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She sat by her window, her gaze to what lie just beyond it. 'My Kingdom,' she thought setting the pen down on the letter she had been working on, 'or soon to be.' She got up, and walked past the glass door to stand outside on the balcony, she was greeted by the lush forest that made her country. She sighed and leaned on the rail, her long brown hair swayed in the wind that seemed to be heavy. She looked down at her necklace, 'tomorrow another will take its place as I become a wife and queen.' She smiled absently.

In the Kingdom of Viram, where the trees grew tall, and the people were unbothered by the business of the surrounding kingdoms, where the princess had to be married to be queen. A country that was always peaceful and never had any wars. In short it was perfect.

But even perfection holds underlying poison.

All sat in the royal court and looked upon the princess with awe, her long brown hair had been twisted into a most elegant bun, and her brown eyes glittered with joy. Her emerald dress had a magnificent train. To them the princess was like the earth they loved, brown – giving. Her groom was a friend she knew since her childhood, he too wore robes of emerald, and his smile barely contained his joy. Their union would be perfect.

But even perfection can be ruined.

She joined hands with him and smiled brightly, "Like the cycle of the world continues, so does this charm in which I present to you on our wedding day… my wife – my queen." He said removing her old necklace (Which was of silver.) and placing a new one, it was gold… gold was a metal that lasted longer than silver.

"And I… as the cycle remains; so shall this charm, my husband… my king." And so she removed his silver necklace and placed a gold one in its stead,

"May we rule justly and fairly." They said together.

The evening was perfect.

But perfection never lasts.

"I think not." A voice said, they turned and saw a man, behind him men stood, "Congratulations to the newly weds!" He said clapping loudly,

"You." The princess said in horror,

"Miss me Princess Aurelia?" He asked mockingly, "Or… Queen Aurelia."

"You were banished from this Kingdom!" She said walking forward,

"You see… my dear, dear niece; nothing could keep me away from your wedding, and your ascension." He smirked, "Especially after my… talk with my dear sister and her beloved husband."

"W-what did you do?" She asked fearing the worse.

He drew out a bloodied hand from his tunic pocket and dropped two identical gold necklaces "I got those the hard way."

"No!" She fell to her knees in horror,

"Now I intend to harvest more!"

She looked up, everyone was banging on some sort of invisible barrier; she looked towards her husband "Marcus!" She yelled out, one of the men that came with her uncle had a knife pressed against his neck.

"Give us the kingdom… or her dies."

"Aurelia don't!" Marcus yelled out,

"I –" She said, she quickly looked around, 'I swore I'd never use it – but I must!' She clapped her hands together, her uncle held a sword to her face; she paid no attention to it as she muttered quickly. A seal appeared beneath her feet, giving her an ethereal glow. Her uncle flew back and the barrier broke. "Since the promise is broken." She muttered darkly as hordes of rebels ran in, she held out her arm, a seal appeared at her elbow and from her arm a sword appeared in her hand, Marcus imitated her action, and a spear appeared in his hand and he quickly brought down his captor.

She ran and her blade met that of her uncle's, "Watch your country crumble before you're very eyes!" He growled and kicked her back, he jabbed but the blow never came. Her eyes widened in surprise as Marcus fell beside her, a deep gas going through his stomach,

"Marcus." She whispered brokenly,

"…duck." He choked out.

She buried her face in her arms as she heard a loud explosion. When she sat up the hall had been demolished, people groaned all around, but the explosion hadn't come from within. She got up and ran to where a grand door once stood, to her horror she saw more men come out,

"It's the end of the line." Her uncle said, she felt the chain tighten around her neck, with a swift movement she grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm,

"For you maybe." She said angrily.

Yūko stood looking as if she was waiting for something… or rather – someone. Watanuki knew it was probably true, he had only been there for about a day or two but he already knew what to expect from the witch.

Yūko smiled grimly, "She's here."


A seal appeared on the lawn, it was bright and green, a figure appeared, she wore a royal dress that was torn in various places, a deep gash was in her side, marring the emerald with crimson, and her hair hung around her face. Her sword clattered to the ground, a gold necklace hung in her hand and it was dripping blood. Tears rolled down her cheeks "Are you the Time-Space witch?" She asked in a strong and regal voice that was un-cracked by her tears or sorrowful eyes,

"So I am called." Yūko replied,

Aurelia fell to her knees, "Then you will not turn me away… please."

"To stay is a wish… a wish requires a price, this is… after all a Wish shop."

"I understand." Aurelia said weakly,

"your magic, halved."

"Take it." Aurelia said before she collapsed.

Here's chapter 1, I've been working on this story for some time but never thought of posting it until I knew what I wanted, chapter one is depresive, I know, and maybe vauge? But I promise everything will be explained... I think I would like feedback on this story... thanks.