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"Here we are" my father esclaimed in front of the church entrance, he tought we were late but thanks to Demetri ,our driver, and his speed skills we made it on time.

Entering the church we all signed the cross and looked around to find our assigned seats, there was a paper with "Swan family" written on so we sat on the first bench just a few feet away from the Priest. Alic ewas on my right and my parents on my left , Alice was dying to see the bride she always loved weddings.

"Every man in this church is looking at youuuu" she sang in my ear.

I looked around and she was right, all the eyes were on me. Blushing furiously I looked down at my lap and hissed "Please make them stop! I told you that this dress would drawn too much attention!"

She snickered and rubbed my back in a soothing way. I hated attention and people who stared, not that I received much attention, I was a plain girl not very pretty, there were a lot of girl priettier than me.

My uncle and his "testimoni", witnesses , Felix and Alec Volturieach of them wearing black tuxedos with a red rose ,the bride wasn't here yet lucky for us.

I was really prying that she would never shows up so that I could see my uncle priceless angry face,but karma is a bitch and my dream remain just I wish. When Aro saw us he smiled and start walking the aisle to come and greet us.

"Brother ,I was worried you weren't going to show!" he said in that sick italian accent of his, they shoked hands and my father laughed off his obiovus attempt to make him feel guilty and gave him his blessing.

Then he turned to my mother taking her hand"Renee you are like our good wine,the more you age and the better you are" he kissed my mother hand, and she thanked him and I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Maybe...and I repeat maybe, I snorted a little and that what allerted my uncle of my presence.

"Dear Isabella, my my,you've become quite a lady,you're simply beautiful" he took my hand and kissed the back but he didn't released it when I went to take it back.

He made a sign to Felix to come over, and there he was in front of me smirking like the ass he is, " Felix don't you think that my Isabella is the most beautiful girl?" Aro said it like it was some sort of secret code to sai 'Hey why don't you hump her leg or something?' .

The shit face nodded checking out my body like I was a piece of meat and readjusted himself (down there...ugh ...shivers ) before answering "Yes,she is Blossomed like a rose... wide open" he said winking at me.

A shiver run trought the entire lenght of my back , I was ready to punch that stupid smirk of when the nuptial march began and they went back to their spot in front of the priest. Lets say he was saved from the bells.

Alice took my hand and squeezed it to confort me, I was livid, usually I'm not a very aggressive person but sometimes there are people who just die to annoy me and Felix was one of them.

The ceremony wasn't very long, I liked going to church and listen to the function, so it didn't bothered me. The brid ewas beautiful but very sad ,you could see her fear from across the church I was sorry for her , luckily for her the priest spoke in italian so it wasn't difficult for her to answer. My uncle, let say was very smug like the cat that ate the canary, I was very sorry for his wife very very sorry. The encounter with Felix kept my head occupied for the whole ceremony so I wasn't able to see if HE was here,obviously he had to be here but lucky me I didn't see him.

Walking out the church hand in hand with Alice , who was gushing over and over the bride's dress , a shiver and that very familiar scent invaded my body and then his mouth was at my hear " Missed me?" he asked huskily.

His lips touched my lobe and the my old friend blush colored my cheeks.

"Not even a minute" I said without turning around but climbing in the limousin before Alice.

When the door were closed Alice, my best freind Alice , smaked my harm with her clutch and whined "Why do you have to be always so mean to him?" I ignored my parents snikers and turned to look out the tinted window.

" Because" I wispered so that nobody could hear.

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