Tali's shift in engineering had been particularly boring today. There had been nothing to fix. Normally something broken was a bad thing; a fact that Tali knew better than most. But that didn't stop her from enjoying the task of fixing things. There was a challenge in fixing things; figuring out what was wrong, why, and how to fix it. It was certainly more fun than the tedious, boring maintenance and calibration work she had spent her entire shift doing. Well, at least I got to spend the day thinking of Shepard, she thought. And what we did in the Mako…

She had indeed spent all day thinking about Shepard, and the minute that her shift was over, she was already walking out of the engineering deck. She couldn't help it. This was the first day she was back to work after getting sick, and the mental images of her first time were still so vivid in her mind. During a break, she had even downloaded a neurostimulator, configured it to best match Shepard, and kept it running (albeit at a low setting) for a while, as she worked. She had spent the entire day feeling very turned on and wet since then.

Up the elevator and into the crew deck, she practically ran to Shepard's quarters. Part of her was very hopeful that her suit would end up on his cabin's floor, her naked body writhing in pleasure on his soft bed, while he lay on top of her, pushing that big, hard human penis into her. This would have course mean she would get sick again, but she didn't care. She bit her lip and felt butterflies in her stomach as she opened the door and stepped into his quarters.

Disappointment; he wasn't there. He was probably still on his shift. She let out a sad sigh. Should I go look for him? He's probably in the CIC.

She was about to step out of his cabin but she stopped. "Come on Tali, you know better," she said to herself. "He's the captain. He's got responsibilities. He can't spend all his time with you."

I'll wait a little longer here.

She plopped down onto the edge of Shepard's bed, sitting down with her arms resting on her thighs. She held her hands loosely together as she briefly looking around. Even though she had been here a few times now and even slept on his bed during her recovery, Shepard had always been in the room with her, and he dominated her attention. This was the first time she ever really got a good look around the cabin. There wasn't much of interest; no holos are decorations of any kind.

Something then caught her eye as she looked at his desk. A brief instance of confusion turned into shock. She jumped up and ran to his desk, bowing her head low to get a good look at his private terminal.

There was a paused vid of a fully naked female quarian with a human male. She was on her knees, holding the human's penis to her mouth. Shepard was looking at this? I can't believe it. Tali's curiosity got the best of her, and she unpaused it. She proceeded to watch the quarian lick the human's penis and suck on it. "Did'ya know? Quarians don't have gag reflexes…" the girl said in the vid, and proceeded to slide the whole thing down her throat with ease. She skipped forward on the video, and the male now had his head between her legs, eating her out. Her legs were spread open wide, hanging off the edge of the bed where she lay on her back

Tali bit her lip, and without realising it, her hand was now between her legs, rubbing at the thick envirosuit material right above where her clit would be. It wasn't so much the vid that was getting her aroused, it was the fantasy of doing all this with Shepard. Was that why he had been looking at this? Maybe Shepard wanted to lookup things he could do with her—

No, don't be stupid. As if Shepard would need to study this kind of thing. But why, then? Why would he look this up?

She looked closely at the female quarian. Studying her features and her body.

Tali pouted.

"I'm prettier than her," she muttered. "At least, I think so. I hope Shepard does."

For a moment, Tali felt silly. This was the first time in her life she gave a thought about how she looked.

Is that why he was looking at this? Maybe he just really likes how quarians look? I hope he's happy with how I look. But then why not just look at me instead of this? Maybe because I was sick?

She took another look at the vid. The two had shifted positions, now the man was sitting on the edge of the bed and the quarian was sitting on him, facing away and bouncing up and down. The man had his arms reaching around from behind her and he was holding her breasts, keeping them from bouncing too much. Sometimes he would let go and use his thumb and index finger to pinch and twist her nipples, which only made the female quarian bounce and grind her hips at him even harder. The man gave her breasts lots of attention.

Tali looked down at hers.

"I guess hers are a little bigger…" she said quietly. "A lot bigger, actually… Humans males like them like that, just like quarian males."

Maybe Shepard likes her breasts more? She thought and pouted again. She then straightened her back and stuck her chest out, making them look bigger. She placed her hands under them and felt them. Briefly, she had a flashback to the Mako, and feeling Shepard's own hands directly on them. They were so big and warm, she loved it.

I wish I knew why Shepard was looking at this. I hope he's happy and finds me attractive. I think he does. Maybe he just wanted to think about me, since I've been sick, and this was how he did it. Kind of how I used that neuro-stim earlier, and thought about him—

"Tali, you read my mind. I've been wanting to do that all day."

Tali suddenly heard from the door. Shepard had walked in, and found her holding her breasts still. She promptly dropped her hands, embarrassed.

"Oh, hi Shepard," Tali said, feeling too shy now to stand up.

Shepard approached his desk, where Tali was still sitting. He saw the vid that was still playing on his private terminal. He stopped in his tracks and sighed, thinking How could I be so stupid? I can't believe I left that on.

"So… you saw that, huh?" he said.


