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*sob * "w-why?" *sob*


"mou, Sasuke-kun… why does Itachi-kun seem to hate me?

Sakura asked her best friend Sasuke, who is also her boyfriend's brother


Sakura and Sasuke were sitting on the Uchiha compound's living room. The Uchiha family currently held a family reunion along with their family friends.

"oi! Don't answer me with "hn." Sasuke-kun! He has been ignoring me at work even if I'm his secretary!" Sasuke just sighed and answered her "You know Sakura… you should just let him lead the way"

"huh?" Sakura held a questioning look; definitely not understanding what he meant

"Let him lead the relationship, us Uchiha(s) like being superior… just like me and Ino" Sasuke said as he pertained to his girlfriend Ino

"Ahh! Arigatou Sasuke-kun!" Sakura hugged him very tight and ran off to find his brother.

After a couple of minutes, Sasuke wandered and passed by the balcony which were occupied by his brother and best friend(A/N: I mean Sakura if you think it's naruto) making out.

So he thought… maybe making out with his own girlfriend wont hurt

Sasuke's advice went pretty well, but still… after a couple of months of Itachi and Sakura being together (secretly, well…it was kept secret to outsiders because if the media knew about the Uchiha having an affair especially with his secretary, that would be a very large issue which will affect the Uchiha company's reputation…so they kept it secret)

Itachi broke up with Sakura … leaving Sakura slightly depressed. Err… okay! A Lot.

And also, after a couple of weeks, Ino has been avoiding him… until one day, Sasuke caught his brother and Ino, his girlfriend making out in the plaza, well eventually… Sasuke broke up with her but still… Sasuke still liked her.

Yes, Like not love. But if their relationship lasted longer… it could have been love

Because of that incident, Sasuke has been colder, well… lets say colder(er) to everyone and anyone. Even the dobe and his mom. He sure wants to get his possession back no matter what and that's how he hated his brother more than ever, well he hated him before but now,

Its on another level of hate.

Sasuke was wandering at the plaza (a/n: you know… the one with fountain in the middle with the benches and is encircled by store , shops and café's) in the middle of the night until he notices a pink blob at a nearby bench.

He knew it was Sakura since there weren't many people who has pink far as he knows… Sakura and her mother are the only ones he knows who has pink hair.

Sasuke walked over the bench and tapped Sakura's shoulder. Sakura has her head bowed cause she was crying as her face was buried in her hands. She didn't want anyone to see her like this.


And that's why Sakura cried err… sobbed. So now, on with the story!

*sob* w-why? *sob* Sakura faced Sasuke with red eyes and tear stained cheeks

"You've been absent for a week now" Sasuke just had his hands on his head; lazily staring at the stars beside Sakura

"I don't care! He replaced me for Ino! Ino of all people! The best friend I has since childhood!" Sakura screamed at Sasuke, Tears poured from her eyes which made it more red.

"Shut up" Sasuke told her calmly while shutting his eyes close

"How can you tell m-" but then it strucked her.

Itachi. Itachi is Sasuke's brother… the one who stole Sasuke's girlfriend Ino… the one Ino chose over Sasuke…

His brother… HIS OWN BROTHER!

How can Sasuke be so calm? While she here is moping around! He should be the one who has the right to cry! Not her… well… she has a little bit of right to do so! But still!

Sakura stopped crying and wiped her cheeks, she leaned closer and stared at Sasuke with her innocent viridian orbs.

Sasuke felt Sakura staring at him




He grew irritated and annoyed at her stare that is like burning a hole through him. Sasuke's eyes shot open and glared at Sakura with the pissed off look on his face

But still…

Even though with "Uchiha-not-so-death-glare-at-the-moment"

She still didn't took her gaze away from him… she still stared at him… stared at him with those sincere eyes.

Those Innocent Viridian sincere eyes which made him feel tingly inside…

But what's an Uchiha Gonna do? Right… Ignore the feeling and GLARE.

"WHAT?" Sasuke asked rudely but then.. before he know it, she hugged him.

Sasuke's eyes softened and his annoyed look changed into a confused look

"ummm…..Sakura… what are you doing?" said Sasuke raising an eyebrow

"Baka! Don't you know! I'm hugging you!" Sakura furrowed her eyebrows while saying her reply

"But why?" Sasuke felt warmth with her hugging him… and felt really nice as if he never wanted to let go... But still, he didn't hugged back because he was still confused at the moment

"Well… it seems your so calm that it doesn't even bother you even though it was your brother who…" Sakura didn't continued her sentence since she knew that it wasn't only Sasuke who was gonna get hurt but also her. Sasuke gritted his teeth and replied:

"You don't know how I feel" Sasuke pushed her away and stood up from the bench and was starting to walk away but a hand stopped him

He turned to look who has been stopping him… well of course! It was Sakura… who else would it be? They're the only ones on the plaza for pete's sake!

So Sakura held his wrist. Her head bowed slightly with her hair covering her eyes like a veil

" I know…" Sakura muttered quietly. Sasuke stopped his tracks while Sakura still held his wrist "I know your hurting… even if you don't show it… I know you hate your brother more than ever and-" Sakura was cut off when Sasuke pulled his hand away from her grip. She raised her head and saw Sasuke's retreating fugure

"This doesn't concern you… Go mind your own business" Sasuke muttered before walking away which didn't go unheard by a certain pink haired female…

A pink haired female who's heart was crushed… TWICE.

By two Uchiha Bastards…

Wasn't she supposed to be his best friend?

From this day on…

"I, Sakura Haruno… will hate Uchiha Sasuke (a little)… yep… Sasuke only not Itachi…. "

Then Sakura smirked.

"It's because I'm going to get him back"

With sasuke and his emo(ness)

Annoying bitch…tch…

I, Sasuke Uchiha shall hate not only my brother but alsomy said to be best friend, Sakura Haruno


I'm going to get her back from Itachi


What's mine is mine.

With that, Sasuke smirked as he retreated into the darkness

Again. -_-



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