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With Sasuke

Today wasn't his day… why is life so unfair? It all started out nice and simple with all the paperwork and the meetings but why of all people does Sakura have to be there? Has to be there holding those red, delicious, juicy tomatoes in her hands inside that medium-sized box. Sure she didn't killed him when he left her with the over-priced bill; of course she couldn't. Cause if she did kill him, she'd go to jail… and if she goes to jail, she wouldn't get her Itachi-kun back from her best friend Ino.

So all she did was do work while eating those red delicious tomatoes in front of him… well, across him since her desk was right across his. He has four words to describe her that time: She is a Sadist.

She was a sadist! Eating those tomatoes without sharing them! Okay… he is now being childlish.

Luckily, work is over and he is was now home, sitting on the dining chair while waiting for the chef to finish cooking his tomato Salad and for the maids to bring the food to him. His mother and father were also there waiting for their food.

It's very strange of him to start a conversion since he wasn't the talkative type of guy and they always say he is very anti-social person but right now, he needed to know something… he needed to know where Itachi and Ino went. It wasn't only for him but for Sakura as well…

Sakura might torture him again with her evil plans or she might throw a fit that will surely annoy the hell out of him if he didn't cooperate with their Plans of getting Ino and Itachi back.

And also…

They Pinky sweared…

Yeah, yeah… It may sound girly but Sakura forced him… and now, they are on a mission of getting their Ex(s) back.

Sasuke cleared his throat and started to speak with monotonous velvety voice.

"Mom, Dad" both parent looked at their son and had those questioning look on their faces

"What is it honey?" Mikoto spoke up; knowing her husband won't talk and will only listen

"Where's Itachi and Ino"

"Why ask Sasuke"


"Why Ask?"

"Hn." Mikoto pouted as her eyebrows furrowed at her son who only says an Unknown word "Hn."

"Stop saying Hn! It's becoming a habit!"

"It already is" Fugaku piped in as he took a sip from the glass of water.

"It's all your fault! Mikoto Faced at her husband with the same look on her face

"Hn." Was all Fugaku could reply before he got the newspaper and started to read.

"Mom, where are they?"

"Just tell me why do you ask!" and now, Mikoto has the tone of a little girl. With that, Sasuke just gave in and told her the reason.

"Sakura and I are going there too" Sasuke said, not revealing the whole reason or else his mother would be mad at him and would be calling him thief or something like that.

"Ooh! You and Sakura-chan?" Mikoto's face lightened when she heard Sakura's name "She and Itachi broke up, but I didn't know that you two are together!" She clasped her hands to her chest as she smiled happily.

"Were not"

"Ooh…really… well, I'll let you two follow them in Suna" The Uchiha female held a sly smirk as she eyed Sasuke who is now sitting lazily on his chair.

"Hn. Suna eh?"

"Of course, They have many beaches there!"


Fugaku stopped reading the newspaper and settled it down on the long dining table as he looked at his son. "what about work?"

"I'll have Juugo take over for awhile"

"Take over?"

"He'll do the paperwork and reschedule my meetings"


"I'll leave in a week"

The maids entered the room carrying the food

Finally, Tomatoes…

"oh! And don't forget to keep your relationship secret okay?" Mikoto added

"Whatever Mom"

It was another day for Sakura at the office. She doesn't have Itachi now to get her nervous just like yesterday when she thought Itachi was there but it was kinda lonely not having Itachi around. She was counting on Sasuke who was just right across the room. She'll definitely torture him with another plan if he didn't get Information! Gosh! She haven't slept last night because of excitement to know where her dear Itachi-kun was. It will really piss her off if she found out that Sasuke just slept comfortably last night and smile evilly because he knows she'll be mad. Nope! Erase that! He won't smile! Well, he can smile evilly but not smiling because he only smiles once in a blue moon. So he is more like smirking.

"Oooh! I'll really kick his ass (If I can) even if he is her boss!" Sakura absent-mindedly pounded her fist on her desk as she glared at Sasuke. The pounding sound she made caught Sasuke's attention so he turned to look at Sakura with his usual emotionless expression on his face.

"What is that about?" Sasuke asked as Sakure then realized what she had done and held a fake sheepish grin as she scratched her head

"Ah! Oh! Ahahaha…did I did what I Think what I did?"


"Ahahahehehe…" Sasuke then tore his gaze away from her and started scanning the files in his hand again "Bastar, Be sure you know where they are or your dead" Sakura muttered as she ran her fingers on the folders inside the drawer but unfortunately, Uchiha Sasuke heard that.

"Hn. Let's not talk about that now and focus on our work"

"Oh! Uh… You heard that?" Sakura shot her head up and turned to look at Sasuke who was still caught up in scanning the files "Hn."

