.

"Welcome, my dear, I have been expecting you! I am Tsunade, the principal of this school! Now if you just come here for a minute, I will give you your schedule and a map of the school." The principal opened her drawers as Sakura approached her desk. "There you go! And as for your dorm room, you will be staying with Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, and Tenten. Here's your dorm room number. I believe Yamanaka and Hyuuga share some classes with you, so don't be afraid to talk to them! Tenten is a senior, and you'll get to know her most likely at lunch."

"And, someone will be assisting you in this school for the next three days, and he should be coming right about now!" Tsunade's voice exploded happily. "Don't think we're just gonna leave a poor newcomer alone! While we wait for that person, feel free to sit right over there, dear." She pointed to a leather couch by the door. Sakura bowed her head in gratitude and did as the principal told her to do.

A couple of minutes later, the door swung open, revealing a young man about Sakura's age, hands in his pockets and an apathetic scowl on his face.

Tsunade beamed. "Sakura, this is Sasuke Uchiha! He shares the same classes as you, which is why I chose him," she exclaimed. "Uchiha, be polite and greet the lady."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted. He sighed. "I will be your..' assistant' for the next three days, so you can be familiar with this damned school." He seemed to be rather disgusted using the word "assistant."

"Language, Uchiha! I'll damn you to hell if you don't watch that damn mouth of yours."

"Shut up, hag. I find no reason to obey who goes to work with only a robe and slippers," the young man snapped back.

Sakura eyed her classmate.

Sakura has only had one boyfriend in her whole life, and that was when she was twelve. But, of course, being only wee fetuses, that didn't work out too well, which caused Sakura to be more boyish, and only see boys as friends or enemies. Her first and only boyfriend, was a boy named Sai, an extremely social awkward but talented idiot, that did not really get the concept of "a relationship." Or the outside world, in general.

This Sasuke looked like Sai, except maybe more handsome. Sasuke had narrow, inscrutable, black eyes and pale vermillion lips that were shut tight. His ivory skin was free from any blemishes (as far as Sakura knew, since she did not know what was under his polo shirt. Not that she was imagining what was under it, anyway.) His hair was styled unusually; Sasuke had long spikes on the back of his raven hair, and some of it hung on the sides of his face. His hair reminded Sakura of a duck's bottom, which rather amused the girl. But other than that, Sakura almost thought of him as..well, perfect. Perfect-looking that is, he could be the world's biggest asshole, Sakura thought.

Sakura held out her hand and smiled. "Hi, I'm Sakura Haruno. Pleased to meet you, Sasuke."

Sasuke kept his hands in his pockets and grunted. Sakura slowly and awkwardly put her hand back to her side. "Okay...well, then, shall we go, Sasuke?"

"Wow, I expected you to be flirting with him already!" Tsunade teased. "Now, off you go you youngsters! Treat her nicely, okay, Uchiha?"

Sasuke opened the door and walked through it, not even holding it for the pinkette who had just picked up her bags in front of him. And I thought him and Sai had a lot in common. Sakura rolled her eyes as she held the door with her foot, following Sasuke. "We'll go to the dormitories first to put your stuff," he said.

The walk towards the dorm was quiet. Sasuke did not bother to engage in small conversation with the newcomer along the way, and when Sakura tried to stir one up, the boy would just simply keep his eyes forward, as if not hearing her at all. When the two got to the first dormitory building, which was the building on the left side of the school campus, Sasuke asked Sakura for her dorm room number.

"Don't you know Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga and Tenten?" Sakura asked him, hoping he would because she was too lazy to remember or get the dorm room number from her bag.

"Yeah." Sasuke uttered.

Sakura waited for a few seconds for Sasuke to elaborate his two-word sentence. "Then….do you know their dorm room number?" She finally said.


Sakura then again waited a few moments for Sasuke to add something. When he didn't, she asked, "Then...Will you tell me their room number?"

"You should know that."

Sakura's eye twitched.

"Listen you little shit, I have two bags in my hands right now, and these are two large, heavy bags on that matter. And you don't even at least hold the door for me! And now you want me to get my dorm room number from my bookbag, which is settled upon my aching back right now, if you ask me, and you say you know the three girls I mentioned and, what is the ma—" Sakura's voice was getting louder and louder with every word.

"You're annoying," Sasuke cut the girl off and massaged his forehead. "It's Room 38 on the second floor."

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto.