So after the flood of post finale fics, I thought I best weigh in, but I wanted to be a little different. I have also decided to become a bit more dedicated to my fanfic world. Although it is probably not going to be a good idea seeing as I am trying to make it as a screenwriter and script supervisor, but if Hart ever takes one of my pitches...well I will lie!

It had been the hardest thing they had ever done, walking away from each other. She to find herself, he to do the right thing for his soul. It had hurt, but they both knew it was the right thing, for only when had she had the time to recenter herself, could they move forward, together. 12 months, they had agreed. So why was she racing home on a plane, after only 7, to him?

Three Days Before

"Thank you Daisy." Tempe said reaching for the bottle of water Daisy held out for her.

"You're welcome Dr Brennan. I thought I would start the analysis of the femur and pelvis of the male skeleton this afternoon. See if I have any luck trying to determine what caused the markings we found." Daisy said as she sat down beside Tempe. If 7 months ago, anyone had said to Tempe that she would not only be working side by side with Daisy Wick, but actually enjoying her company, she would have simply told them they were wrong. Whether it was just the fact she was missing her life at the Jeffersonian, or something more, Daisy had taken this intense field excursion with both hands and used it to grow into a truly accomplished anthropologist.

"Good idea Daisy. I'm going to continue with her." Tempe replied looking to the remains still half buried in front of her. Before she could say anything else the hurried footsteps of someone running to them could be heard.

"'Octor Rennan! 'Octor RENNAN" a young voice called. Tempe looked around to find the direction of the young voice, no sooner had she stood when a young boy appeared from behind a line of trees.

"OCTOR RENNAN" The young boy skidded to a hualt in front of her. Tempe reached out to touch his shoulder.

"Santoso, slow down. I'm right here. What's wrong?"

", call for you, urgent!" The young boy explained, proud to have remembered the message, and how to say it in English.

"Ok Santoso, let's go." Brennan began to follow the boy back through the trees to the camp. Although she didn't want to be concerned, experience had taught her to prepare for anything when someone used the word urgent.

She arrived back at the temporary dwellings when Santoso began to point at her computer. She moved to the screen and could not help the smile on her face.

"Cam! How are you?" She asked sitting down.

"I'm fine Dr Brennan. How are you?"

"Cam, I told you, call me Tempe."

"And I told you I can't do that. Brennan, how's that?"

"That's an acceptable compromise. Not that I mind the chat, but Santoso said it was urgent?"

Cam took a deep breath, deciding the patented Brennan method of honesty was the best approach.

"I got a call this morning. From Rebecca." Tempe felt the colour draining from her face and a tightness in her chest.

"What happened?" Brennan asked, trying to control her voice.

"He's ok, Rebecca wanted to see if I could get you on a video link..." Before she could finish Tempe cut her off.

"CAM! What happened?"

"Rogue land mine. The truck in front took the hit, and flipped, nasty injuries but no one was killed thank god. He was riding in the car behind and it tried to avoid the collision, driver couldn't handle it and they rolled into a ditch."

"What was he doing out near landmines... he was meant to be training, not out with a unit."

"Rogue Brennan, they were on their way to a training exercise, and it was in an area they thought was thoroughly swept."

"How bad is he?" Brennan asked. Not sure she wanted to know.

"Fractured left wrist, broken right ankle, 3 cracked ribs and a lot of cuts and bruises. But no spinal or head injuries, or internal bleeding. He was lucky, they all were."

"Thank you for telling me Cam. I appreciate it."

"Brennan, you don't understand. He's coming home. Booth is coming home."

Present Day

It had taken 3 days. 3 days to organise a flight, pack, and make sure the remainder of the expedition was taken care of, should she not return. As she was going through the final preparations with Daisy, it was clear she not coming back.

Now here she was, waiting for her bag to come off the carousel so she could go to the hospital where he himself had arrived only hours before. She collected her bag, hailed a taxi and watched the familiar Washington scenery glide past her as if she had not been in another country a day ago. She paid the driver with the only cash she had left on her, hurriedly telling him to keep the change as she yanked her suitcase out of the trunk. She made her way to the first desk she found and was directed to the third floor. As she made her way down the corridor she was so focused on her goal she nearly missed the soft sound of someone calling her name.

"Bones?" She spun on her heel and was surprised to be face to face with a blonde 9 year old boy.

"Parker!" She cried happily as she moved to hug him. Although it was not a usual interaction Brennan had no doubt it was the right move as Parker hugged her tightly back.

"I thought you were in the jungle?" He asked.

"I was, I just got off the plane." She replied easily. It was technically jungle.

"Because of dad?"

"Yeah. Cam called me and told me about him. Is your mother around?"

"Yeah come on." Parker said taking her hand and dragging her.

They turned the corner to the small waiting area and Brennan spotted Rebecca sitting in the corner with a magazine on her lap.

"Mom look!" Parker called to her.

"Parks, inside voice remem...Dr Brennan. What are you doing here?"

"Cam called me. She said you had asked her to inform me."

Rebecca shook her head as if to clear it and looked back up.

"Of course, sorry I didn't meant it like that, I'm just surprised you got here so fast. But I'm glad you did."

"Any news?" Brennan asked.

"He landed about 5 hours ago. He was taken straight into surgery, he needs 2 pins in his ankle. They said any minute now they should have some news."

"I'd like to wait, if you don't mind." Brennan said with hesitation.

"Please. I know a little boy who has been dying to tell you all about the experiments has been doing at the Jeffersonian after school program. Something about frogs legs and electrical currents." Rebecca said with a shudder.

"Oh no, not the Can Can experiment." Brennan said with a groan.

"It was AWESOME!" Parker said with shriek.

Before Brennan could respond a voice called out. "Family of S Booth?" The three jumped up as the doctor approached.

"How is he?" Rebecca asked.

"He's awake. If there is just the three of you a short visit should be fine. 312, just through the doors."The three thanked the doctor and made their way to the door when Rebecca stopped them.

"Dr Brennan. Can ask a favour?"

"You can."

"Let me surprise him. Wait till Parker opens the door then come in."

"I don't understand..."

"Please Bones?" Parker asked. "He'll love it."

"Ok" Brennan agreed and leaned back against the wall. It was about 5 minutes later when Parker opened the door with a grin. And for the first time in 7 months she heard his voice.

"Parker what do you mean it's in the hall. What have you got..."the words died on his lips the minute she stepped into the room. He didn't know how it was possible but he did not care.

"Bones." He said with nothing short of reverence in his tone.

She stood at the door for a moment looking at him. She automatically cataloged his injuries from bottom to top, finally meeting his gaze.

"Hey Booth." She said. Mentally cursing as her voice cracked. She'd imagined how they would reunite more times than she would admit. A hug, a passionate kiss, sometimes only a smile with a promise behind it. But it was really happening and there was only one thing to do. She walked over to the bed and took his uninjured had in hers clasping it as she sat on the side of the bed.

"You're early." She said with a grin.

"So are you." He smiled back at her and it was all she cold take. The quiet tears fell as she leaned in rested her forehead against his, unperturbed by their audience.

"I'm so glad you're ok." She muttered quietly.

"I can't believe you are here."

"I think 7 months is close enough to a year."

"Oh absolutely." Booth replied with a chuckle.

Suddenly aware of how close they were, Brennan slowly moved back to stand beside him, not letting his hand go.