"uh….um…okay…" With that, Sakura scolded herself inwardly for being careless. She stopped scolding herself when the Ice cube spoke up.

"Let's just talk about that later at lunch"

"Oh, Okay" Sakura then took out a folder from the drawer and turned to look at Sasuke with a smirk on her face. "I'll definitely make you pay the bill when we eat and I'll make sure it would be expensive" Sasuke faced Sakura who was now smirking at him as his lips form a smirk as well. "Hn. I don't mind"


Sasuke and Sakura were now Inside the same cafe and same seats as yesterday. Sakura is now currently eating a whole cake, one large chocolate milkshake, hamburger with french fries and one large cup of Ice cream.

"Your going to get fat and die" Sasuke stared blankly at her as he took a bite at the fresh tomato in his hand.

"Just shut up and mind your own business" Sakura said in a strange tone since her mouth was full. she swallowed hard as she cut a slive of cake and shoved it inside her mouth. then, she scooped an amount of Ice cream on her spoon and shoved it also in her mouth even if she hadn't swallowed the cake. She chewed on the food inside her mouth and swallowed some of the chewed food in her mouth.

"Your Disgusting"

"Atleast I'm not eating tomato for breakfast, lunch and dinner"


"You just don't eat sweets" Sakura said as she swallowed the food remaining inside her mouth.

"Stop Eating" Sasuke demanded as he ate a whole tomato

"Tch. I hope you choke on that" Sakura mumbled as she settled the spoon and fork down on the table and looked at Sasuke. Sasuke swallowed when he finished chewing on the red juicy tomato inside his mouth. he cleared his throat as he starts to speak with Sakura.

"So, do you know where they are?" Sakura held a creepy smile as she asked Sasuke. She will definitely form a new plan to torture him if he doesn't have anything to say "hmm..what about-"


"Huh? what?"

"They are in Suna"

"They are In Suna?"


"Are you sure?"


"Are you really sure?"


"Are you really really sure?"

*Super-mega-death-glare-to-the-fifth-power activated* She felt his Glare and Smiled

"Okay... you can stop glaring now! I get it...they are not in Suna" Sakura faked sighed which made the Uchiha snap

"Sakura" Sasuke held that dark emo tone which creeped her out and almost made her fall off her chair because of his Emo-ness

"Your scaring me Sasuke! Stop it! Okay okay! they are in suna! I believe you so stop being emo... I was just messing with you...i just kinda missed those days.." Sakura looked away from him; pouting with her eyebrows furrowed. Sasuke always unknowingly make her want to get mad at him these days... Sasuke cooled off and looked at her with the usual cold look on his face. Sakura sensed this and faced sasuke with a smile as she asked.

"So... when are going to get booked on the airport?"

"No" Sakura was shocked by his reply... doesn't he want Ino back anymore? why the sudden decision? Sakura held many questions in her head when Sasuke suddenly spoke up.

"Don't get the wrong Idea" She Ignored what he said and asked him with sadness in her voice.

"Are you breaking our pinky promise?" She asked like she was a little girl

"No, Im no- what?"

"What, what?"

"Pinky... Promise?" Sasuke held a confused tone as he looked at Sakura.

"Yeah, dont you remember?"


So... lets just make this short shall we?

Sakura held her pinky out as she talks about not falling inlove with each other while they also have a deal of getting Ino and Itachi back. Sasuke said it was silly but Sakura forced him on doing the pinky promise. So now, they are in a mission of getting their ex(s) back and not falling in love in the process

End of Flashback...

"So... do you remember now?"

"Tch. whatever"

"So now... are you breaking it?"

"Your annoying... stop talking, I'll explain."

"Fine" Sakura whined as she crossed her arms

"We will take the Uchiha family's Private plane"


"And we'll leave next week"

"R-really?" Sakura giggled as she stood up "Oh Sasuke! I'm really happy!" Sakura remained standing with her eyes closed; dreaming of what could happen when they see Itachi and Ino. She opened her eyes and smirked at Sasuke "But it doesn't mean I'll pay for our food bill right now" Sakura then started skipping toward the door as she waved goodbye

"See you Later Sasuke!" With that, Sakura left leaving Sasuke with those food she ordered

"She didn't even finished her food" Sasuke said as he took another tomato and took a bite

"Bill!" Sasuke shouted as he gestured his hand for the waiter to come

"Ah...yes sir... all of that would be two hundred and fifty bucks"

"Tch. whatever" Sasuke left leaving with the money on the table and put some 5 dollar tip for the waiter

She missed the old days eh?

"Your scaring me Sasuke! Stop it! Okay okay! they are in suna! I believe you so stop being emo... I was just messing with you...i just kinda missed those days.."
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