Gossip Girl

Note: I use Gensopedia's version of MC's name, Sieg.

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As busy as they were tending war and such, requests kept flooding to their headquarters. Moana had been garrulous and told him to finish all of them as quick as possible. It didn't help when some of the members were also sending in their own requests. All resulted in one helpless and tired leader. It would be better if their requests were worth the time, but usually Anya came with something 'important' only to her. Sure, he only needed to assign a few people to go with her and she would be satisfied. He would gain insight of their members too. But on the other hand, if she found something 'juicy' then she would make him stand and listen until she finished her reports. It was, for everything's sake, a total waste of time. He thought that's quite okay, better than hearing war reports for hours. But once in a while, when jobs were already piled up, war worsened, or they overcame something urgent, it would be reversed, and his mood fouled.

So when a day came when he could get rid of that girl, even though only for one day, he was so happy. At least there would be less silly requests and he could concentrate to finish more important ones.

"Good work, leader. Here's your reward! Wanna check on new quests?" The Wanderer girl handed them their money. Although she was pushy sometimes, she did good work managing requests. "Thanks, Moana! Lemme see them!" She took a box and placed in two missions that had been cleared from the board, and then two envelopes were drawn from thin air. She sure works fast, as they couldn't see from where she got the box and the envelopes.

"One from Anya, and the other from Guntram in Pharamond. Which one will you read first?" she offered. Sieg sighed. "Anya's, please." It will be better to choose the nearer and easier request to do first, right?

I heard there is a gossip girl in Pharamond!

May I meet her?

"Must be that one in the weapon shop." How could he did not remember? That woman tried to match him with Princess Chrodechild last time. "Pretty brief letter for her calibre." Marica giggled. Liu twitched his eyebrows, glanced at Sieg cautiously. "Two gossip girls. Do you think it's all right?" Marica nodded, waiting for Sieg's comment. He seemed to think and consider the two options carefully. He wouldn't want to regret it later. "At last she won't make a fuss here in the castle." And save me from her requests for a while. "Are you sure? Then I'll tell her she can go," she said, uncertain of her leader's approval. "We'll take care of that request from Pharamond, and drop her off there. After we are finished, we'll bring her back."

He cleared that request half-heartedly, wondering howeven an artificial mind could act like that. He really didn't want to crush Lamade, yet he must. He envied Rufa, who seemed to know what was going on in Zayin's mind. But it was finished, and there was no point to bring it back. He remembered about pick Anya back. When he entered the weapon shop, all he could find was that woman, smiling and laughing happily, and said, "Thank you for that wonderful chatting companion! Let her come again, please, Lord Sieg?" So she had left. Because she wouldn't need to fight even one monster to go back to the castle. He headed for the gateway, with a bit of gladness he wouldn't have to hear her gossips again. Whenever she needed someone to talk to, he would send her here through the gateway

It turned out to be more than he expected. As soon as he reported to Moana about their success, Anya appeared and dragged him to the lakeside. Her grin sent a chill down to his spine.


"What a wonderful day! She knew a lot about Astrasia, and of course its affairs! We exchanged many juicy gossips."

Looks like she's happy. That's good.

"Hey leader! Let me tell you my findings!"

Her words made him fret. That was the last thing he wanted now! Didn't he send her to Pharamond in order to avoid this?

"Can't it wait till later?"

"No! Hear these while they're still fresh!"

"… We wonder who will marry Princess Chrodechild, it sure will be interesting if she takes a husband, and do you know Guntram's bad habit...Oh! And Meruvis….was…..Two years ago….Roberto's rank…then they…Order came…Princess Fredegund….Astrasia's throne…His childhood…"

"Ah! Hearing these things gives me a headache!"

A/N: Actually, I kind of like Anya 's quest. They give deeper knowledge for the member's backgrounds, even only for a bit. Then when I was stocking Ninja Gaiters in Pharamond, I met this woman that frequently talk about Chrodechild's future husband and something like that, so it flashes in my mind, how if they meet each other? Sieg's torture! Sorry if it wasn't that funny.