"Sasuke, join art club with me."


Well it was worth a shot. Sakura had predicted his answer even before she considered asking him. She sighed and listened to her partner's pencil tapping in Kakashi's class as she quickly copied the contact information on the art club brochure into her phone. She was terrible at art but the club itself seemed pretty fun, and she knew a couple of other kids were joining too. She heard from others that clubs were an opportunity to get out of class every now and then and to do something rather fun.

Kakashi cleared his throat and lazily said, "Okay, well..that's all for today, class. Early release for you today, lucky ones. Don't forget to work on chapter..chapter..the chapter we just worked on."

The sounds of papers shuffling and bags zipping filled the room. Sakura and Sasuke picked up their backpacks and proceeded to walk out the room, Sakura muttering a 'bye' to their teacher before doing so.

"Art club seems so fun! I'm signing up!" Sakura expressed enthusiastically to her rather disinterested classmate.

"Really," Sasuke replied sardonically. "You've said that eight times."

"Well I'm sorry for not being a bitter hag like you!" Sakura snapped but went back to grinning right away. "This is the first club I'm joining in my life. We never had clubs at my old school."

"Yeah," Sasuke said, obviously not listening to the girl at all, which earned her a kick in the back of his chin from Sakura. He gave her an icy stare, counterattacked by piercing green eyes.

"But, I think I'm signing up today, so if you could be so kind as to tell me where the art department is, I'll be more than glad to leave you alone."


The Uchiha moved slightly in front of Sakura and she took this as a yes. He led her to the ground floor and into a secluded, narrow hallway with dim lights. He turned to look at her.

"Sasuke…no one's here." Sakura pointed out.

He didn't even bat an eyelash. He continued to glue his eyes on the pinkette's for a good thirty seconds before turning the corner of his mouth upwards into a tiny smirk and looked to the floor. "Just kidding," he said quietly and his eyes widened as if he had not meant to say that. He wrinkled his nose for a brief moment and walked further into the hallway.

"What the….Hey! Just kidding for what!" Sakura said loudly as she marched after him.

Sasuke stopped at a door and opened it, revealing a staircase to a lower level. He went down first with Sakura following close behind.

"Sasuke…are you sure you're taking me to the art department?"

"I don't recall complying to that request."

"You little shit! Where are you taking me!"

At the end of the staircase was a huge bustling room of mostly hipster-looking students drawing, painting, making something out of deflated balloons, everything. Music was blasted throughout the room and everyone was lively.

"The art department!" Sakura exclaimed. "Ah, Kankuro and Gaara!" She pointed to somewhere at the far corner of the room and hustled to the location, now with Sasuke following her.

"Hey!" Kankuro grinned brightly at the two. "You guys gonna join the art club?"

"I am!" Sakura gushed.

"You Sasuke?" Kankuro asked the boy, who shook his head. Kankuro clicked his tongue. "That's too bad, bro."

"Hey, where do I sign up?" Sakura asked excitedly and Kankuro pointed to a table on the other side of the room. "Oooh, okay! Thanks! I'll be right back."

Sakura practically ran towards the table, which were occupied by three people who Sakura figured must be heads of the club. She approached the friendly looking blonde woman at the end of the table.

"Hi! I would like to sign up?"

The woman grinned. "Heeey, girl. If you could just fill this form out real quick and you'll be added to our members list." She handed Sakura a pink form. "It only takes like fifty seconds."

"I'll get to it." Sakura said eagerly and got a pen from her bag and started filling out the form.

"You good at art, hun?" The woman asked her.

Sakura giggled. "Nowhere near close."

"Well that's all right. Like most art clubs…just express yourself and you'll be fine." She put on a pair of glasses that had been hanging around her neck by a thin chain "I have astigmatism in my left eye, so I could be totally wrong, but is that pink hair, hun?"

Sakura looked up from the form and nodded happily to the woman.

"Amazing. Your natural hair color?"


"Wow..I'm Samui, I'm in charge of the club's…practically everything." She introduced herself as Sakura handed back the form. "And your name is Sakura! That's sweet, really suits you dear."

Sakura gave her a smile. "Thanks! I'm so excited to be here."


Sakura turned to see who had called her.

Oh shit. No way.

"Sai!" Sakura nearly yelped. "S-Sai!" She stared at him again, eyes wide in shock. "Sai!" She gasped one more time.

In front of her stood Sakura's ex boyfriend, Sai, as pale as ever in his all black clothing. His full (pale) lips turned into a smile and he stepped closer to the girl.

