"Ianto," Jack said softly, as the Welshman started to leave his office after handing the captain's coffee to him.

"Yes sir?" Jack was disappointed to see that Ianto was back to calling him sir – he'd hoped that the suspension time had changed their relationship – but he said nothing about it.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine. Feels a bit strange to be back after so long, after – but it's good," Ianto replied, giving a small smile. "Though you guys could have been more careful while getting files from the archives," he added humorously.

"Well..." Jack said sheepishly. "I tried my best to put the files from where I took them and told the others the same, but it didn't work that well – we were always quite confused – I mean none of us was used to getting files on our own, ever since you joined. So – uhmm – in the end, we just decided to leave the files we used in a separate place, so that at least you wouldn't have to look for files in the wrong places."

"That's – that's really thoughtful," Ianto said sincerely before leaving.


"Yes Rhys, I remember but I really don't think I'll be able to come home at time tonight, I've got lots of workload – please Rhys, love, I promise I'll make up for it. I'll cook up your mum's favourite pancakes tomorrow morning – got to go now cariad. See you soon," Gwen hung up, tired of having this conversation with her boyfriend. Why didn't he realize that she hated his mum!

In fact, she was glad, now that Rhys knew that she was staying late and the rift seemed quiet, maybe she could have a quickie with Owen before leaving.


Owen was tired. He looked up from his computer screen only to see Gwen looking at him, gesturing for something that looked like Let's fuck tonight. Okay, maybe Gwen's version was less crass but the basic meaning was same because that was all it was – for Owen and, he believed, for Gwen as well. She had her boyfriend for the emotional couple stuff. Owen was just a good fuck.

He wondered if he was doing the right thing – he seemed to be doing that quite often now – the wondering, mind you, not right things. Gwen was a co-worker. If Jack came to know, if he didn't already, he would – to tell the truth, Owen didn't know what Jack would say. But somehow, he wasn't sure that Jack would be too proud. He'd had a long chat with Jack once, about fucking just anyone – meaning anyone from any bar – all Jack had said to him about it was to be careful with the protection against STDs. Owen knew Jack had his share of one-night stands and for reasons not too dissimilar from his – not being strong enough to love again. But sex with Gwen – he didn't think Jack would approve – and disappointing the captain was not something Owen wanted to do. The man had been his sole support when he lost Katie – like an elder brother and Owen didn't want to ever break this man's faith in him.

He wished he could just go to Jack and talk about this but he knew he wouldn't. He would continue with this affair for a while – for as long as he and Gwen could take it. He knew he wasn't emotionally attracted to Gwen and he never would be – so that was it.


Toshiko sat at her workstation, lost in codes and mathematics. This was something she understood, something that would never break her heart – unlike the exchange between Gwen and Owen that she just caught sight of.

So she did what she did best – she programmed and immersed herself in the deep pool of knowledge.


Jack spotted Ianto in the archives through the CCTV and made his way towards the young man.

"Hey Ianto," he almost breathed into the Welshman's ear as he stood behind him, his chest pressed flush against Ianto's back. Ianto turned around, his lips instantly reaching for Jack's. His tongue explored through the cracks and crevices of Jack's mouth as the Captain's hands came around him kneading his ass. They could feel each other's erection against their hips. Clothes were quickly discarded – the two men dissolving in the fire of passion.

"That was – " Jack whispered as he picked up his clothes.

"Not bad," said Ianto winking at the Captain as he grabbed his pants.

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