This is the final installment of a three-part answer to a question that Arcadia81 posted to the SM/WW group.

The question: What should Diana do?

Here are the options we were given:

Diana wakes up at 7:30 am. She has an important meeting at her Embassy at 9:00 am. Clark wants to fool around. Should Diana:

A. Give in to temptation and arrive at the meeting late with a big smile on her face.

B. Kindly tell Clark, no, but her schedule is open between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

C. Give in to temptation and arrive at the meeting with a big smile on her face but tell everyone there was an unexpected emergency that needed Wonder Woman's attention.

D. Kindly tell Clark, no, and tell him to get a better control of his needs.

E. Kiss Clark and pull away, before he really gets 'happy' and wickedly tells him "Tonight, When I get home.

F. Other. Explain.

This final part to my answer encompasses option E.


Clark watched the lovely, retreating form of his wife disappear down the hall towards her next slew of meetings. He had a mischievous smile plastered on his strong face. He could still smell and taste her. It was a smell and taste he could never get enough of.

He almost groaned at the memory of their quickie earlier that morning and at the amazing intimacy they had just shared. It would be an eternity until evening came, and he again had her to himself, in the privacy, seclusion and safety of the Fortress.

"Hmmm. I wonder what you could have possibly been staring at? Sooo. How was your exclusive lunch interview? Did you get the Princess Ambassador to open up? From the look on your face I'd say she must have responded well to your interviewing style."

Clark was yanked from his daydream to find Donna standing next to him. She had a knowing grin and her eyes danced with amusement. He had been so engrossed in his happy thoughts that he had not noticed her arrival.

Clark smiled down at his mischievous and lovely sister-in-law. "Our lunch interview was fabulous. The Princess Ambassador is an amazing woman. How was your lunch?" There was a twinkle in his eye as he answered her.

Donna giggled, "I'm sure my lunch paled in comparison to yours."

Donna gave Clark a quick hug and peck on the cheek. As she pulled away, her eye caught something red in the dinner jacket pocket closest to her.

"What's this?" Donna asked, as she reached in and pulled out Diana's red, lacey, and very well used panties from Clark's jacket pocket holding them up at eye level and at arm's length.

Clark froze.

Donna gasped.

There was a flash of light.

"Well, Smallville… Looks like somebody was having a good time."

Clark and Donna turned to see Lois and Jimmy standing just at the turn of the hall leading to conference room that would keep Diana prisoner for the next several hours. Jimmy was lowering his camera.

Lois had a shocked and surprised look on her face.

Jimmy had a look of awe and deep respect on his. "Whoa! No way, CK! Wondergirl? That is just crazy! You must be like a Superman!"

Donna realized she was still holding her sisters extremely well used panties up in the air. Thinking on her feet, like the peerless Amazon warrior that she was, she quickly stuffed them back into Clark's jacket pocket, stepped back and gave Clark a loud, stinging smack across the face. With an insulted look she said, "No, Mr. Kent. Those aren't mine! How dare you confront me with such a disgusting accusation! You shameless pervert! Yeah. I'll bet all you want is an interview! I suggest you find your own way out before I have you thrown out!"

With her back to Lois and Jimmy, Donna winked at him, then spun on her heels and stormed off in the direction of the conference room where her mother and sister were already prisoners. As soon as she turned the corner out of Lois and Jimmy's line of sight she began convulsing with silent laughter, while at the same time wincing in pain from slapping Kal. She was looking forward to talking to Diana later. Her prim, innocent acting sister sure had a kinky side.

Clark stood frozen in place for a moment. His mind was still reeling from what had just happened.

"Whose panties are those, Smallville? What's your connection to the young princess?" Lois was standing in front of him staring alternately up at his face then down at his pocket. It was obvious that she would have absolutely no problem yanking them out for a better look if given the chance.

"So you two aren't dating?" Jimmy asked. His face looked crestfallen, almost heart-broken.

Clark cleared his throat. He fidgeted nervously. He kept his right hand over his pocket protectively. "No, Jimmy. We aren't dating. I was just trying to see if I could set up another interview with the Princess Ambassador."

"Oh, well, that explains everything then. Your chummy closeness with the young princess and the sexy, red lingerie you have in your pocket," Lois shot back sarcastically.

