Chapter 5: Back to school

The next morning, we were forced to wake up by our guardians. They said it's urgent that the lieutenant wants to to see them immediately. We dash to the lieutenant's office with our pajamas. I wore a short and a fit t-shirt, Max wore a extra size white shirt and Jo wore complete long pajamas with a hat. The three of us still holding our teddy, pillow and blankey. We stood in front of the lieutenant's table sleepily. She really seriously at us that it gave me a fright. Then, we stood professionally and listen to what she have to say this early morning. Our guardians waited at the door. Lieutenant stood up and walked around the room at the same talking to us.

"Sorry to disturb your beauty sleep but we've forgotten one important matter. In order to respect our country's policy, you must go to school. We have enroll the three of you to the most prestigious university of Italy."


"Yes. You've heard me right."

"Ma'am, back to school? Studying?" I asked.

"Yes. Now please leave and get ready. Class begins at 8. You're stuff are ready in your rooms."

We left the room with our guardians and returned to our respective rooms. I went to checked on the uniforms and other stuff on my bed. Was impressed with them. Thick books are not very surprising to me but the uniform. I thought universities are free-to-wear-anything zone. Furthermore, it's a complete set and it's red in color. Not exactly my type of color. Wander what type of school it is. Jose came in with my towel and placed it around my neck.

"Go take a shower now, Derrick."

"Okay." I left the room and closed the door behind me.

I went for the shower with Max and Jolene. In the meantime, Jose ready my books, a bottle of water and a handkerchief. When everyone was all set, we hopped in the SUV. Jean was driving and Jose beside him as his co-pilot. Hilshire didn't come for he have work to do in the office. Our first stop before campus was a saloon. It was the best in Italy. Well, our hairs are still long when we were still girls. We got a hair cut of the hairstyle we wanted. My hair almost looked like Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto. Max looked like the one from Clamp School Detective, Suwo Takamura and lastly Jo's hair looked like Xiah but black color. All and all, we looked fabulous and gorgeous.

"Okay time to go guys."

"Okay Jean." Jo answered and we hopped back into the car when Jose opened the door for us. Then, Jose sat at his seat, close the door and wore seat belt. Jean starts the engine and we continued our journey to campus. At the entrance, we saw lots of students walked in. But, what is wrong with this picture. The students are all male. Don't tell it's an all-boys school. Jean stopped the car in front of the main gate. Jose got out and opened the door for us. The three of us didn't barged an inch.

"Okay now whats wrong guys?"

"Jose it's an all boys school?" He just nods when I asked.

"Yeah well I'm afraid it is. The all-girl school is just across the road from here." Jean added.

The three of us looked at each other and we got out of the car. .?docid=18089916 walked up to us and handed us LG:Lollipop hand phones each with different colors. Mine was blue, Jo was green and Max was red. "Take you guys." Jose said and they left back to headquarters. We walked our way in and looked for our class. As we walked down the hallway of the corridors, students kept on staring at us all the way to our class. They said something that we don't understand. Well, we are the only Asian boys around and we have to pretend like we are transferred students. In front of our class, there was a boy got bullied by the seniors. They grabbed his pocket money from his hands and ran away. I wanted to ran after them and give a piece of my mine but Jo and Max stopped me. Suddenly, a woman appeared behind us.

"Transferred students?"

"Yeah." We nodded.

"Right this way. Keep up okay."

We followed the woman into the class. All students were seated when they heard their lecture entered. She placed her files on the table and bags on the chair. We stood beside the table and she walked to the front of the student's table. All eyes are on us. The boys in the class were enchanted by our looks. By the way, they looked at us and the drool sound they making is so obvious.

"Listen up. They are the transferred students from Asia countries. Please treat them nicely. The three of you please take your seats now."

We nodded and sat way behind. Lectures starts right away until midday. The lecture looked at the student and said, " Okay class dismiss. Please do your homework That was given to you guys." Everyone rushed out as if they didn't hear it or have no intention too. For lunch, we bought sandwiches from the canteen and we sat by the pond. It was not sunny which is good since it'll cause us a major headache if it does. It was peaceful and the wind blew calmly as our hair brushes our faces. After I finished my sandwich, I wiped my hands with a tissue. Then I took my phone and called Jose. My heart beats so fast. I just wanna hear his voice.


