The Repairing of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ch10: ...and Repairing

When I landed, with Haruhi still in my arms, I looked at the man who had himself just landed in front of me, staring at me through his mask. Then he spoke "Why did you save Suzumiya?"

"Because she's important to me. Because I want to be with her forever."

"Are you ready for what you must do?" His voice was irritating me again. I knew it from somewhere, other than just my dreams, and his wings...

"I'm ready, but one last thing before I go, who are you."

He laughed, then looked at me, "Who am I? I am you."

Then the penny dropped, the voice, though aged somewhat, was mine, and the wings on his back were the same as the ones on mine.

"I am your future, when you and Suzumiya pass away, you will become me, and Suzumiya will become God. As her guardian angel, you must protect her until then, staying close to her always, as her chosen one. Then one day you will do as I did, sending dreams to your past, giving clues to guide your way, and coming here to say what I am saying now. Until then, Haruhi-bless. And farewell."

I nodded, "Goodbye, myself." I then went and put my arms around Haruhi, "I still have enough power to take us back. Will you come back with me Haruhi?"

"Ky...on... I love you..." that was all the responce I needed. I hugged her to me, and using the last of the power I had borrowed, I returned us, to where we belonged.

It took me a few moments to re-orientate myself after transporting myself and Haruhi. When I looked around, I realised I was in Haruhi's house, standing with my back to her bedroom door. We were back where this crazy mess all began, the day that Haruhi was released from hospital, the day that she broke down when passing her parents' room, the day she first confessed to me...

First, I tried to will my wings back into existence, and to my surprise, they appeared, as did my katana. Yet all of Haruhi's powers had returned to her. I must have re-knitted my body more permanently than I thought. I willed them away again, and looked around again. Then my eyes fell on it.

That door, slightly ajar, once again inviting my entrance. I went in, and found that room again, the one with all the boxes of bits and pieces that Haruhi had hidden there. I went to the box that I remembered contained her diary. I took it out, and skimmed through again. I found the pages with us kissing in closed space, and others of us hugging and holding hands again. Then the picture of us almost kissing, and what it said.

'I might as well admit how I feel, I love Kyon.' Where once confusion had resided in my heart from reading that, now only joy did.

"Strange isn't it?"

I turned to see the speaker. Haruhi stood at the door. I hadn't heard her come in, and stood there frozen. She took my silence as a sign to continue, "It's strange that after I spent my life trying to find the strange and unusual, I ended up wanting the most normal thing in the world." She walked towards me slowly, "It was shortly after I wrote that, that I packed all my things about the unique and unusual into these boxes and hid them, so that if you ever came here then you'd see me as more normal, more your type of girl. That's all I ever wanted to be, I realised that. I wanted to be your girl."

I was still amazed. Haruhi was actually in love with me. I half expected her to suddenly start laughing and tell me it was all a joke. But neither of us laughed. She just started to speak again, "So Kyon, maybe I should tell you properly. I love you."


"Yes Kyon?" She looked hopeful, she was pleading every god, other than herself, that I would love her.

"Haruhi, I don't know how I feel. I'm sorry but..."

I didn't finish, as Haruhi's face fell. She looked down, "Of course... how could you like me?" she started to cry for the second time that day.


That's how it had gone last time, that's how things had turned to madness.

But this time, when she came up to me, and spoke the words "Kyon, I love you," I threw my arms arond her and pulled her close.

"Haruhi... I didn't realise until very recently but... I love you too."

"Kyon? Really?"

"Yeah... I love you Haruhi," and so saying, I kissed her.

It was then that I remembered the promise I had made, it felt like years ago, but it had been less than a month ago, even including the week of the alternate universe. It was when Haruhi had been in hospital, just after the accident.

I had promised to make the broken Haruhi who lay in that hospital bed, to make the broken Haruhi that cried for her parents and to make the broken Haruhi that I had always loved without realising it whole again. I don't know if she's fully whole again yet, but I think I can say that she's a long way there.

As we broke off the kiss, she stepped away a little, "Kyon... am I dreaming?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because this is too wonderful, after everything that's happened it seems too good to be true."

"It is true Haruhi, and I'll love you forever."

"Forever's a long time... are you sure?"

"Aren't you?"

She smiled at me, "Good point." Then she stepped closer, and our lips pressed together again. We would end up in her bedroom, doing something that I hadn't expected when we had left the hospital, a week ago by my time, but which I was overjoyed to do.

Yeah, that's right, I deflowered a goddess. Not something everyone can boast of. After that day, life was better than I think it had ever been, and there was one comfort I had: according to the other me, Haruhi and I would be together for eternity, and of that, I was glad.

I had eternity to repair the broken Haruhi, but it didn't take that long. It took eight years from that first day that we confessed our love to each other, when she held our first child, and the final pieces of her heart were back in place.

The Repairing of Haruhi Suzumiya: Fin

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