"You surprise me, in a very unpleasant manner, Smallville. You've been married for just about a year to some tall, sorta pretty, sorta dull looking girl, and you're already so bored with marriage that you're trying to get some on the side? And with a Princess no less! So spit it out. Whose panties are those?"

Clark sighed. He would have to tell Lois and Jimmy something. Going with most of the truth should shut them up.

"The panties are my wife's. We had some fun this morning and I wanted to keep her panties so that I could sniff…" Clark began.

"Ok! You know what? I don't want to know about your disgusting little fetishes! TMI! Ok? TMI! I want to know your relation to the Princess, and if those are your wife's panties, then why was the princess holding them?" Lois exploded. She had turned several different shades of red.

"No way! You like to sniff panties too? I think the first time I did that, I was twelve years old. I was over at my buddy's house and I snuck into his sixteen year old sister's room. She had a pair just lying on the floor so I picked them…"

"Jimmy! I don't want to hear it!" Lois growled menacingly.

Jimmy clamped his mouth shut, realizing too late that he had maybe volunteered a little too much information.

Clark looked at Jimmy with amusement. He suddenly didn't feel so nervous and this was kind of fun seeing Lois so wound up.

"Well like I said, the panties belong to my wife. You both know that I have interviewed the Princess Ambassador on more than one occasion. I was simply trying to set up another interview with her about the success of the HER centers that she has been working so hard on for the last couple of years. I was able to catch the younger princess here in the hallway just now before she went into the meetings. She remembered me from my earlier interviews with her sister so she was friendly. Unfortunately, my wife's panties must have been sticking out of my pocket a little and she saw them. Being an Amazon, she is naturally very fast, aggressive and suspicious of men in general. Obviously she thought that I was some kind of pervert that wanted her to wear someone else's panties or seduce her."

Lois stared hard at Clark for a moment more, trying to read him. To Clark, it seemed like an eternity. There was a look of incredulity in her eyes at what she had just witnessed. Finally, exasperated, she exhaled, "I guess I just never pegged you as the fetish type, Smallville. Next time you decide to tote around your wife's panties for the occasional sniff, "she said this with disgust, "make sure you stash them where the rest of the world can't see them. Like maybe in an inside pocket or in your wallet. They're certainly small enough to fit in your wallet! Why do they even bother calling those panties?"

Clark kept himself from chuckling; remembering the days when he had wanted to see Lois in her underwear. He shook his head to clear it of the uninvited memory and mumbled something about leaving the Embassy before he was thrown out. He looked intently at Jimmy's camera, then excused himself and made his way outside while Lois and Jimmy said good-bye and continued on to the conference room.

Once outside and out of sight of curious eyes, Clark blurred back to their apartment in Metropolis. He changed into his Superman uniform and was about to teleport to the Watchtower when J'onn informed him over the com-link that Bizarro was apparently on the loose and trying save some people in New York by first flying them high into the sky, dropping them, then catching them before they hit the ground.

Superman sighed; it looked like he would have his hands full for a while.

Diana had just taken her seat next to her mother. Delegates, aides, representatives and reporters were still rolling in. Cameras were flashing, taking pictures of the two raven haired beauties.

Diana wondered where Donna was, seeing that her seat was still empty. No doubt she was poking fun at Kal. The thought of Kal brought a small sigh of contentment and a radiant smile to her lovely face. She replayed the wonderful morning and the two-hour lunch that she had shared with Kal in her mind and wondered if she would have the self-control to stay put for the next four hours. She wondered what Kal was doing at the moment and if he was thinking of her.

Her eyes gleamed brightly at the prospect of making dinner for Kal at the Fortress that evening. She knew exactly what she was going to feed him. It was his favorite dish.

She squirmed restlessly in her seat remembering suddenly that she wore no underwear. It caused heat to spread in her belly. She clamped her legs shut tight and forced her mind back to the business at hand. She couldn't afford to ruin her dress while in the meetings and she had to keep her mind sharp.

Just then Donna walked in. She was rubbing her hand and she wore a smile on her face that said she had just uncovered the best secret in the world. She came over to Diana after stopping for a couple of pictures and gave her a hug. As she hugged her she whispered in her ear, "It's 1:35 p.m. Do you know where your panties are?" Then she sat down giggling.

Diana blushed deeply. How did Donna…? Suddenly she knew. Donna, no doubt pulled them right out of Kal's pocket. He must not have had them stuffed down deep enough in his pocket to avoid her sharp eyes. She blushed deeper as a picture of her and Kal on the conference table flashed in her head.