"Jose... It's me."

"Derrick? Yes what is it?" He chuckled.

"No it's just that... not important really... I.. uhm..." I just can't tell him cause it sounds selfish and embarrassing.

"I'm glad I hear your voice too."

"Eh? How did you know?" I blushed deep red.

"I miss you already, Derrick..."

"oh, haha..." He chuckled.

"Hey, Jo. I think someone just call his lover." Max teased me.

"Ooh. Yeah. I think so too."

"Jo use your power."

"Okay hold on."

Jo placed his hand in the water and made sure his finger pointer was at the surface of the pond. Jo collect the water in his palm using his powers and pointed at me. Suddenly, he shot water in a shape of icicles at my cheek. I lay out a big gasped.

"Derrick what's wrong?"

"Nothing we just playing around I'll call you back. Jo!" I closed the phone.

Jo and Max laughed. "You should have seen your face!"

"Not funny guys!"

It was 2pm. Break time is over now it's time for curricular activities. I chose the Tennis Club, Max chose the Karate Club while Jo chose the Book club. In my locker at the male changing room for tennis players, I saw my sports attire for freshmen was in it. Not only that, my tennis gears and rackets are all in there. I put on my cape and wore my tennis attire instead of the freshmen sports attire. I rather keep it for emergency. Suddenly, I heard a whistle blow. I guess that's my cue. I took my tennis bag with me and gathered at the tennis court. I placed my bag at the bench near the entrance where the other freshmen does too. We lined up according to our age. There were only five freshmen. Furthermore, I stands out the most since I wore a cap. That was weird. The captain of the tennis club gave a short speech. The freshmen are asked to play rallies while the seniors practice for the tournaments to come. There were sixteen courts all together but we only use four. Kinda bored playing rally. My opponent can't barely hit the ball. I just yawned just by watching him.

One of the seniors asked his practice partner if he could hit the ball towards the boy with the cap accidentally. The two of them are famous for their doubles partnership. He nodded and serve the ball really high and his partner hit it even higher. Suddenly, the ball landing towards my direction. I looked up and saw the ball. The two seniors looked at me. I positioned my body for a swing in order to hit the ball back into its basket. So, I did it. Now, I felt like Ryoma Echizen from the Prince Of Tennis anime. Cool huh. Everyone looked at me sweating.

"Senpai, please don't test me." I looked at them emotionless.

"Uh haha..." They laughed shyly.

He is good. One of them thought. He is sharp. The other agreed. One of them just giggled. The captain just pouts. The regular players was not satisfied. He disliked me for showing off. The trio regulars whom like to bully freshmen are aiming for me. Suddenly, it was a thunder storm and rain poured drastically. Everyone in the court were wet. We ran for shelter in the tennis male locker room. I grabbed my bag and joined them soon after. I unlocked my locker and grabbed a dry towel. I was soaken wet that my top became transparent. I took off my hat and let it hang on the locker door. I unbutton my shirt and dry myself up. It's really pouring outside there. Well, at least Max and Jo are lucky. They are indoor activities while I am outdoor. Then, I sensed three people stood behind me have evil auras surrounded them. I turned to face them.

"Hey boy! Who do you think you are talking to our seniors like that! Don't show off got it!"

"What's it to you?" I looked at him with disgust.

He was so mad that he couldn't control his anger anymore. He grabbed my the collar of my shirt and pushed me to the lockers. I back hurts. Although, I can kill him in an instant but I'm not allow to kill unless I am ordered to. He grabbed me even tighter that I can't breath. One of the freshmen screamed. It alerts the other seniors. They ran to see whats going on.

"Brooke! Stop! Let him go!" The captain shouted impatiently.

"Captain Jake. I'm sorry." He bowed to the captain.

"5 laps now." He said.