There was some awkward quiet.

"Do you… um… think she's prettier than me?" Tail said. " Is that why you were looking at this?"

"What?" Shepard said in surprise. He then smiled kindly at her. "Don't be crazy." Shepard almost sounded amused. To think that the girl on the screen could even hold a candle to the stunning quarian in front of him, with her perfectly long legs, wide hips, tiny waist…

"Really? But she… um, she has bigger… you know. Bigger breasts. Than me," she muttered out awkwardly, wringing her hands and looking down sheepishly.

"Maybe a little," Shepard said. "But yours are already perfect. Have you seen yourself in a mirror? Your body is to die for. And have you seen your ass? Oh my god, I turn my head everytime you leave the room." He winked.

"Oh… my…" Tali said. "So, um, if you find me that… attractive, why did you look this video up?"

"Well…" Shepard said as he walked closer and sat down on the bed. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since that day in the Mako. The way you looked, the way you felt… I've been wanting you again so badly… but you've been sick. I was just looking at this to—I don't know—I guess think about you. I looked up some videos like these with quarians and humans. I guess to help fantasize about you."

Tali smiled. Shepard couldn't see it of course, but she was grinning under her mask. She was really happy to hear that Shepard wanted her and found her so attractive. She didn't want to think about him looking up these kinds of videos anymore, but she did find it flattering. He probably had never even noticed quarians before her.

Tali stood up and approached Shepard. She walked slowly, almost sensually. "So, you like the kinds of things the girl in the vid did, huh?" Her voice was playful.

Shepard only smiled in response, looking up at her as she approached. She was now standing right in front of where he sat. Tali then carefully kneeled down in front of him. Gingerly, she placed her hand on his crotch. She rubbed it, feeling his manhood underneath.

"You don't need any more fantasy…" Tali said as she undid his pants. "You can have the real thing, you know… as much as you want, whenever you want..."

Shepard didn't say anything, he just eagerly watched her. She tugged down on his pants and underwear. There was already a large bulge underneath his underwear, blocking the elastic waistband from going any further down. She had to tug a little harder to get it off him. His penis was finally freed, and it sprung outward as the underwear finally let go.

Tali removed her faceplate. She smiled up at Shepard, who smiled back. Her face was even more beautiful than he remembered. She then pulled back her hood and removed her helmet, putting it aside. She also took her gloves off, wanting to be able to feel his skin directly. With her head now completely uncovered, Tali leaned in, bringing her face in close to Shepard's cock. Her lips parted slightly. She already wanted to put it in her mouth, but she resisted, wanting to study it first. Shepard could feel her warm breath on it.

"Keelah this is big," she said as she ran her three-fingered hand along its length. "I'm kind of small… um, you know, down there… I can't believe this fit in me the other day." Her finger stopped at a particularly large vein, and gently felt it.

"You were so tight," Shepard said. "But so wet. So wet. It slid in like nothing.I can't stop thinking about it. You felt amazing."

"Really? I was, um, really that wet?" Tali said, her hands very gently continuing to feel his penis. It was so hard, but the skin felt very smooth.

"Dripping wet…" Shepard said with a smirk.

Tali smiled back with a little blush. She stared at his cock a while longer, still holding it in hands, and then looked up at him. "Can I taste it?"

Shepard let out a relaxed sigh. "Please, by all means…"

Her mouth opened a bit, letting her tongue out, and she gave the tip a quick, exploratory lick. The small amount of precum that had already begun to gather on the tip was lapped up, but left a dangling, stretching trail from the tip of his penis to her lip.

"Oh wow, mmm… this is really tasty. This is 'cum' right? It's so sweet. I had no idea," she gave it another lick. "I think your levo chirality—" she interrupted herself by giving it another, more hungry lick, "—makes it taste extra sweet to me. It is amazing.."

Shepard bit his lip, enjoying her tongue but wishing for more than these small licks.

Holding his cock with both hands, she began to gyrate her hands while stroking up and down. "At one point in the vid, the quarian girl was doing this." She kept at it, working on her rhythm, which was a bit awkward at first but now getting steadier. "The human male really seemed to like it."

"Mmmm, you're doing it really well," Shepard moaned. "It feels great."

"If I keep doing it, will more of that yummy cum come out?"

"Oh, yeah…"

Tali continued doing it, licking the tip of the head any time she saw any precum.

"The girl kept doing it faster and faster," Tali said now stroking his cock faster. "Eventually, all this white, uh, cum came out and got all over her face." Tali again noticed more precum appear from the small black hole and quickly moved in on it. This time she didn't lick it; instead, she wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked it up.

"Tali…" Shepard groaned. "Is that what you want? For me to cum on your face too?"

Tali only moaned in agreement, her lips refusing to part with the head of his cock. Her right hand let go of his cock while the left one continued jerking it. She then moved her free to her waist, unfastened one of the suit's seams, and slid her hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She moaned even louder, right onto his cock.