Diana noticed Lois Lane enter the room and how she seemed very interested in Donna. She hoped it didn't have anything to do with her panties but something told her that it did.

The four hours dragged by. These meetings were not about the HER centers. It was much more political and a lot less humanitarian. She was being asked to attend this function, there were agents asking her to appear in commercials and on cereal boxes. She was even asked if she would pose nude for a swimsuit issue of sports illustrated. They assured her that it would be tastefully done.

Diana's patience was being taxed. She knew that if she was fighting to stay in control, then her mother must be seething inside. Even Donna seemed a little annoyed with the meetings and proposals. Everything seemed so shallow compared to the meetings of the morning.

It was 3:30 pm. Time for break. They had a half hour to relax.

Diana wanted to spend it with her mother and sister alone. But unlike the group that had been present in the morning, the afternoon group was not nearly as respectful of Princess Ambassador's privacy.

Lois quickly walked over to Donna, cornering her. Donna looked up at her from her seat and smiled. She already had a response ready for her.

Diana looked on feeling a little nervous about what Lois might want or ask. Hippolyta had no idea what was going on.

Both Diana and Donna were taken aback when Lois spoke. "I want to apologize for what happened out in the hall with my colleague, Mr. Clark Kent. I assure you he did not mean to offend you in the least. He is a quiet, respectful man. He was raised on a farm by the nicest, cleanest couple you could ever hope to meet."

To Diana and Donnas' surprise, Lois continued, "He's been married for just over a year you know, and it seems he has a fetish for his wife's underwear. I have worked with him for a few years now and have never seen him disrespect anyone much less a lady. That being said, could I ask what kind of relationship you have had in the past with my colleague, Clark Kent?"

Diana and Donna were fighting unsuccessfully to hide the surprise on their faces. Hippolyta looked on amused, "Yes, Daughter, tell us just what exactly is your relationship with this reporter."

Donna glared at her mother for a moment before responding, "I recognized Mr. Kent as an honored guest, who has been here on numerous occasions to interview my sister, the Princess Ambassador." Donna shifted her gaze to look Lois directly in the eyes, "I greeted him, and we spoke and then I saw the suspicious cloth in his jacket."

Donna took on a pained look. "On Themyscira, red silk is a symbol and a reminder of how quickly a woman can be tricked by a man."

She continued, not looking at Diana, "I saw the red silk and immediately imagined that he was aware of what it meant to me and planned to take advantage of me. One can never be sure. Men are such evil creatures. No doubt, now that he knows he has no chance with me he will try to seduce my sister."

Out of curiosity, Donna glanced over at Diana and was rewarded with an icy glare.

"I see," Lois responded quietly. She knew she would have to put in a good word for Clark with these Amazons. If she did not, then Clark was likely not to survive the week.

"Well, like I mentioned, Clark is just Clark. He isn't dangerous in any way shape or form. He is very friendly and kind, even if a little dull, but he would never in a million years take advantage of anyone, much less a woman. I would know. I've worked with him for a few years now and he has a very delicate constitution. His big bad secret, that we were all unfortunate enough to discover this afternoon, is a fetish for his wife's red silk underwear."

Diana was staring at her lap intently.

Hippolyta was looking from Lois to Donna to Diana and back again.

Donna was now in the driver's seat. "I will accept your explanation, Ms. Lane. He has always behaved as a perfect gentleman in our presence. I must apologize for striking him."

Diana looked up at her sister nearly forgetting herself at the revelation. What had happened? She could see that Donna's palm was still red. Good! Served her right for striking Kal! How did Lois Lane see Donna with her panties?

"I appreciate your understanding, your Highness. Well, I'll leave you ladies alone." Lois turned and walked out of the room to where Jimmy waited for her. "I think the big, clumsy, panty sniffer is safe now."

Diana and Hippolyta both stared at Donna confused looks on their lovely faces. Diana spoke first. "You struck Kal! Why?"

"Since when has red silk been a symbol of anything on Themyscira?" Hippolyta asked her.

Donna laughed and explained everything to Diana and her Mother. Hippolyta shook her head, "I suppose we should all be grateful that the Embassy is not falling apart."

Diana was embarrassed but was glad that it was Donna that had discovered her panties and not Lois or her Mother. It sounded as if Donna had saved them both from some serious questions but Kal would have to pay for not being more careful. She smiled as she thought of how she would exact her revenge on him later.

