Okay. Here is the first installment of the trilogy that is my answer to Arcadia's question. I almost didn't do it because we already have three great stories out of it and because I was so busy yesterday with the party and with my nephew and nieces and Little C.

Diana wakes up at 7:30 am. She has an important meeting at her Embassy at 9:00 am. Clark wants to fool around. Should Diana:

A. Give in to temptation and arrive at the meeting late with a big smile on her face.

B. Kindly tell Clark, no, but her schedule is open between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

C. Give in to temptation and arrive at the meeting with a big smile on her face but tell everyone there was an unexpected emergency that needed Wonder Woman's attention.

D. Kindly tell Clark, no, and tell him to get a better control of his needs.

E. Kiss Clark and pull away, before he really gets 'happy' and wickedly tells him "Tonight, When I get home.

F. Other. Explain.

So I am going with A, part of B and part of E. and here we go.

It was 7:28 am. Kal lay in his bed, in his apartment, in Metropolis. He wasn't alone. Snuggled and tucked tightly against him was his lovely bride of one year, Diana.

He was studying her intently but not quite as intently as he planned on studying her once she awoke. He marveled at her flawless physical beauty that was only enhanced by her flawless inner beauty. Her slender, supple and yet hard, naked body was pressed tightly against his. Her lovely face lay on his massive chest. One of her deceptively slender arms was draped across his abdomen and one of her legs was entwined with his. Her long, thick, curly raven locks were spread out behind her, over her delicious shoulders, and spilled onto his chest as well. There was a contented and happy smile on her full, luscious lips.

They had made love for several hours last night. They had to be more careful when in the apartment building, but since Clark Kent owned the top three floors and since the bed they were on was one that Kal had crafted from Kryptonian metal after they had married, they had not been too inconvenienced.

Kal smiled, remembering all of the little details of Diana's body and how she responded to his intimate caresses, kisses and lovemaking. He enjoyed nothing more than pleasing his beautiful wife and she had been pleased several times over. Kal was going to make sure that she was pleased again before she went to her important meeting at the Embassy in Washington later that morning. Apparently she had to be there by 9:00 am. That would give them plenty of time.

The clock struck 7:30 am. The alarm went off. "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats! Hooo!" It was the collector's Thundercats alarm clock that Diana had bought for Kal for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. He had been thrilled and he always got a chuckle out of the alarm. Now if they could just find a He-man alarm clock…

Diana's lovely eyes fluttered open. Her clear, sea blue eyes looked at him. He liked how in some lights her eyes almost looked green sometimes. She was smiling at him. "Good morning Kal," she said in her sweet and melodious voice.

Kal never got tired of her voice; he could look at and smell and touch, and listen to her for hours. He never tired of her.

"Good morning, my love. So you have a busy day today," he answered, pulling her closer to himself. By doing so he almost had her on top of himself.

Diana's eyes gleamed with memory, excitement and anticipation. "I know what you are trying to do to me, Kal," she said, running her fingers lightly and adoringly over the powerful muscles of his chest and through his chest hair. "But I can't right now. I have to get to the meeting on time. If we start now we'll be here for hours. Let me get up and get ready and go and then we can spend the evening together at the Fortress."

Kal continued to hold her to him with a knowing smile on his face. His sky blue eyes sparkled with mischief. He could feel the wetness of her arousal on his thigh where she was straddling him as well as smell and feel her excitement. Convincing her was not going to be a problem. Well, to be honest he never had to do any convincing with Diana. Just sometimes the world demanded their attention at the most inopportune moments.

One of Kal's hands began to lightly stroke her back. He brushed his fingertips softly against her lovely skin and stroked from the small of her back, just above her buttocks to just between her shoulder blades. With his other hand he trapped one of her flawless rose bud nipples between his thumb and index finger, giving it a gentle tug.

Diana shivered and sighed. "Kal, you know I want to but we'll take too long. I have an opening between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. I promise I'll come…" Diana let out an involuntary gasp. The hand that Kal had been using to caress her breast was now caressing her very excited and wet center.

"Yes. Yes, you do have an opening between 11:30 and 1:30, and it is a very lovely and delicious opening, and I am absolutely certain that you will come as well." Kal said this with a wicked look in his eyes as he inserted one of his powerful fingers, gently and easily given her state of arousal, into her tight, wet warmth.

"Kal!" Diana moaned. "Please. Not now." Her words were very unconvincing and her lovely hips were gyrating and thrusting against his hand. Kal knew that he had won but he also knew that Diana really did want to be to her meeting on time. He pulled his hand away from her a bit, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Diana.