After a while of this, her left hand stopped jerking it, and her lips parted from his penis' head. Another trail of cum bridged between the head and her lips. This one was much thicker. It stretched and parted from Shepard, and fell onto her chin and dangled off of it. She looked up at Shepard and smiled. Her right hand's thumb was rubbing her clit through the suit, while her two fingers were moving in and out of her pussy. She was so wet, her own quarian juices would be dripping onto the metal cabin floor if not for her suit still being on.

Still smiling up at Shepard, she said in a sensual voice, "I have a surprise for you…"

"What is it?" Shepard said, again biting his lip, desperate for her to continue. He stared at the cum on her chin.

She let go of his cock momentarily and gathered up dangling cum before it fell. She sucked it off her fingers and took hold of his cock again. "Quarians…" she whispered, and moved her mouth back toward his throbbing dick, "...Don't…" She gave it a slow, long lick "...Have…" her lips parted "...a gag reflex…" She then opened her mouth as wide as it would go and slid her lips down his shaft, inch by inch, until the entire thing had disappeared into her, down her throat.

Shepard, momentarily losing control from the burst of pleasure, grabbed Tali's hair a little harshly and pushed her face down even more.

Tali let out a loud, muffled moan. It was also right then that Tali realized she really, really liked Shepard being a little rough. She was definitely going to explore that some more. But for now, she had his cock to work with. She wanted to make Shepard cum. Down her throat; on her face; it didn't matter. As long as she got to eat every last sweet drop of that hot sticky mess.

"Oh shit…" Shepard whispered with his eyes closed, lost in ecstasy as Tali sucked on his cock. She loved seeing him enthralled in the pleasure she was giving him. She slowly slid the cock out of her throat until the head was back in her mouth. She sucked on the head, licked it, and then slid it back down her throat. Then back out it came, again in her mouth for the head to be sucked on and lapped up, and back down in. She kept doing this again and again, her head moving up and down on his cock. Up and down. Each time faster. Her small hands holding the base of his shaft, stroking it in a pace that escalated in sync with the speed of her head as it went up and down on him. Shepard's hands were holding the back of her head, helping her back and fourth rhythm.

She reached the fastest speed she could, maintained it for a while, and then finally pulled his cock out of her mouth. She held the base with her left hand, and with her right she jerked the top half of the shaft as fast as she was able to. Her lips parted, but she didn't look at the large dick she was jerking. She only looked up, her eyes locked with Shepard's, who could barely keep them open from the pleasure. Her lips were full and pouty as she stared up at him, hopeful to receive the tasty cream she wanted so much. Her eyes were begging him for it.

Shepard held back as long as he could, then let out a loud groan as his cock throbbed, and a massive stream of white, sticky hot cum erupted onto Tali's face. She let it all squirt out, completely covering her face while she still jerked his cock, albeit slower now and slowing down. The mess on her face began to drip down, and she just calmly placed his head back into her mouth to lap up and suck up all the cum left on the tip. She then took it out of her mouth, and began to use her fingers to push and guide the dripping cum on her face toward her eager mouth. She hungrily licked her lips clean as it came towards them, sucking on her fingers at the same time. She gulped and swallowed his cum as she ate it

"Mmmmmmmm… Keelah this is so good…" she muttered in between sucking her fingers. Some of the cum had dripped down onto her chest, and this too she scooped up, brought up to her lips, and eagerly ate it.

Before long she had eaten up as much as she could. Various thin white trails remained on her face, all pointing toward her mouth. The rest of the areas where the cum had been now only left a gleaming, clear, sticky film.

She gave the tip of Shepard's dick a few last licks, making sure not to leave any of his cum. She loved the taste that much.

"God, Tali… you're amazing…" Shepard said as he let himself fall back onto the bed.

Tali just giggled in response.

"Seriously, you were so—I can't get over how amazing you were at that."

"Mm, I can't get over how good your, um… penis, is…" Tali blushed slightly. Despite what she had just done with her mouth, she had never actually used the word 'penis' before. "Can I have more? I know it takes a little bit before you can do that again. But when you're ready… can I? It's so good…"

"You can have all you want."

Tali got up off the floor and laid down next to Shepard. The attempted to gather a bit more of the remaining cum on her face, but it was quickly drying and becoming sticky. She couldn't get much more.

"I think I'm going to really enjoy having a human boyfriend," she said happily. "Been a while since I had something tasty like this…"

Shepard got up off the bed. Tali suddenly felt Shepard's hands grabbing at the waist part of her suit's lower half, where she had unclasped it earlier. He then began to pull it down, exposing her naked lower body.

"Shepard, what are you doing?" Tali laughed, her sensitive skin partially tickled by his hands

Shepard spread open her legs, revealing a very wet—dripping wet—pussy. It was perfectly smooth, as quarians didn't grow pubic hair.

"I read on the extranet that quarian pussy tastes like cinnamon and honey," Shepard said. He kneeled down between her legs.

"I love cinnamon and honey."

He buried his face between her legs and began eating her out.