Donna interrupted Diana's thoughts, "Have you ever read this article?" She placed an open magazine in front of her. Diana glanced at the article that Donna had placed in front of her. Her eyes grew four times their normal size. She looked at Donna.

"Well, I figure that you already have the breakfast and lunch thing going. You have some dirty panties and right now, you have no panties. Since you are having such a great and extremely kinky day with your husband, why not end the day on the same note?" Donna explained.

"What magazine is this?" Diana asked.

"Oh. This is Cosmopoliton. It always has great info about this sort of thing. Anyway Powergirl walked in on Kator and Shayera doing this the other day. Apparently she mixed up her room with Shayera's, and got a real nice eyeful of happiness for her troubles." Donna was grinning from ear to ear.

Diana set the magazine down. She wasn't one to look up information to spice up her sex life. As far as she was concerned it couldn't get more spiced up than what she and Kal shared with each other. She had heard other women complaining about their husbands or boyfriends failure to please or just plain selfishness as lovers. Others who were trying new things to put some spark back into their love lives.

Diana could not relate to this. There was nothing selfish about Kal. They had never shared a moment of intimacy where he had not pleased her, generally several times over. He was gentle, generous and consuming in his passion. He always made her feel worshiped in their lovemaking. So much so, that her body responded with equal passion to his lightest caress.

Diana sighed. It was going to be hard to pretend to be mad at him, but she planned on going through with her punishment and was sure that the article would be interesting to implement.

Break came to an end. The politics continued. Finally, it was five o'clock. The meetings were over. The room emptied. Diana embraced her mother and sister promising to visit during the week.

"What will you do to poor, kind, clumsy Kal?" Donna asked with a knowing smile.

"Do not be hard on your husband. He adores you." Hippolyta advised.

Diana smiled. "He is going to pay, but no, I can never be too hard on him."

It was nearly six when Diana was finally able to leave the Embassy. She flew north, arriving over the hidden Fortress just minutes later. Diana could withstand extreme temperatures for a long time but she did not have the invulnerability that Kal had. For this reason she rarely used either of the two underwater entrances to the Fortress. There were six other entrances for her to choose from but she decided to use the teleporter that Kal had invented. So far it was only set up to work for her body signature and at a maximum distance of a mile from the Fortress.

Diana spoke the Kryptonian phrase that Kal had taught her and was instantly enveloped in a warm, blue energy field. A second later she materialized in Kal's communication center.

Diana smiled to herself. It was just now six. She knew that Kal had not yet arrived because he would have already swept her off of her feet if he had been. It would not take her long to prepare herself for his arrival and dinner, but she had to move quickly, if she were to take Kal by surprise.

Superman felt mentally exhausted. It had taken him three hours of speaking Bizarroese to convince Bizarro that there was a better place for him to save people. "Htrae am worst place for Bizarro to save people. Bizarro should not go there. It am dumb idea anyway."

Bizarro had of course enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity. "Bizarro am not agree with thuperman. It am really dumb idea. Me am not go there right now. Me am hope that thuperman will not go with we when me not go there right now."

Upon reaching Htrae, Bizarro had been overjoyed, "This am a terrible place to live. Bizarro am not like it because Bizarro am not born here. Bizarro am not stay here for a long time and not call home. Bizarro am come to visit thuperman real soon.

Finally satisfied that Bizarro would stay on his home planet, of Htrae, for the near future at least, Superman took his leave. "Me am not have to go now, Bizarro. Me am glad you am not happy here. Me am hope me am not see you soon."

With that farewell he had left Bizarro and raced at the speed of light for home. He knew that by now Diana would be done with her busy day and likely already waiting for him at the Fortress for their promised dinner date.

He wondered what Diana had in mind as far as their meal went, but he was much more interested in what they would share together after their dinner. Reaching earth's atmosphere, Superman dropped down like missile into the icy waters and shot up through the vertical ice shaft into the ice cave outside of his Fortress. Spinning at super speed, he dried himself and touched the heavy Kryptonian metal door. At his touch it swung open.

As he entered he was assailed by the sound of Diana's strong heartbeat and her intoxicating scent. He never tired of her smell. He found it amazing that she always managed to smell like jasmine and lavender and taste of honey.