"Go ahead and get ready, Love. I'll wait until your opening is ready, er, I mean I'll wait until your opening for lunch…Well, you know what I mean. I know you need to be on time." He surrendered knowingly.

Diana was flustered and disappointed. "Kal! You can't do this to me!"

"What's that? Help you get to your meeting on time by controlling myself?" He asked innocently.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Diana complained exasperated. She thought for a minute about a conversation she had had with Shayera and Zatanna a few weeks prior. It gave her an idea.

"How about we do a speedy?" she proposed innocently, her eyes smoldering.

Kal looked at her amused and confused, "A what?"

"A speedy. It's when a couple wants to make love really bad but one or both of them is in a terrible hurry. So they have really fast and furious sex. It isn't as great as when they take their time but it is supposed to be lots of fun, very satisfying and should hold us over until lunchtime," Diana explained very knowledgably.

Kal chuckled. "You mean a quickie! Yes! Okay! If you are sure you want this to be fast and furious."

Both smiled triumphantly and then lost themselves in a long and sensuous kiss. Their lips parted each other's and their tongues explored each other's mouth. Finally they pulled away looking at each other with uncontrolled desire.

"Kal?" Diana murmured as he again caressed her womanhood with his expert hand.

"Yes?" Kal answered with his finger again buried in his lovely wife and his face buried in her hair.

"This isn't a quickie. And I want you to take me from behind but I want to be able to see what you are doing to me in the mirror."

Kal almost choked. This was the first time Diana had acted so kinky but he loved it. "My wish is your command, my lovely Princess."

Kal rolled Diana up over his body to the edge of the bed. She got on all fours with her lovely rear end pointed away from the bed. He knew instantly what she wanted. He stood up from the bed poised himself behind her. To their right was a large wall mirror. They were both staring at themselves in it.

Diana had positioned herself so that the glisteningly wet entrance to her warmth was visible in the mirror. She gasped at the sight of the size of Kal's arousal. It never ceased to amaze her. She reached back underneath her and grasped his impressive erection and squeezed him taking some of his own wetness and rubbing it on her already slick entrance. Then she backed up a little more, opening herself to him as he grasped her hips and entered her in one smooth and very fluid motion causing a gasp of pleasure to escape Diana's beautiful mouth.

Diana knew that she would not last long. But then Kal always had that effect on her. They could go for hours to be sure, but that generally meant multiple orgasms for her and generally quite a few for him as well. However, there was no denying that Kal could pace himself and his level of control was amazing. She was a warrior with all the physical and mental training but in this arena she had yet to get to the point where she could pace herself as well as her generous and attentive husband. It was the one weakness she enjoyed and relished.

Diana moaned and thrust herself back onto Kal with violent vigor. She watched in the mirror as he pounded into her, loving the view. "Faster! Harder!" she almost screamed. She was demanding. She wanted her release.

Kal increased his pace. To say that he found Diana's mischievous streak arousing would have been an understatement. He knew that he was going to explode soon. That was fine with him. He just wanted to make sure that his Beautiful Diana was satisfied.

He felt his wife's already deliciously tight inner muscles began squeezing his length in uncontrolled spasms as Diana began to tremble all over. She was moaning her release loudly as Kal increased his pace and pushed her down onto the bed. Her legs were spread and her feet were curled up around his rear. She was grasping the sheets with both of her hands and screaming his name.

It was too much. With a final loud grunt, Kal buried himself in his wife's amazing warmth and released his own torrent. This brought Diana to another climax and then they lay panting, still connected.

After a few minutes Kal stood up and pulled Diana to him in a tender embrace. She sighed into his chest. "That was amazing Kal!"

"Yes, it was." He kissed her cheek tenderly. Why don't you get dressed and I'll fly you to the Embassy? You won't be more than a minute late."

"Kal! I have to clean up. You made a very serious mess!" she giggled as she headed for the bathroom.

Kal caught her wrist. "Don't clean up. Just get dressed. You always smell wonderful. And every time you feel "the mess" while you're in your meeting it will remind you of this morning and of your opening between 11:30 and 1:30." Kal said this with a twinkle in his eyes.

Diana looked at him for a minute wondering what had gotten into them today then she smiled wickedly. "Ok," she whispered. "But you better be there on time and we can't be as loud as we were this morning."

"Your word is my command, my lovely Princess."

Diana giggled, dressed and then jumped into her husband's arms. As they took off she wondered how she would be able to concentrate on anything the rest of the day.

Minutes later Diana was seated in the conference room next to her sister Donna and her Mother. There were delegates and reporters present. All were impressed with the diplomacy of the lovely Ambassador and Princess. None noticed the extra color in her cheeks or the wistful smile that continuously found its way to her beautiful mouth, none but the Queen and her sister.