Dark Angelic Vamp Slingers

Author comment: I know this is very fantasy. What can I say? This is how I feel. Deal with it. Any suggestions are welcome. This is mostly story of my life that I've been through.

I never stand out in school. I'm always feeling down. Reason? It's hard to say. Furthermore, I'm always the middle person but it's a good thing where you can understand life better when you heard the stories from the people who experienced it already. Since I was little, I hate myself so much that I almost commit suicide, seriously. I just don't know why I felt that way.

At the age of ten, girls were supposed to have feelings for a guy but not me. I hate guys as how I hated my life. I dislike romance of touching stories. I thought it was pathetic and weak. I am more of an action and comedy kind of movies. I always wished upon a star that I hate my current life. I need a miracle.

Years have past; the feminine gens inside of me took over. I was thirteen back then. To my surprised, I fell for a guy. That was the worst case scenario in my life. Later, I started to have feelings and I'm into love stories and some sort. I have become so weak that anyone could break me. So fragile!

Even so, I am now in University and I still feel the same way. Of all the guys, the ones I like have similar feelings when I see them. When I recall back my promised to my parents, it made me think twice of having a boyfriend. Although, I told them how much I like a guy, they always responded negatively. I mean what's so awesome about the Caucasians. I never even talked to one nor meet them face to face.

To cut it short, my life is so miserable. How to make it better? I got news flash for you. I DON'T KNOW! I've been crying blood almost every night just thinking about it. Well, my life changed after I met three people that touched deeply in my heart and affected my way of life. We think the same, we like the same thing and we never miss a thing because we have the same hobbies. Marvellous isn't it! I know. I know. I do believe I have overreacted. Oh what the heck! Let's get on with the show. No point crying over spilt milk.

I woke the next day for my classes. It was Monday, third of January, the first day of my second semester. Everyone returned from their semester break and Christmas holidays. I hated studying but I can't back down now. It's for my future. I was happy to see everyone had returned. After weeks of studying together, I beginning to think that my classmates and I are like family. I wished this bond will never break and it lasted forever.