"Sakura," He said smoothly. "May I hug you?"

Sakura was still in shock that she didn't give him a direct answer but pulled him into a hug instead.

"How are you, Sakura?" Sai questioned once the two pulled out of the embrace.

"I'm fine, fine. You? What are you doing here?" Sakura asked in response.

"I'm doing well," he said and then smiled once more. "I wanted to join the art club here. You know me," he paused to hand the form in his hands to the man in front of him. The two moved out of the table area and into an unoccupied spot in the room. "Your hair's gotten a lot longer," Sai denoted.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot it was only up to my neck when you and I…I…." Sakura froze.

"When we dated?" Sakura nodded shyly. Sai smiled and said, "It looks nice on you,"

"Thanks. I notice yours is shorter." Sakura grinned. "Anyway, how can you sign up for the art club if you don't come here?

"My bangs were a bother while I was drawing," Sai answered. "I've heard the art club here is great, and I wanted to join. The principal took a look at my drawings and she permitted me to join for free. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Sakura said. "I'm in the art club too. Do you mind lending me some of your skills so as not to embarrass myself?"

Sai chuckled.

"Ah, Sai, I'll introduce you to some of my friends. Come on," Sakura grabbed his wrist and led the boy to the corner of the room where the others were.

The two approached the three boys, Sasuke looking pissed off as per usual, Gaara indifferent, and Kankuro cheerful.

"Hey guys, this is Sai. Sai, these are the guys."

Sai held out a hand. "I'm Sai,"

Kankuro was the first to take his hand and shook it firmly. "My name's Kankuro. You go to this school? I haven't seen you before."

"No, actually, I do not. I go to the public school across town," Sai replied politely.

"Hmmm…..What are those like?" Kankuro asked, his eyes filled with curiosity. Sakura was quick to jump into the conversation.

"Hehe, these rich kids here Sai, I swear, they're pretty thick." Sakura chuckled.

"I just wanted to know what public schools are like!" Kankuro exclaimed.

Sai beamed. "They're not as extravagant as this school, that's for one." He turned to the other two boys. "May I know your names?"

"My name is Gaara," The red-head gave him a small smile. "I'm Kankuro's brother."

"I'm Sasuke."

"Is that all you're gonna say, you dickwad?" Sakura scolded and turned to Sai in an apologetic manner. "He's kind of socially retarded, you see. You've made much more improvement with your social skills in a year than he has in seventeen."

Sai gave her another smile and answered, "I'm glad to hear that, I thought I've gotten worse since you broke up with me."

A moment of awkward silence filled the group, Sakura dumbfounded by the response, Sai merely smiling happily, and the rest looking at Sakura. Sasuke's brow furrowed as stared cynically at the pinkette.

"W..w..well, I think it's the opposite actually!" Sakura uttered nervously. "Like I said, it's way better than Sasuke's here!" She managed an obviously forceful laugh.

The group was silent was more.

Sai finally broke the silence when a beeping came out of his pocket. He took out his phone, looked at the notification it had given him, and turned to Sakura.

"I have to go. My step-father." He said simply. "Would you like to go for a meal with me some time? I would love to catch up."

Sakura took a moment to decide and finally agreed. "Yes, sure. I'd like that. Do you still have my number? I still have the same one."

Sai looked back at his phone and scrolled through his contacts list. "I do. I'll give you call." He turned to the other guys and smiled once more. "It was nice meeting you guys. I hope to get to know you better in my stay here in the club."

"Yeah, no problem, man!" Kankuro said animatedly. "See ya!"

The four watched Sai move his way through the number of students, which had increased since Sasuke and Sakura arrived.

"He's a nice guy, that Sai." Kankuro said.

"You can't go to dinner with him," Sasuke hissed at Sakura, ignoring Kankuro. Sakura opened her mouth to answer but was immediately cut off by the Uchiha, who was clearly enraged. "You're married to me, remember?"

"ENGAGED, Sasuke," Sakura argued. "And besides, we're n-" Her words were again discontinued by the glare on Sasuke's eyes, which immediately reminded her that no one was supposed to know about their little secret. "It's just a meal, Sasuke! It's not like him and I are going to elope to Peru or something," Sakura grumbled.

"You're not going with him," Sasuke enunciated in a way that demanded no opposition.

"Uh, yeah, guys, we're gonna go.." Kankuro said anxiously. "Let's go, Gaara, Temari wanted us to do that remember?"

"I don't remem-" Gaara started, but Kankuro pulled him and the two left Sasuke and Sakura.

