The Repairing of Haruhi Suzumiya: Prologue

I was sitting next to her lying body, in the dim, white room. She was still, except for the rise and fall of her chest, for once in her life she was quiet. The others had all gone home, but I could not leave her alone. The hospital was quiet at this time of the evening, deathly quiet. It felt strange after the madness earlier that day, when Itsuki called me to tell me the news. I looked down at the beautiful girl's pale face, framed by her lovely brown hair, for the millionth time since my arrival, and for the millionth time, her eyes were tight shut.

I buried my face in my hands, near my breaking point with worry over her. When I found out about the accident, I had rushed over as fast as I could. Everybody had been there, Yuki as expressionless as ever to most people, but I could detect the worry on her face which you would only notice after much acquaintance with her, Miss Asahina distraught over the events, even Itsuki had lost his smile. Then there was Haruhi, who was as motionless and deep asleep as she was now. My beautiful goddess, so very badly injured, and unconscious. I just wanted her to wake up, but when she did, I would have to tell her the bad news. That was one thing that I could wait forever to do. I had not noticed, but I had started to cry into my hands, when I heard the most beautiful of sounds.


I looked up at the sound of her voice, taking my hands away from my face to look at Haruhi. Her beautiful brown eyes were now open, her mouth was very slightly open too, and some colour was in her cheeks again. She was sitting up very slightly, looking at me closely.

"Kyon... where... where am I? What happened?"

"Haruhi..." I could not help my self, I threw my arms around her shoulders and pulled her up to my chest. "Haruhi, thank goodness you're okay."

Haruhi seemed slightly surprised by my actions and was still quite disorientated, it was evident when she spoke again, "Kyon... what happened?"

I loosened my arms around her, but still kept them around her, "Do you not remember? You were in a car accident."

Haruhi stared at me, as she seemed to put together what was in her mind with what I had just said, worry in her eyes, "Are Mum and Dad...?"

I bit my lip, this was the bad news I had for her, the thing I wanted to postpone forever. I tried to tell her, but I could not say it. All I managed to say were the words "I'm sorry Haruhi."

Her eyes went wide, disbelief filled them at first, but that was quickly replaced with shock. Eventually the shock disappeared as well, as the truth of what had happened set into her mind. All that was left in her eyes then was sorrow, and her tears started to flow. It was something I had never seen, and something I wished I had never had cause to see. Haruhi was crying, and all I could do was hug her tightly, letting her cry into my shoulder. That evening I saw something that I never wanted to see again, that I hoped would never happen again with all my heart.

I saw Haruhi Suzumiya break apart, and I swore to myself there and then that I would do my very best to make her whole again.

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