He could not smell food. Nothing was being cooked and Diana was not in the kitchen. As he entered his large living area adjacent to the kitchen, he discovered a trail of Diana's panties leading to their bedroom.

With a smile of anticipation Superman followed the panties into the bedroom and found Diana sitting on the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel. Other than the towel she wore nothing but a soft smile.

Superman walked over and knelt beside her, laying a warm gentle hand on her soft thigh. Gazing into her lovely sea blue eyes, he asked, "What would you like me to fix you for dinner?" There was a twinkle in his eyes. He had a good idea what he was going to feed her and what he would be fed.

Diana looked serious, "How many people saw my panties? Three? Five? Ten?"

Kal groaned. "Your sister saw them real well. There will be no question in her mind as to what transpired between us. Lois and Jimmy also saw them but not up close. No one else saw them." His hands were beginning to explore the familiar contours and curves of Diana's beautiful body.

Diana closed her eyes, basking in the sensations that Kal produced in her with only his touch. Taking a deep breath, she clasped her hands over his and stopped his caress. She opened her eyes and looked into his. They were eyes that she often found herself lost in.

Diana steeled herself, "I want you to go bathe. Then I want you to bathe me."

Kal stared back into her eyes. He knew she was struggling to keep control and not give in to him. He could smell her desire and excitement at his touch. Her heart beat faster in anticipation. Her body was electric to his touch.

He smiled and stood up. "Be right back for you," he said and blurred to the bathroom. As fast as Diana was, his speed still took her breath away. She closed her eyes, calming herself, regaining control of her body. She would have to pace herself tonight.

"Ok, your turn. Let's get that filthy body of yours cleaned up." Kal was grinning down at her. He stood completely naked his bronzed skin gleamed from the droplets of water still clinging to it. His muscles rippled thickly and smoothly under his skin. His hair was still wet.

Diana gasped involuntarily as she stared hungrily and unashamedly at his body. She gave another gasp as he scooped her up in his arms and blurred to the bathroom with her. He walked down into the large in ground pool he had made especially for his bride after having seen how she bathed back on Themyscira.

He already had the water hot and her favorite oils in the water. He stripped off her towel, tossing it to the side of the pool and set her down gently in the soothing water. They stared into each other's eyes, lost, for an eternal moment. All thoughts of punishment had fled her mind. She was brought back to the present by a question.

"Where do you want me to start, my Princess?" the question came out with both a tender reverence and a passionate possessiveness.

"I want you to wash my hair first." Her command came out soft and sweet.

Kal stood in the deep pool, his enormous arousal boldly breaking the surface. "Lie back in my arms," he instructed.

Diana lay back with her eyes closed, letting her thick curly raven locks dip down into the hot, soothing water. Kal began to massage her scalp and temples and neck, kneading her muscles and rubbing the soothing oils that she had known from a child into her hair and skin.

Diana's floated on her back. Kal's left hand supported her just above the buttocks. He feasted his eyes on her flawless beauty. Kal drank in every detail of her face, neck and body, the curve and swell of her perfect, firm breasts, the lovely peak of her rosebud nipples as they hardened in arousal and reaction to his touch. His eyes traveled further south over the tight, smooth, muscular abdomen to the exciting flare of her hips and the dip down to the delightful triangle between her delicious thighs.

He noticed that she had shaved herself clean and wondered if Donna had read another "article" to her. Not that he minded in the least. It gave him more to feast his eyes on. As he continued down her legs, he heard her groan out for him to wash her arms.

Kal complied, caressing down her neck and shoulder, then continued down, first one arm then the other, working the muscles gently.

Diana sighed out her pleasure, opened her eyes and adoringly demanded that he turn his attention to her back. She knew exactly what he would do and she didn't want to wait anymore.

Kal turned her floating body so that her right side was closest to him. Leaning over her, with both arms under her he began kneading her neck, shoulders and upper back. His face and more importantly, his mouth was just above her pert breasts.

She moaned softly at the feel of his large, strong gentle hands massaging her back and his hot breath caressing the sensitive and excited skin of her nipples and breasts. "I need you to use that wonderful mouth of yours," Diana instructed huskily.

Kal complied, turning Diana's soft moans into tortured groans as he trapped one sensitive nipple between his lips and sucked tenderly. He moved away from her nipple and traveled down into the valley between her breasts, peppering her with wet kisses. He traveled up the other breast trapping her other nipple.