In a lower voice, Sakura murmured, "What's your deal? Just let me go to dinner with him!"

"No," Sasuke said. "Someone will see you."

"No one's going to see me!" Sakura retaliated. "You know what, why don't you come along to dinner with us then. No one's going to doubt our engagement if you're there!" Her face was almost as pink as her hair as she stared angrily at the boy in front of her.

"No," Sasuke repeated.

"You're such a spoiled brat!" Sakura said hotly and strode through the crowd to get out of the room.

She climbed up the stairs, her mind cursing at the Uchiha, and walked through the hallway and froze. Fuck, she thought. How do I get out of here…

Annoyed with herself, she went back into the hallway and aggressively turned the knob to open the door to the art department, only to reveal an irritated-looking Uchiha walking up the stairs.

Sakura averted her eyes from his and guiltily said. "I don't know how to get out of here."

Sasuke didn't say anything and simply walked in front of her, and Sakura followed him, a few paces behind.

Not a sound came from the two as they walked through the school and into the grounds. As Sakura begin to walk to the girls' dormitories, she was stopped by her stubborn friend again.

"I suppose if I went, it would be fine," He mumbled, his brows still creased.

Sakura gave him an angry pout. "I would have gone without you anyway!" She heaved a big sigh. "I'll call you about it,"

The two stared each other down angrily until a group of female voices filled the grounds. "Oh shit," Sasuke's eyes widened.

"It's your fans," Sakura smirked at him, rather enjoying the situation.

"Ah, Sasuke!" One of the female voices called out to the boy, whose face grew increasingly uneasy by the second, getting stifled laughter from Sakura. "It's Sasuke!" Other female voices eagerly joined to attempt catching the boy's attention.

Sasuke hastily grabbed Sakura's hand and pulled her closer to him, putting his other hand on her waist. He closed his eyes and quickly leaned down and pressed his lips to the girl's. He pulled away from the kiss meeting Sakura's green eyes wide in shock. Realizing what he had just done, his eyes enlarged as well and his mouth slightly opened, to tell her something, but he quickly closed it and swallowed heavily. His hand, which was still holding hers, shifted to her wrist and pulled her along with him towards the boys' dormitory. The group of girls merely stood frozen in place, stunned in disbelief.

When the two reached a spot behind the boys' dorms, they collapsed on the grass to catch their breath.

"I'm so sorry," Sasuke whispered, his tone giving a subtle hint of panic. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I-"

"C-c-calm down, it feels so weird when y-you're apologizing to me," Sakura said quietly, her voice quivering. "D-don't worry about it, it was bound to h-happen anyway," The Uchiha's eyes widened again. "We can't just be nearly-weds who don't kiss!" Sakura was avoiding her classmate's gaze and noticed how green the grass was. In the grass there are millions of cells. In those cells there are millions of atoms. Wow. Just wow. What the fuck just happened. My chest is about to burst. Someone help me.

Sasuke stood up and cleared his throat. "Y-you're right." Sakura looked up to see his face clearly flustered and couldn't even manage to giggle. Sasuke looked back down at her, his cheeks pink. "Sorry if I surprised you."

Sasuke's face was the most different from that moment. He wasn't wearing his signature smug smirk, or his trademark pissed off frown. He looked completely different, like he wasn't even Sasuke anymore. His eyes were fully open with fright, looking at Sakura, his cheeks the slightest shade of pink, and his lips pursed. In short, he looked more adorable than ever and Sakura couldn't help but grin at the thought of her seeing a side of the boy that no one seemed to even have considered imagining.

"I'll let you go," muttered the Uchiha and he went into the boys' dormitories through the back door.

Sakura slowly stood up and walked to the corner of the dorms and tried to see if there were any more of Sasuke's little fans. Sure enough, they were still standing there, their voices high pitched and angry. It's not safe to get out yet, Sakura thought.

"Ah, Sakura,"

Sakura turned around to see and Shikamaru waved his hand.


"What's up?"

"I'm just trying to not die today," Sakura answered and sighed. "Sasuke kissed me and his precious little girls saw and are kind of not so happy about it,"

Shikamaru raised his eyebrow and his jaw slightly dropped. "Sasuke kissed you?"

"Yeah," Sakura said and turned numb.

Her brain was clearing up. Sasuke had kissed her. Sasuke had kissed her. The Sasuke had kissed her. Calm down, Sakura, she reminded herself. You even told him this was going to happen and neither of you should be surprised. Sakura, calm down.

Sasuke had kissed her.

"Sh-Shikamaru..I think I'm gonna be sick."