"Yes, sir."

"All three of you..."

"Right away captain!"

The three of them ran out to their laps. Then, he looked at me gasping hard. I lay a sigh of relieve. I looked at the captain straight in the eye. We didn't say a word to each other. He closed his eyes and told everyone to leave the room immediately accept for me. Everyone rushed out in a hurry. I guess he wants to discuss my punishment. I continued to dry myself up. The captain stood right beside me. I looked at him. I just realized how tall he was, good looking and kind hearted. Suddenly, he called my name is a soft tone.


"Yes..?" I gave him a skeptical look.

He placed his hands on my shoulder and slowly he moved closer and closer to me as our lips were about to kiss. My eyes widened when his lips pushed against mine. I can't move my body as if it's automatically weak and he controlled me. When he was about to take me to the floor, my phone rang. Jake stopped his intention and let go of my arms. I got up and answered the phone. It was Jo on the line. Jake got up and gazed out the window.


"Derrick, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Haha."

"Okay. I noticed it was raining outside. Is your activity canceled?"

"Yes it was canceled. I'm on the way to the library. Meet you there."

"Okay. See 'ya."

"Okay, ja ne." I closed the phone with a sigh.

I stared at Jake sadly then pack up my things. I wore my jacket and held my school bag. My tennis bag I hanged on my shoulder. I ran to the library. Was that real? I mean Jake just kissed me for a minute there and we almost did 'that' too. I placed my fingers on my lips. I still remember the feeling when his lips was on mine. I just can't fall for him. I love Jose and that's that. At the library, it was damn empty. Jo was the only one in the library. I placed my bags at the counter table. I grabbed a book and read while Jo arranging the books on the shelf. I just thought of something. I think it's my turn to make fun of him. I laughed quietly. I stretched my arms towards the books she just arranged in front of him.

"Hey Jo. You don't mind me trying something!"

"What do you say Derrick Ah~~!" He fell of the leader when all the books falls on him.

I laughed out loud. Oh my God! Seriously. It was hilarious. Not long after that, Max came. He had just finish his Karate practice. After Jo had arranged all the books, he went to the other room to get his bag. Jean and Jose came with the SUV again in front of the campus gate. My phone rang again. I answered it.


"Derrick... finish already?"

"Jose! Yes! We're coming!" I said delightedly.

We raced to the car. Jose got out to greet us. At the same time, Jake was just on his way to the main gate. He saw the three of us running. I was the first to reach the car but I didn't go in. I hugged Jose first and let the others in. Jean felt disgust and looked away. Jose blushed and placed his arms round me. Jake was shocked. I looked at Jose as I let go. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. Jake was heartbroken when he saw how Jose treated me. Jose carried me into the car like a princess. Jake even more upset. His feeling of rage took over him. In order not to act unprofessional in front of me, he went back home instead. Jean started the engine and drove to headquarter. After a nice hot bath, I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling smiling. There was a knock at the door. "Come in." It was Jose. He came to get me for dinner. He sat beside me on the bed.

"How's school?" He asked a she patted my head.

"It was awesome I think." I smiled.

"That's good." He nodded.

"Uhm... hehe." I fall on his lap.

Jose brushed my hair with his fingers. I love this moment with him. Its the moment I cherish in my life. Suddenly, he tickled my stomach. It was really ticklish that I can't stop laughing. One thing for sure, Jose is my one and only and I don't want that to change. My phone made a sound that it received a text message. I got up and get my phone under my pillow and read the message. It's from Max.

'Derrick you better get down for dinner. I'm starving.'

I just giggled when I read it. Jose got and held my hand. He pulled me up and talked me out to dinner now with the others. I just give an innocent smile. Jose chuckled and kissed my pink soft lips then kissed my hand. We left the room together and join the others for dinner. But, deep in my mind that incident with Jake still bothers me a lot. Furthermore, I think Max and Jo's loves have no responds from Jean and Hilshire yet. I felt sorry for them. I want them to be happy like how I am with Jose. Hopefully, things get better soon.