Diana's body tensed. She arched her back trying to push her breast deeper into his attentive mouth. Kal helped her by pushing her up to himself. He felt her body tighten. Her breath caught, and then she was consumed in an uncontrollable tremble as Kal's attentions took her over the edge for the first time of the evening.

Kal continued to caress and massage her back, peppering her sensitive breasts with soft kisses as she slowly came down from her high.

Diana opened her eyes. Her face glowed and her eyes shone. "I want you to wash my legs and my feet now," she breathed.

"Your wish is my command, Beautiful," Kal answered huskily, as he placed one more soft, kiss on each of her flawless breast. His desire and need for her painfully obvious.

His hands traveled down to the curve of her lower back massaging his way to her perfect buttocks.

He watched as a contented smile slowly formed on Diana's face while he worked the round muscles of her rear end. He continued traveling, down to her thighs in a long, gentle, stroking caress. He could see that she was struggling to stay in control. He knew that his touch was coaxing her to end her game early and surrender herself to him completely. He hoped that she wouldn't give in too quickly. He wanted to see what kind of game she had in mind.

Keeping her body perpendicular to his own, he let his hands and fingers dance down to her knees, to her calves, ankles and feet. His face was just inches above her delicious delta. He breathed her in, then leaned down and lightly brushed his lips across her soft mound.

Diana cried out at his intimate kiss and clutched at his back. He continued caressing her legs as he deepened the kiss. Diana's legs parted involuntarily, opening herself to her husband's expert mouth. She caressed his back and head but in a husky whisper begged, "Not yet, Kal. Take me to bed."

Kal stopped and smiled to himself. It looked like the punisher and the punishee were a little more muddled now. He scooped her up in his arms and made to leave the pool.

"I changed my mind," Diana sighed, staring into his eyes. "I want you to have a taste of your dinner here in the pool before you take me to bed."

Kal stood her up, grabbing her buttocks with his right hand and tangling his left hand in her thick raven locks he crushed her to him and kissed her breathless. "Open your legs," he commanded hoarsely. He was struggling for control now, but he knew it was part of what Diana wanted.

Diana complied, not wanting to wait anymore.

Kal slide his right hand down to her delicious center and assaulted her sex with his knowing fingers. He waited until she was bucking against his hand, then stopped. Placing both hands between her legs he scooped her up so that her beautiful rear end rested at the curve of his elbows, her slender back supported by his forearms and large hands. He lifted her higher, his arms almost straight. Diana's slide further down his muscular arms, her legs spread wide over either of his broad shoulders. She was open for him, just centimeters from his mouth.

Kal Breathed in her scent once again then kissed each of her outer lips softly. Diana writhed in his arms. "Now, Kal." It was both a whispered command and a tortured request.

"So I half permithin to thart now?" Kal asked, his mouth full and a twinkle in his eyes.

"Yesss!" Diana hissed desperately. "Stop talking," she begged as she struggled to push against him.

Kal didn't make her wait anymore.

He couldn't wait anymore.

He buried his face in her soft delicious mound. Caressing her outer folds with his mouth, he deepened the intimate kiss.

Diana arched her back. She was lost in the sensations Kal was giving her. When Kal licked her from her wet entrance to her sensitive, erect bud, Diana began bucking in earnest. Her moan became a gasp, her body tensed, and then with a strangled cry she shuddered as her release overtook her.

It took Diana a moment to recover. She opened her eyes and gazed, glassily down at him. She smiled weakly, and in almost a purr said, "Take me to bed now. You can finish your dinner there."

Kal floated into the air and without changing his hold or the position they were in flew her to the bedroom and landed with her gently on the bed.

Kal began to kiss his way up her tight abdomen, his hands sliding down her back to caress the perfect curves of her buttocks.

Diana placed her hands on his head. "Again," she commanded sweetly.

Kal smiled, looking at her tenderly, "With pleasure, Love."

Kal dipped his head down again. Diana moaned softly and her legs trembled involuntarily as Kal brought her closer to her next release.

Kal was in heaven. The taste and smell of Diana was enough to drive him crazy, and he loved the way Diana's body responded to him.

He penetrated her tight warmth with his tongue, vibrating it gently while he placed a thumb on her highly sensitive bud and pressed it firmly.

Diana cried out as she felt her climax tear through her.

Kal continued his attentions.

Not having completely come down from her last high, Diana was again transported into another heavenly bliss. She was gripping the sheets with one hand and Kal's hair with the other pulling him against her as hard as she could as she ground herself into his attentive mouth.

Collapsing on the bed she sighed happily. Staring at Kal through half closed lids she said breathlessly, "There's one more thing I want to do before you take me."

Kal looked at her curiously, "Is this another one of Donnas' idea's?" he asked with a knowing smile.

"Not really. She said that Powergirl walked in on Kator and Shayera doing this last week. She said that they were so close to being done that they didn't notice her and that they would not have been able to stop even if they had." Diana's chest was heaving but she was beaming.

"So what would you like me to do, Love?" Kal continued caressing her thighs and kissing her lovely stomach.

Diana sighed happily, "I want you to lie on your back."

Kal gave the lower part of her breast one last kiss and complied, lying down on his back, "I think I'm going to like this."

"Yes you are. I want you to let yourself go. We both know that if you climax, you'll be ready to go again in seconds. So don't be stingy with me," Diana ordered with a happy, mischievous gleam in her eyes.

Kal lay on his back wondering what exactly Diana had in mind. He was not long in waiting. Diana crawled over to his head. She sat back on the crumpled white sheets looking down the length of his large, muscular body admiringly.

She sighed happily. She loved how beautiful her husband's body was. Every inch was well muscled and toned. She stared with hunger at his powerful, wide chest and at his tremendous arousal.

Diana took a deep breath. She felt ready again. She marveled at the powerful desire and need that Kal so easily awakened in her. She felt that her sexual appetite was often insatiable. She was thankful that her Kal never denied her, and that he could and did always please her until she was satisfied.

Bending down, Diana peppered Kal's forehead, eyes, nose, chin and mouth with little kisses. She moved to one ear and nibbled on an earlobe. "I love how you make me feel and what you just did to me, Kal," she whispered huskily.

Kal turned his head and kissed her tenderly on the neck. "Anything to make my lovely princess happy," he answered her sincerely. He groaned as Diana continued moving down to his neck and chest.

She placed little wet kisses all over his wide and thickly muscled chest. She stopped at one nipple and trapped it with her teeth, giving it a gentle tug. She was rewarded by a loud groan as he reached up and began to caress her back.

Kal closed his eyes and basked, for a few seconds, in the electrifying sensations Diana was producing in him through her ministrations. Then he opened his eyes and found himself staring at her lovely, firm and pert breasts. They dangled deliciously over his mouth begging for attention.

Kal did not make them beg any longer. Still caressing her back he trapped an erect nipple in his lips and sucked gently and generously on the sensitive bud. He was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from his beautiful wife. He moved over to her other nipple repeating the attention he had just given the first. He received the same reaction. He smiled to himself. He loved spoiling Diana and satisfying her every desire.

Diana stayed in the same position for a few more seconds enjoying the sensations that Kal was producing in her with his expert mouth. She felt the incredible pleasure she was receiving in her nipples travel down through her body to her core and flooding her soft center.

She traveled on down to his tight and perfectly sculpted abdomen continuing to pepper him with wet kisses. She bumped her cheek against his wonderful erection. She kissed the tip, lapping up the glistening pearl of love that adorned it. She heard Kal gasp.

With a happy smile she looked between their bodies at his face. He had a tortured look of ecstasy. Her knees were on either side of his head, her wet sex hovered tantalizingly over his face.

"I want you to make love to me with that wonderful mouth of yours one more time," she whispered softly as she set herself down on his generous and waiting mouth. He had her heading deliciously to the edge as soon as his lips and tongue made contact with her soft center.

Diana closed her eyes and moaned out her pleasure for a few seconds, then, fighting for self control she opened her eyes and her mouth and took in the tip of Kal's erection. She felt him buck involuntarily as the warmth of her mouth encircled him.

It thrilled her that she could return the favor to him.

Kal was bucking and groaning. The feeling was incredible. They had never tried this before. Whatever Donna was feeding Diana he was very grateful for it.

He forgot what he was doing for a moment as he lost himself to the sensations that Diana was producing in him, then remembering himself began to lavish her sweet wet center with vigor while at the same time caressing her back and kneading the muscles of her beautiful rear. He instantly had her bucking and grinding.

They were both moaning nonstop as they pleasured one another. Diana felt that she was about to snap. She could feel the coil in her stomach tightening, her body began to spasm and tremble but she forced herself to continue loving Kal. She felt him tighten in her right hand and felt his erection swell, stiffen and buck even more if it were possible. Just as she went over the edge Kal groaned and exploded.

Eventually, when they were both capable of speech, Diana moved to lay along side him. She whispered, "Kal. That was incredible! We have to start doing that regularly. I'm so sorry I've never done that for you before."

Kal answered her between kisses. "Yes…that was incredible…and we will do it whenever…you want. You won't…get any complaints…from me, but you don't have to apologize for anything. You have always…taken very good care of my… needs."

Diana was beaming, "So you like your...dinner so far? Kal! You are ready again! I think I am as well. I want… you to be on… top and I do not want you to hold… back.

Kal rolled Diana underneath him. She spread her legs for him and he entered her intoxicating warmth smoothly. Diana wrapped her long lithe legs around his waist and her strong, slender arms around his neck as he began to thrust into her powerfully and vigorously.

Kal dipped his head down and captured her beautiful mouth in a deep and passionate kiss. Diana responded with equal passion and sweetness. They broke their kiss and Kal raised himself up on his hands as he increased his pace.

Diana was cooing and moaning uncontrollably. She rose up, grasped Kal's steel hard rear end in her hands and suckled his chest as he pounded into her. Once again she felt herself spinning towards another blissful explosion. She cried out her pleasure as her strong muscles tightened and gripped him, coaxing him to come along with her.

Kal groaned as he felt her spasm around him and with a final thrust, he buried himself in her and let go.

They were both panting and smiling happily into each other's eyes.

"You are wonderful, Kal," Diana whispered lovingly.

Kal kissed her tenderly. "I'm glad you think so, but not near as wonderful as you."

She touched him and discovered, to her delight, that he was still rigid. "Let's make love again. I want to be on top this time."

"Your wish is my command, your Highness." Kal grinned as he rolled her on top of himself, "You know, dinner turned out really nice. I think I could live off of this the rest of my life, I would just need to get a little sun now and again, but other than that, I see absolutely no problem with the change in diet."

Diana was staring down at him adoringly. "You know this was supposed to be punishment for you letting my sister, Lois and Jimmy see my panties. But you somehow turned it around on me and made me beg you. My sisters were right. All men are evil. Especially the quiet ones that grow up on farms and become reporters and fly and have all the powers of the gods. All that kind wants is to make their wives never want to get out of bed again."

Kal chuckled, "You have uncovered my master plan. But it is too late for you. I have total control of your weak and impressionable mind. Even knowing what I am about to do to you, you are still helpless and unable to get off me, much less out of bed."

Diana began to move over him. "No, I am far from helpless. I willingly surrender to this evil mind control of yours so that others will not have to suffer the horrible humiliation of being trapped in your bed."

Kal held himself still, allowing Diana to find her own pace and rhythm. He ran his hands gently along the beautiful curves of her body, stroking and caressing her. their eyes were locked. "Yes, that is what they all have said. Whatever makes you feel like you're in control. But I must say that I appreciate your sacrifice for the greater good. You are a true champion and well, you also smell and taste fantastic."

Diana giggled and then moaned. She could feel the end coming quickly for her. She closed her eyes and said, "Shhh. Stop talking so much and finish your dinner."

Kal stopped talking and grasped her lovely, round cheeks. He helped her speed up her rhythm as she rode him. wetly and loudly. Soon Diana was slamming down on him as hard and as fast as she could. She was moaning his name half of the time and just moaning the other half.

When she exploded, it was the loudest she had been all day. Her muscles squeezed and milked him, coaxing and begging him to join her in ecstasy. Kal moved her up and down his length a few more times, then slammed her down one last time as he joined her in bliss.

Diana collapsed on top of him panting again. She peppered his chest and face with loving kisses.

"I do not believe I can go on a moment more. You have completely drained me," she complained happily. She laid her head on his chest, still straddling him, still connected. I want to fall asleep like this, with you in me. That way, when I wake up we can make love again tonight," she murmured. Her eyes were already closed.

"I love the idea. Sweet dreams, my Diana Beautiful," Kal kissed her forehead and lightly caressed her back, rear and thighs.

"Mmm hmmm," Diana responded. She was already asleep.

Back at the Daily Planet Jimmy couldn't figure out why the inside of his camera looked like it had been burned.